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  • Great Invoicing and project time management tool

    FreeAgent Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAll staff members use FreeAgent to track time, bills and expenses on client projects. On a management level it allows us to keep track of invoices and banking.

    Pros : Great time management features for client projects.Easy quote and invoice production.

    Cons : Reporting on financials, time tracking and project status is a little poor. It's adequate for what what we need, but would be great to see more advanced features.API is quite closed so cannot integrate with our other project management tools.

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    Free your Accounting Time with FreeAgent

    FreeAgent Use Cases and Deployment ScopeFreeAgent is the only accounting package that we have, it allows me to manage and see the business and it's current financial state in a matter of minutes, and it takes  me less than an hour a week to ensure that everything is reconciled.  Billing is a breeze with recurring invoices, and reconcilliation is simple with automatic bank imports.

    Pros : Recurring invoices with automated follow-up is fantastic for helping to get paid on timeAutomated bank transfers are the easiest way to ensure that I can reconcile my accounts with easeSupport is fantasticBuilt-in Time tracking for projects/tasks (integration with Basecamp to get this info) is fantastic, it allows us to accurately track what we are working on and get paid for it!

    Cons : Android Mobile App, but they are working on it

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    FreeAgent - my Finance Director!

    FreeAgent Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAs a sole trader FreeAgent is my accounting rock and is used for everything from invoicing to VAT returns.

    Pros : Consolidation of bank accounts. Easy to use and hassle free.Data feed from bank accounts. Easy to get your bank account details into the system.VAT returns are very easy. Just put in your details and Free agent works it all out for you and sends it to HMRC for you too.

    Cons : If your customer pays you for a number of invoices in one payment it is a bit tricky to sort out. Once you know how it is OK but I did have to use the help desk a couple of times

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  • Exceptionally Poor Customer Support

    I originally found Freeagent around three years ago. I was very excited when I found I could use Freeagent through "My Business Works", a service offered by Barclays, at a reduced rate - except nobody decided to make it clear support is outsourced to "My Business Works" - perhaps the most key feature of freeagent. For around three years I have always been in contact with friendly, kind and lovely staff at Freeagent who have always been happy to provide us with support - I have always avoided "My Business Works Support" as their staff are especially unhelpful, condescending and rude. That was until today. A stubborn, although polite lady refused to give us support despite my explanation of the poor support "My Business Works" offers. Quite simply her unkind, unfriendly action has lost a customer, we are moving to a far more powerful and equally easy to use software called Xilo, with much better support in January. I used to think Freeagent was an actual service whereby one might not be bound to the selfish red-rape rules of the world, and was instead a friendly platform with every customer's interest at heart. I would recommend all to consider Xilo over Freeagent. That is of course unless you want a kick in the teeth for being a long-term loyal customer!

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    Perfect Companion for Accounting

    I was introduced to Freeagent by my accountant, Balance Accountants. My business needs are met very easily with Freeagent, I have a small company which is Residential Care and Home Care business. The cloud base system allows my accountant to access my work and I'm able to have meetings with bank managers etc without having to lug lots of paperwork about, everything is at my fingertips. Also im based in the South and my business and accountant are in the North, so logistically it works very well for me. The system I have found very easy to use and if I have ever got stuck, my accountant can sign in and talk me through it. Once you get yourself set up and familiarised, you won't believe how much simpler accounting gets. I use for all bookkeeping and invoicing. I would use it for payroll but hey....my payroll lady would be out of a job! But I reckon she uses it as she's always smiling never stressed.

    Pros : Live bank feeds, easy to use, perfect for invoicing, accounting for small businesses, keeping the accountant and bank manager happy with the efficiency! It does everything (for me and my business needs) apart from making me coffee :-) Always a pleasure using freeagent, it's really fun to use!

    Cons : Ive been using it for nearly two years.... Can't fault it! Not sure if I could add a further business to the platform, for example: using same login details but be able to switch between businesses?? That would be really good.

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    Great for keeping things organised

    I've been using FreeAgent since 2011 and its really helped to keep my business in control. Tracking of finances, bills, invoices as well as time and expenses is straightforward, and most importantly keeps my accountant happy at year-end!

    Pros : Easy to use Excellent customer support

    Cons : Doesn't handle subcontractors as a distinct category of user. We have associates who book time and expenses which are billed to clients. We have to set them up as employees and then work around VAT, etc. to make sure we charge customers right amounts and pay contractors accordingly.

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  • I was very impressed with FreeAgent the first time I checked it out. It offers a good variety of features while remaining simple to use and easily comprehensible to a non-accountant. The interface is very intuitive and the automated invoicing options will be a real time-saver for many businesses. The software is especially good for freelancers who have multiple clients and projects, but it will serve nearly any small business well.

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  • Freeagent is undoubtedly a very impressive application that I like a lot, it’s been designed to meet the needs of its target audience -IT literate owners of small to medium sized companies and sole traders in the business services sector.

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  • If you are looking for an easy accounting software solution that is still powerful with a great range of features then you will certainly want to give FreeAgent a try. I did. I won’t go back. Ever.

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  • FreeAgent works brilliantly for contractors, freelancers and small businesses. All in all, we are very impressed with FreeAgent and that is why we recommand our clients to use it.

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    We are very impressed with FreeAgent and that is why we provide it to our clients to use.We should  also say that we found FreeAgent works brilliantly for contractors, freelancers and small businesses. 

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  • FreeAgent is making it so that you can only do one entry at a time, one debit or one credit. It's supposed to be easier for small business owners with no accounting experience to understand.

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    If you're a freelancer / solopreneur who works mainly on projects that require tracking time, re-billing expenses, and invoicing a client several times over the course of a project, this software is da bomb (yeah, I said da bomb). It does project management so well that unless you have a very complicated financial back-end, the pros will outweigh the cons.

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  • I am extremely happy with FreeAgent for dealing with all my limited company accounts. I recommend this service to any small UK-based sole trader, partnership (LLP) or limited company who would like to benefit from the significant ‘peace of mind’ and time savings that I’ve experienced from this reliable, easy to use and largely automated accounting system.

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  • Simple and with plenty of tricks, but it's the time-tracking and project management tools that make FreeAgent the pick for freelancers and contractors.

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    FreeAgent is particularly suited to freelancers or contractors.Of the three services tested, we found FreeAgent the easiest to use, and at a very reasonable price. If you’re a contractor or freelancer, its time-tracking and project management tools make it easy to recommend.

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    FreeAgent is given the range of features and ease of use and could easily become your most important application for administering your business.

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  • FreeAgent is completely customizable for any size business. The monthly fee is the same whether a user sends 5 or 500 invoices. As long as it is worth it for the business or contractor to spend $20/month for keeping all of the financial information in one space, it would likely be very useful.

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