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  • Absolutely the stand-out business plan writing / sales forcasting / start-up tool available.

    I've checked out no fewer than 10 other options. This is by far the most simple, the most user friendly, and the most feature-rich option out there. It's not only the cleanest and best-working (no bugs!), but it actually gives you the tools you need to cover a wide variety of business planning needs. Given the range of functionality (for example, you can do month-by-month sales forecasting for 36 months at the basic price level - something that most other services charge you an arm and a leg to upgrade tiers to gain access to), no other software comes close to this. And the final output of the business plan is SO CLEAN. A nice variety of example plans are available, and the "guided" element of going step-by-step is really actually helpful (instead of prohibitive, as I've found some guided software just takes you too far away from what you should really be focusing your time on).

    Pros : Price is very affordable Extremely rich feature set Very flexible Easiest and cleanest user interface Fantastic examples Rich and clean output

    Cons : This software really only seems to lack a timeline option - you can't custom map a gantt chart for your project timeline. I had to go to another piece of software to get this element in place. But I used LivePlan for the rest of the business plan.

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    A revalation

    I've been using this with my accountant for a couple of months. It is intuitive to use and enormously thought provoking. The structured layout speeds up and stimulates. Highly, highly recommended.

    Pros : Ease of use and guidance notes.

    Cons : I haven't found it sooner.

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    I completed my business plan in about a week

    Excellent and easy to use!! I completed my business plan in about a week. The bank was impressed by the business plan and I secured my loan. With my initial plan complete, I now have a "compass" to constantly refer back to to keep me on track for growth and remind me of great ideas I intend to pursueThank you so much!

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  • Consultants have the reputation of being great talkers, but when your focus is on IT then your business plan might not be your best subject. In fact, geeks tend to ignore business planning to their detriment. Having a tool like LivePlan to prompt you through the process of writing your business plan could be just what you need in order to get it done. Twenty dollars is a small price to pay for that service.

    However, the decision to continue that subscription after you've written a plan would depend on how stable you expect your plan to be. In my opinion, the performance tracking and scheduling features in LivePlan aren't strong enough to warrant continuing the subscription, so the only reason for doing so would be if you anticipated needing to generate a new or updated plan on a regular basis.

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  • LivePlan is an excellent way to create a business plan, and once created, to monitor and regularly update it. Unless you are really confident with business planning, the guidance that you get from LivePlan makes it well worth spending the fairly minimal £14.95 per month subscription. - See more at: http://www.businesscomputingworld.co.uk/review-palo-alto-software-liveplan/#sthash.Gd1nReEf.dpuf

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  • LivePlan is great tool for helping you find important information that you need to include in an effective, professional business plan. While it doesn't have writers to create your plan for you, LivePlan does have an online business plan software program that you can use to create a plan on your own. With several templates and over 500 sample plans, you can find a business plan that is similar to your startup idea that you can then use create your own company roadmap.

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  • LivePlan is a solid business plan creator with a few extra features that are bound to help start up businesses, particularly if they’re keen to keep a close eye on their finances. Whilst it system doesn’t allow you to stray too far from a standard plan, you are still able to personalise each one in terms of its content and layout. You will also be able to access your plan from any machine with an internet connection, and can invite others to collaborate on it if you need a bit of extra input. Whilst LivePlan doesn’t necessarily have all of the features that more established businesses might be looking for, the ones it does have do a good job and ought to be of use.

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  • LivePlan guides novice users through the process of creating business plans. The business plans you create with LivePlan include all the financial tables that investors expect to see, including forecast sales and projected cash flow information. Depending on your goals, you can also create one-page pitches with basic summaries of what your business has to offer.

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