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eToro is the world's largest investment network, where people share their investments in the social community. You can chat, follow up, and stay up-to-date on every trade available, with more than 4.5 million registered users in over 140 countries.

eToro lets you spot top performers and look at their opened profiles to see all their activities in performance including picking the ones set automatically and copying whatever they are trading.

eToro has a wide range of mobile and web-based social trading tools, it appeals to every level of trading expertise, it also provides an investment experience like no other.

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  • What’s clear when using eToro is the simplicity and ease of use of the eToro social trading platform, OpenBook (AKA Copy Trader).

    eToro Review: Pros

    • simple interface
    • integrated social trading network (OpenBook) and broker (WebTrader)
    • free, fully functional demo account
    • integrated risk and money management features
    • can trade on currencies AND major indices AND commodities (oil, gold and silver) AND shares
    • active social network and excellent training materials
    • low slippage
    • the “Professional Investors” you can copy all display their real and verified full name & photo

    eToro Review: Cons

    • unable to view the full history of all the previous trades by the “Professional Investors”
    • historical gain % calculation in OpenBook is confusing and not transparent
    • for every good performing trader to choose from, there are still plenty of poor ones (most are also longer term traders)
    • Trader Finder/Discover People functionality can still be improved (though currently much better than what it was)
    • actual results in your account will often not totally match the ones displayed for the trader you copy in the eToro interface (mainly because they often use their commission payments to add to their balance at the end of each month)
    • currently only able to manage your account in $ USD

  • If you are looking for more interaction with other currency traders and are interested in studying how other people invest, then eToro with OpenBook may be for you. It provides a good testing ground for beginners and can offer accounts to you no matter where you are located because it is regulated in numerous countries. However, if you are an experienced trader who likes to exploit tiny spreads, eToro, with its two pip minimum, may not be what you are looking for.

  • Beginning forex traders who want to learn from more advanced investing experts – or anyone who genuinely enjoys the ins-and-outs of both social networking and the investing process – can benefit a lot from both by going with eToro.
    Although eToro is not as sophisticated as some of its social competitors, it has been able to draw a lot of traders because of its ease of usage, cost-effectiveness and great customer service.

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User Reviews

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    angelina olsin

    One of the largest place to trade. When we follow someone and go to their wall, the site shows the result of the trader's winning trades and losing trades too. We can chat here, share investments and follow people too. The site is always updated on every level. Personally, my point of view and experience are very great with eToro I've loose money earned. Also, I've withdrawn my payments many times. eToro mobile app has made it easier for us to connect. I can stay connected 24/7 with the help of its mobile app. Just invest $250 and soon you'll earn millions. eToro is easy to use and very active website.

    Pros :

    • No annual account fee.
    • Beginners can use it too, very easy to use.
    • Available 24/7.
    • Financially strong.
    • Practice accounts are available too.

    Cons :

    • Don't display full history.
    • It's not completely reliable.
    • Only manage Account in $.

    • November 6, 2015
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