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  • Stop calling it accounting software. It's not.

    As a freelance bookkeeper, I hate Freshbooks with a passion. My client uses it, and he loves if for invoicing, but it's really not good for anything else, and without even a basic reconciliation feature, it's an absolute nightmare to try and figure out if any of the information is correct on the limited reports it allows. Even a report listing just the entries for reconciliation would be a vast improvement. Also, there is no way to reverse entries other than just deleting them, which is absolutely ridiculous. Overall, I will probably turn down clients rather than work with this software again, unless there are major changes. It needs VAST improvement. It doesn't even integrate with common accounting software.

    Pros : I honestly can't think of any. It's easy to invoice for computer illiterates?

    Cons : It's touted as accounting software, but it isn't. It doesn't even work with actual common accounting software, making it functionally worse than useless. Advertising it as accounting software is fraudulent.

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    Are you Using FreshBooks Yet?

    If any part of your bookkeeping process feels onerous then I highly recommend you have a look at FreshBooks. Easy to use, make bookkeeping efficient, killer technical support and a beautiful interface!

    Pros : Ease of use, amazing tech support, beautiful interface...I could go on all day

    Cons : My accountant wishes it did an actual balance sheet.

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    Brought it all together!

    I am very happy we found FreshBooks. It has allowed us to combine all the major aspects of our small business (handyman services and curbside recycling) into one platform.

    Pros : Customer database, estimates, invoicing on a schedule basis. Simple interface and excellent customer service.

    Cons : Wish we could customize the customer data fields a little more, and desperately want a built in mileage log for tax purposes.

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  • Simple and user-friendly - great for a smaller organization or freelancer

    FreshBooks Use Cases and Deployment ScopeFreshBooks is used by all of our employees to track their hours on software development projects. It allows these hours to be logged in one centralized location and then allows billing to take place efficiently. Invoicing is done through FreshBooks, and the invoices are sent by email. Most payment is done through PayPal.

    Pros : FreshBooks makes it easy to track hours for different projects and clients.FreshBooks makes it easy to call up reports about time sheets and projects.Invoices are easy to create.The interface is attractive and fairly user-friendly.

    Cons : It can be difficult to get things to bill just how you want because "staff rate," "task rate," and "project rate" can be a bit confusing.I'd like for there to be a way to program in a recurring time entry instead of manually entering for something I do every day.If you change the name of a client (for example if the company name changes or the name or contact info for your main contact changes), it automatically changes that in previously sent invoices - I'd rather previous invoices remain true

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    FreshBooks: A Good Resource for Rookie Entrepreneurs

    FreshBooks Use Cases and Deployment ScopeMy wife and I own a small ice cream shop, and we've used FreshBooks extensively as we've started our business, written our business plan, obtained bank financing, all the way through to opening our shop this summer.  FreshBooks has provided and easy-to-use, cost effective method of tracking various accounting and financial items during the hectic start-up phase of our business.  I would recommend FreshBooks as a starting point for any small business owner.

    Pros : Allows effective tracking of income and expensesAllows tracking of vendors and customersAllows time tracking of tasksFreshBooks has great customer serviceIntuitive user interface

    Cons : The reporting functions could be more robust.

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    FreshBooks May Be Your Breath of Fresh Air

    FreshBooks Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI'm a sole proprietor of an administrative services business as well as its only employee. When I decided to go into business for myself I looked at The List of vendors who I could efficiently use for my bookkeeping needs. I use FreshBooks to track all of my expenses as well as my income (in a round about way). FreshBooks makes it easy to invoice and keep up with billing and also has a nice aesthetic. However, be sure it's what you want to use because it can be pricey. I used the free version for as long as I could, which at the time only allowed you to have three clients (now it's one), and then had to pay the monthly fee of $19.95 plus tax. And that's the cheapest plan they have. Plus, it only allows you to have 25 clients. There are other vendors now out there who will charge you less including Nutcache (which is free) so if you don't need something quite as robust as FreshBooks, then use a free option. However, FreshBooks has a solid reputation and a solid product that I would recommend to anyone.

    Pros : FreshBooks is, in general, very user friendly, robust and uncomplicated.You have the ability to access FreshBooks via your mobile devices.FreshBooks has the ability for you to set up recurring expenses.You can track your work with the great timer that you can use online, on your phone or, if you're using a Mac, via a widget.Invoicing is very easy and professional.Integrates with PayPal for easy payments.

    Cons : FreshBooks isn't a full-service solution for your accounting/bookkeeping needs as it doesn't allow you to easily track income. You have to add in dummy accounts (which takes up client spots and counts against your total number of clients) and then manually add in the information.FreshBooks doesn't allow you to have staff members on your account unless you pay them at least $39.95 plus tax per month.In order to have no limit on the number of clients you have you have to pay at least $29.95 plus t

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  • I highly recommend this cloud accounting solution to anyone who is self-employed or a small business owner who has a growing client base. It’s easy to use, pretty to look at, reasonably priced and will save you both time and money by keeping you on top of late payments and saving you money on online payments through PayPal. If you are a small business owner looking to upgrade your accounting software, Freshbooks is worth a look – especially considering they offer a free 30 day trial to see if it’s for you.

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  • If you are a small business or independent contractor, I suggest you try it out. You’ll either mesh with it or you won’t. But I think you’ll like it. For basic to median invoicing and bookkeeping, it’s hard to find a better service. They are very responsive and helpful, and they seem to have a lot of growth ahead of them.

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  • A perfect single-entry, cloud-based invoicing system for freelancers and business owners for whom payment is straightforward but lacks to be a full-fledge accounting software for those who follow the double entry tradition

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  • We liked Freshbooks but please be aware that this is mainly for invoicing (which it does extremely well) and not traditional accounting software. If you asked Freshbooks how to enter opening balances you would be faced with a blank expression. Your accountant would probably rather you used an alternative to make their lives easier but you should be able to get away with it if you have a very simple business and are not VAT registered.

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  • All in all, FreshBooks has issues on the accounting end since accounting data is both unreconciled and missing. So reworking of the data is going to be necessary to truly produce an accurate report of a business’ financial performance and standing.

    But, as an invoicing tool for client based businesses, FreshBooks is a decent choice.

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  • FreshBooks has a lot of strengths. It offers a good variety of invoicing features, some expense tracking and basic bookkeeping functions, and a clean, easy-to-use interface. The large number of available integrations and add-ons is a big plus, there are good apps for iPod and Android, and the customer service is excellent.

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  • FreshBooks is very feature-rich, and easy to use.
    Indeed, the level of integration and usability, along with the ability to access it from anywhere, makes it a valuable invoicing tool for the small business owner.

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  • FreshBooks is our go-to online billing site for obvious reasons. It's a great invoicing service that is loaded with tools to help you and your clients succeed. Available add-ons provide great opportunities to customize FreshBooks around your small business, while some of the best support options we’ve seen are there to catch you when you stumble.

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