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Concur Expense provides full visibility into spend and the ability to ensure policy and regulatory compliance. Plus, it’s all paperless so you can ditch the spreadsheets, and pitch the pesky receipts.

Employees can take pictures of receipts and create and submit expense reports. Managers can quickly review and approve all from a mobile device.

Concur automatically populates expense reports using electronic receipts from airline, hotel, restaurant and ground transportation companies.Integrated travel, expense and enterprise resource planning (ERP) data improves reporting and offers a complete picture of company budget and spend.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Upload Receipts
  • Automatic payment capability
  • Capture receipts with mobile devices
  • Upload IRS compliant images
  • Approve or reject expense reports
  • Add car mileage to expense report
  • Airline ancillary fee capture
  • Integrate travel, expense and invoice data
  • TMC data integration
  • Vendor normalization


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Australia,  Canada,  Mexico,  United Kingdom,  United States
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Mobile App IOS
  • Mobile App Android
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Critic Reviews

  • 79

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  • Concur aims to make business travels easy to book, manage their costs, and liquidate or bill the expenses.andnbsp;
    Concur Expense makes it convenient and seamless to track, analyze, and report about business travel spending.

  • Concur Travel and Expense Use Cases and Deployment ScopeConcur Travel and Expense ensures accuracy of expense reports.

    Pros : Itinerary selection to calculate mileage and per diem.Searchable report library.

    Cons : Why do I always have to say I paid cash?Why aren't the agents open 24/7?Make the travel delegate an interactive arrangement process where you can easily show various itinerary options and prices to the person you are booking for.Phone app is not user friendly.

  • When you are on work trip, and you need to report your expenses to your manager, or even you need to request a cash advanced during your trip, Concur help you to make this task easier, this App help you to look for hotel room, rent a car, search for flight, and tod do the expense report from your cash advances, on real time, with this you will focus on your projects during the trips, and the cash report or expense report will be a easy cake.

    Pros : You can search for many things inside the app, and over the webpage: you can search for: Fligths Hotel rooms, Car rentals Request a cash advance and you can make your cash advanced reports, the app have a section where you can upload your expense notes and invoices, and then linking with every deposit made it to you.

    Cons : No son many cons we have her, sometimes in my case the app have been failing cause, the network are running to slow, and then some features of the app, run slow to.

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    Steve Blankenship

    One of the biggest frustrating parts about traveling for business is producing an expense report. You have to collect all of your receipts, make sure you itemize them correctly, and fill out a spreadsheet or form provided by your employer. Concur allows you to record produce an expense report by following a few simple steps. You can take pictures of your receipts and discard the physical copies, making it easier to keep track of them without taking up space in your wallet or purse, and possibly losing them. You can also begin a report at the beginning of your trip and continue to add to it, making it easier to include important details at that moment rather than trying to remember them all after the fact.

    Pros :

    • Concur is available in multiple formats, such as a web browser or mobile app.
    • The mobile app makes it easy to start a report, take pictures of your receipts, and enter details as the trip progresses, instead of starting up you computer and entering all the detail through a web browser.
    • You can also connect various other apps, such as Uber, TripIt, Tango, and Starbucks.
    • I also like being able to view the approval process as well receive notifications via email as those approvals progress.
    • It is also very easy to record mileage through Google Maps, which can also provide you with turn-by-turn direction to your destination.
    • You can also book hotels, car rentals, train tickets, and airfare through Concur.

    Cons :

    • Although producing an expense report seems simple, some first-time users may find it difficult to navigate. After one or two reports, however, it becomes easier to navigate.
    • The mobile also only saves recent reports. If you need to review an older report, you will have to log in through a web browser. It would also be great if you could link membership awards associated with traveling, such as car rentals, hotels, and airfare.

    • April 15, 2016
  • User review from

    Sean O'Connell

    With my last sales job, I spent more than 50% of my time on the road. This was fun, as I got to explore various state and cities within the US, but also multiple trips abroad to countries like Canada, the UK, India, Asia and even Australia (1 time when I got lucky enough for a large deal that they sent me there). Concur made life much easier when I was able to quickly provide my expenses and get them back to the company. When the Application came out, life got even better! I don't know how long you might have been working, but before our company implemented Concur, everything was base on keeping receipts, scanning them, emailing them to myself, filling out a form and providing them to my company. If you have ever traveled, even if it's a day trip from DC to NY, keeping a hold of receipts is not only annoying, but sometimes impossible (and improbable).

    Pros :

    • The application : Concur application allowed me to take a picture of my receipt and then upload it into my account.
    • Timeliness: Concur made it easy for me to track all of my expenses on the road and get them into the system without having to worry about coming home and spending time putting it all together
    • Based on recent updates, it looks like Concur can also track Uber (or other travel expenses) directly through usage.

