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  • Solid App for Recurring Revenue Businesses

    We use Chargify as the transactional backbone of our recurring revenue businesses. It is solid in its capabilities, adequately flexible for our needs, and has a very good set of API's that have allowed us to incorporate Chargify's system into our software platform. Chargify's reporting and email functions are very basic and don't give us the detailed SaaS metrics we need in order to keep a good handle on the business. However, a robust ecosystem of complementary tools such as, for example, ChartMogul, have evolved to add much more precision to Chargify's reporting.

    Pros : - Wide flexibility to create different recurring revenue offers (trial/no-trial, credit card/no credit card, monthly/quarterly/annual, coupon and discount codes, etc.) - Integration with a large number of payment gateways - Robust API's - Broad flexibility (via CSS) for styling public-facing pages - Takes care of all the messy details of maintaining credit cards - Referral codes and links - Good, comprehensive documentation

    Cons : - Reporting is weak, especially on metrics for managing recurring revenue businesses, such as MRR (monthly recurring revenue), churn rates, ARPA (average revenue per account), etc; must use 3rd party applications to get these, using imported Chargify data - Email notifications are primitive - Coupons cannot be assigned to individual products

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    Great and easy to use tool for billing

    Chargify serves as our billing software for our company. I love it! It gives us a handy, intuitive way to track payments for our customers, allowing us to better serve them overall.

    Pros : Roll-over invoices for those who don't pay a previous month (whether on purpose or by accident) is REALLY helpful. It allows us to make sure we're not losing money from month to month, and helps to keep customers accountable to pay what they've agreed to pay. Along those lines, it's super beneficial to have a way to track (in as great a detail as desired) a person's billing history to be able to verify and better handle what can otherwise be frustrating conversations with customers.

    Cons : Sometimes it can be confusing when adding in check payments to keep track of where they come from. Perhaps a helpful reminder when adding in a check payment saying something along the lines of, "Hey! Looks like you didn't write a note here -- you might want to, just for future reference."

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    Awesome Service!

    Chargify has been amazing to work with. When we were looking at different services their team was very helpful in answering our questions and taking the time to make sure we understood how to set up our pricing model. We use Chargify to charge our customers, send billing related emails to our customers such as statements, automate invoicing, automate the process when our customer's credit cards fail, and automate the application of coupons and taxes. Everything has gone very smoothly with Chargify and their API was very easy to integrate with. We couldn't be any happier.

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  • A Pricey but Robust Service with Excellent Merchant Support

    Chargify Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use Chargify to handle all of the recurring credit card payments for our business. We previously used another service for recurring charges, but required a higher level of support and customer service, which Chargify was able to provide along with a robust product with a solid API.

    Pros : Chargify's API is solid and easy to use, including JSON and XML interfaces.Chargify's customer service is responsive and thorough; always making sure your needs as a customer are met.Chargify listens to its customer base and their suggestions for feature enhancements.

    Cons : Chargify's dashboard could use some additional reporting features.Chargify's pricing model is fair, but could be more competitive with similar services in the same market niche.Chargify's service is not well-tuned for one-time charges. It would be beneficial to most vendors if one API could handle both without requiring a workaround for one-time payments.

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    Chargify is the best employee money can buy

    Chargify Use Cases and Deployment ScopeChargify allows us not to have to create and maintain a billing platform for our SAS product. We could have never created such an amazing system in house for the amount that we pay Chargify.

    Pros : Easy to use billing platform for a SAS company. Very intuitive.Store credit card information with PCI compliance.Automates our monthly billing.

    Cons : Great for monthly billing not good for itemized billing that can change month to month.

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    Can Chargify can recharge your business?

    Chargify Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use Chargify to manage subscription billing for our suite of online property investment software. In addition we use the API/billing portal to manage customer access levels, upgrades/downgrades, card updates and cancellations. Our customers are billing on a monthly and yearly basis. We also use a trial period to allow customers to evaluate our software before being billed. We use add-ons for additional optional products.

    Pros : Supports multiple products and payment plans.Has a strong admin web user interface.Provides excellent technical support.

    Cons : More flexible coupons.Finer level of control over emails sent to customers.More options/control within the dunning process.

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  • What do you like best?

    Full featured platform, including multiple environments, products and customizable options. And test mode!

    What do you dislike?

    Pricier than alternatives, and the management UI can be confusing, since there are so many options.

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  • If it sounds like we are biased and that the Chargify team is our family, they sort of are. They did a great job of helping us through our development hurdles and even reached out to see if they could help us grow. The product is not perfect, we must say: we’d really like to see them expand the functionality of their iPhone app, which is fairly basic at this point. Something tells us that they are probably working on it, though.
    The bottom line is that you should definitely consider Chargify if you are pondering a Web app or subscription service. Let them handle the billing while you deliver an excellent product.

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  • Chargify is ideal for a growing business. The flat monthly fees keep it simple, but they may be a little high for a very small business or individual professional. Users can easily integrate payment systems into their website so the customer on the other end enjoys an easy, convenient experience.

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  • Right from charging the user’s credit card to providing business intelligence, Chargify is an end to end solution to your company’s recurring billing needs. To their credit, Chargify has a very reasonable pricing structure for a full featured app. Chargify could help the freemium Web 2.0 companies in a big way with its flexible free user handling plans. If you are looking for a service that can handle the painful and complex task of payment processing in its entirety, you don’t have to look beyond Chargify.

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  • What we liked:

    • Bill an unlimited number of customers for a flat monthly rate
    • If a credit card billing error occurs, Chargify says it will handle the entire situation
    • No requirement to sign a long-term contract
    • Upgrade to a more premium account at any time

    What we didn’t like:

    • The service is currently only being targeted toward Web 2.0 companies and online service providers

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