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  • Concur aims to make business travels easy to book, manage their costs, and liquidate or bill the expenses.andnbsp;
    Concur Expense makes it convenient and seamless to track, analyze, and report about business travel spending.

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  • Needs many improvements

    Concur Travel and Expense Use Cases and Deployment ScopeConcur Travel and Expense ensures accuracy of expense reports.

    Pros : Itinerary selection to calculate mileage and per diem.Searchable report library.

    Cons : Why do I always have to say I paid cash?Why aren't the agents open 24/7?Make the travel delegate an interactive arrangement process where you can easily show various itinerary options and prices to the person you are booking for.Phone app is not user friendly.

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    Concur...not for the smallest business but a go to for everyone else

    Concur Travel and Expense Use Cases and Deployment ScopeMy company is using Concur Travel and Expense across the whole organization. This allows our departments to streamline expense reimbursements and billing to customers in a uniform and easy to manage way. We were able to downsize our travel and expense dedicated employees from 3 employees to 1 employee. The biggest business problem addressed and solved with Concur is the scaleability of expense reports or travel requests. Other problems that are clearly solved by Concur is integration into accounting packages, and organization and metrics of mountains of documents. 

    Pros : Concur offers the flexibility to modify and adapt your company settings to address different scenarios such as updated processes, policy changes, group configurations, adding and removing features, limiting or adding restrictions etc. This allows the company to grow and evolve and Concur Travel and Expense seems to grow alongside with the company.Concur streamlines travel and expense and the two modules communicate concurrently with each other. There a features and benefits to this process such

    Cons : Implementation is one of the weaknesses for Concur, I have implemented it for two separate companies. The first time was relatively smooth and we were operational in a few weeks. However, the second time around it took several months to even go live and several more for me to shake down problems to make sure the system works correctly. I am very experienced managing Concur as an admin and I was able to get by but it was a big weakness.Customer support is not great if you call them on the phone,

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    LIfe is a breeze with Concur! Get it TODAY!

    Concur Travel and Expense Use Cases and Deployment ScopeOur company uses Concur for all our expense reports. Concur is used throughout the whole organization. We have not had any issues or concerns with using Concur. It is fast, reliable, and easy to use. I have used Concur in every company in the past also.

    Pros : Converts charges to US dollars automaticallyOne click transfer credit card charges to reportNotifies you of any errors you made

    Cons : Having the receipts show as one instead of one at a time for each item

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  • Concur help you to Underline the Expense Report for your trip

    When you are on work trip, and you need to report your expenses to your manager, or even you need to request a cash advanced during your trip, Concur help you to make this task easier, this App help you to look for hotel room, rent a car, search for flight, and tod do the expense report from your cash advances, on real time, with this you will focus on your projects during the trips, and the cash report or expense report will be a easy cake.

    Pros : You can search for many things inside the app, and over the webpage: you can search for: Fligths Hotel rooms, Car rentals Request a cash advance and you can make your cash advanced reports, the app have a section where you can upload your expense notes and invoices, and then linking with every deposit made it to you.

    Cons : No son many cons we have her, sometimes in my case the app have been failing cause, the network are running to slow, and then some features of the app, run slow to.

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    This is a great tool for those who travel a lot for business. The one stop shop for booking all travel is great. The best thing is the corresponding mobile app that I use to take pictures of my receipts and attach them to the trip so everything is contained in one sport. I no longer worry about losing the receipts or forgetting one by accident.

    Pros : It is a great one stop shop for all business travelling needs. It is nice to book everything at once, have it already grouped together and then use the mobile app to take pictures of the receipts and attached them directly.

    Cons : Seems to be a lot of small steps instead of one screen to do everything one.

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    Decent App with some UI issues

    Overall, the Concur app is okay; though it doesn't have nearly the functionality the desktop website does. The app is not the most intuitive and often runs into problems if the user uploads the receipt to the report without first creating the expense.

    Pros : The ability to quickly upload a receipt is a great feature, and you can complete an entire expense report using only the app.

    Cons : I prefer to use the website version of Concur on my computer because way more can be seen at once than in the app. The app only has basic features for creating a report, but lacks the ability to see inactive reports (such as accessing old reports to see what you last submitted for expenses). The app could also have more directions as far as how to use it.

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  • We’re giving Concur our Thumbs Up review and rating. The user interface is pretty advanced and user friendly, allowing you to drag and drop the different items you feel are most important right into your account dashboard. You can quickly and easily create expense reports, view credit card charges, and approve and process reports.

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