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KashFlow is a simple online accounting software designed specifically for small businesses; it gives you a clear idea about your business finance. The product dashboard shows you all thing you need like contact, reports, Quotes, suppliers, invoices, and projects.

KashFlow allows you to create repeated invoices or purchases if you have regular bills such rent and utility bills. You can add multiple bank accounts and also integrate it with a range of payment gateways like PayPal.

KashFlow helps you to make a decision with custom reports that show you how you business is doing. Also, you will have access anytime to your company payroll information.

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API is available. Protocol / Formats : SOAP .
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  • Encryption of data at rest
  • SSL for all pages in application domain

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Critic Reviews

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  • Do I like Kashflow? Yes. The way to make me like something is: (a) to make it do everything I want; and (b) to ensure that when I'm on a page I can easily get to the facilities I need, even if they're in different sections. It has plenty of integration options, and it's easy to use (something which is helped by decent on-line support). The only niggles are with some of the minor details.
    All in all, though, a very sound and comprehensive cloud-based accounting system.

  • More than just its user-friendliness and functionality, KashFlow is also a cost-effective tool that business owners can rely on for their accounting and financial management demands.

  • Have used Sage for twenty years we looked at all the online - We tested all the other systems and Kashflow was the quickest to set up the easiest to use. Although customer support is by email its very quick so why wasted hours on a phone. They also offer a discount at http://kf.cm/LrG3g1

    Pros : invoices, statements and reminder letters all by email. Payroll can be included. Simple to set up. Quick Support via email - you can be working on the items instead of hanging on the end if a phone and then you also have a clear answer which you can refer to in the future Value for money No long Term Contract

    Cons : Last time I checked I could not include the supplies invoice number of the payment remittence advice.

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User Reviews

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    Sean Caruana

    KashFlow offers some very useful accounting features, and is relatively easy to use. It also provides a SOAP API for integrating with your own software, however this is where its biggest problems lie. The sample API application is outdated (created with .NET 2.0 and very poorly written), and some aspects of the sample C# application do not even work properly. It is as if someone coded it with very limited C# knowledge, and threw it together in an afternoon. The API documentation is not very helpful, and is rather incomplete. The API actually contains some functions which are not included in the documentation, for example. Furthermore, there are some functions which do not work as advertised. Besides this, I experienced many issues when creating PayPal invoices through KashFlow, whereby PayPal marked all invoices as potentially fraudulent. This was quite a headache to deal with, as users who clicked on the PayPal link in KashFlow-generated invoices would end up unable to pay due to PayPal's fraud detection and payment blocking. This issue was only experienced with KashFlow, and other competitors such as QuickBooks did not have this issue at the time of writing. To summarise, KashFlow is definitely an accounting tool worth considering if used as a standalone "Software as a Service", however it can be somewhat of a struggle to integrate with other software, and it seems to raise alarm bells in PayPal and some email clients.

    Pros :

    • Useful accounting features - Ability to add almost unlimited suppliers, nominal codes, receipts, invoices and invoice lines - SOAP API can be used in C#, PHP and a healthy amount of other programming languages.
    • KashFlow is available in many countries, unlike some competitors such as QuickBooks.
    • Includes the ability to automatically generate a PayPal link in invoices, with very little work needed from the user.
    • Support personnel are prompt and polite.

    Cons :

    • API is incomplete, badly documented and the C# sample application is coded to very low standards.
    • The invoices sent by email, trigger off fraud detection software in PayPal and some email clients.
    • Some API functions do not work.
    • It does not seem possible to delete suppliers - there are valid reasons behind this, however the choice is completely taken away from the user.

    • July 8, 2015
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