    Cons :

    • Chain of command - I'm not sure if this was solely based on our company, but it sometimes took a while to get the expenses put together. Because of the complexity of the system, and the "chain of command", it could sometimes take weeks to get the money back *** Again, I don't know if this was concur or my company.

    • March 23, 2016
  • User review from

    Robert Belton

    Concur takes the headache out of itemization of receipts and expense reporting and provides an easy to follow user experience and mobile capabilities which will eliminate the need to keep paper copies of receipts. Your employees will appreciate the wealth of features and mobile support to make the process of expense reporting become a simple on the go process and enables it to be incorporated into a daily routine easily.

    Pros :

    • Concur’s mobile support is out of this world good.
    • It provides the ability to take a picture of a receipt and attach it to an individual expense from your mobile device, and can even save it offline and upload it the second an internet connection is detected.
    • You can literally leave a receipt at a restaurant or store and not have to worry about shoving it in and overflowing your wallet during an event where you’re traveling for business or a sales call.
    • It will be appreciated particularly by those who typically have a lot of expenses, as it can usually detect automatically which type of expense this would fall into under your company’s expense policy and attribute appropriately.
    • Finance admins and managers will have the ability to view “exceptions” and what is deemed as an inappropriate expense as it happens, and allow it to be flagged and rejected as such.

    Cons :

    • The biggest annoyance I had with Concur was the fact that EVERY single transaction needed a receipt to be processed through the software.
    • If you lost it or for whatever reason your phone did not upload or save it properly, it would be annoying to have to create a report or declaration file that you lost the receipt.
    • You can also save a PDF file to state such an incident and attach it as appropriate, but that’s likely going to entail logging into a desktop computer and eliminating the biggest benefit of the software which is its mobile capabilities and ease of use on the go.

    • March 11, 2016
  • User review from

    Alfredo García

    Sometimes, when you are on rush or business trip, you don’t have enough time to check and review your expenses during your trip. For these kinds of issues, you can use Concur. It's a web-based tool and is also available for iOS and Android. It allows you to request cash in advance, flight tickets, hotel rooms, car rental, and other types of services. You can also check and review your expenses according to your trip. With Concur, you can make checking expenses an easier and practical task. It could be a good option for enterprises that have many workers travelling for business around the world. The checkout of your expenses could be done in real time, according to you time of travelling, and people can get to focus on their projects, and checking expenses will no longer be a waste of time.

    Pros :

    • Concur has an app available for Android and iOS, and it's very easy to handle. You can manage everything related to the trip through the app, or your web browser, Flight tickets, cash advanced, car rentals, hotel rooms, or you can have everything by the same way when you are planning your vacations.
    • If you need to report the expenses, made it with the cash advanced. You can make the report on your computer or your phone. When you are travelling, at the time that you receive your expense voucher, you can upload the image of the voucher by the app, just taking a picture of it, and then after your finish your report, you can send it to your boss to be checked.
    • If you run out of financial resources in the same app, you can request the cash advance for your expenses.
    • It's very quickly, and you can save time using the app.

    Cons :

    • Not all the airlines and hotels are available inside the app, so you have to be attached to the available company´s disposable by the app, and also, sometimes, some new scheduled flights couldn´t be disposable.
    • Sometimes, I have some mistakes and bugs on every update of the app, and sometimes the app crashes, Not so many as you think, but it happens sometimes, but when it does, you have to start over the reports or request again.

    • October 15, 2015
  • User review from

    Tapan Jain

    Concur is a world leading expense management reporting and tracking software. It effectively makes the entire process of reporting expenses paperless and less time consuming for employees. The employees can complete all the expense reporting while on the go and even the managers can do the approval on the go using Concur mobile app. One can simply capture an image of the bill receipt from the Concur mobile app and it takes care of the rest. It automatically creates an expense entry and put it under the right category. This all can be done on the go and managers can even approve the expense from their mobile apps even when they are out of office. The categories for which Concur can automatically categorize your expenses are airlines, hotel, ground transportations and restaurants.

    Pros :

    Concur can also link to your corporate credit card and automatically import all the charges incurred on that credit card. The approved expenses can be directly debited to the employee account as well. Managers can see a lot of reports and charts to get a holistic view of where the money is being spent and by whom in the organization. Concur helps in shortening expense approval cycles. The feature to automatically scan the captured image and categorize the expense into the right category saves a lot of time if the same needs to be done manually. The financial data is completely secure as Concur uses encryption for corporate data. Concur can also be integrated with existing ERP and CRM solutions which helps in giving a holistic financial view of the organization. Integration with major ERP and CRM solutions are already available but in case Concur needs to be integrated with any other accounting or ERP solution, custom integrations can also be made.

    Cons :

    At times, the response times are very slow and error messages pop up. This can be really annoying for employees when they are travelling. Obviously they are dependent on Concur to log all their expenses. Customer support is terrible as well which is like an icing on the cake when there are issues with the product and there is no one at the customer service to help you out.

    • September 19, 2015
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