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Our easy to use personal finance service automatically gathers data for financial accounts including savings, checking, loans and credit cards, providing users with an up-to-date, accurate, unified view of their finances. moneyStrands goes beyond providing financial analysis tools, with personalized money-saving advice and recommendations. The application supports 44 currencies and is available in both English and Spanish.

When it comes to your personal finances we believe a 'back to basics' approach is what the day calls for, only this time with the aid of 21st century information technology on our side. And that's where moneyStrands comes into play.

At moneyStrands we're firm believers that staying ignorant about your finances and hoping things will somehow take care of themselves is a path to more misery. Therefore, we're determined to empower a new generation of financially savvy consumers with our continuous stream of innovations that will help them develop better financial habits. If you think you could benefit from a healthy "do-it-myself" attitude we hope you decide to join in and make it a point to further spread the news.

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  • MoneyStrands is one of the more comprehensive personal finance website out there in the market. The site is easy to use, has an excellent user interface, properly tracks your finances, and is available for your iPhone. The personalized offers expose you to some financial tips specialized for your individual financial situation.
    If you are looking for a money management website, moneyStrands should be on the top of your list for evaluation.

  • MoneyStrands is one of the more comprehensive personal finance apps out there in the market.
    If you are looking for an effective way to see where your money is going each month and set a simple budget that is easy to follow, moneyStrands is the app you want and need.

  • MoneyStrands is good at two things: aggregating your financials and allowing you to compare your spending with other, targeted groups. It does little, however, to help you effectively manage your money. I prefer a more hands on approach with my finances than moneyStrands currently allows me to do. In addition, it seems a bit more sluggish than other options in the market (namely Mint). It’s free, so you’re not out any money and it may be a great tool to be used congruently with other budgeting software.

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