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Buxfer is an online money management software for personal use; it helps you see all your accounts in one place and make a decision about your future. The application download and categorises your transactions from your banks and credit cards.

Buxfer gives you tools to manage your finances like spending reports, control spending, and real-time mobile alerts. It also integrates with mobile devices that help you check your account balances and add expenses on the go.

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  • Unlimited Transactions 
  • Split Bills and IOUs 
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  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Budgets
  • Unlimited Bill Reminders
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Shared Bills and IOUs
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  • Online Payments
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  • Unlimited Accounts
  • Unlimited Budgets
  • Unlimited Bill Reminders
  • Unlimited Transactions
  • Shared Bills and IOUs
  • Basic Reports
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  • Buxfer’s free budgeting website that is good for people who have a general idea of what their budgets should look like. It can also help people split bills among themselves if they are all Buxfer users. If you’re interested in more complex analyses, bill pay, or more than 5 accounts then Buxter’s Plus Plan or Pro Plan might work better for you.

  • This is a good app for basic budgeting and nothing more. All the good features cost a little extra, but you will not be a financial whiz by using those features. The utility of this app is strictly its basic easy to use nature. For bells and whistles, go elsewhere, for simple budgeting, this seems ok.

  • Buxfer is a great solution for people with serious debt, people who need to save for something specific, and people who chip in to buy things with other people, like roommates. I, myself, like it for the mere fact that, as a Facebook user, I don’t need to create another user-name and password. That’s priceless. No matter what your looking to do with your finances, Buxfer has an answer. I consider myself pretty creative and Buxfer was able to manage anything I could conjure up.
    In the end, Buxfer is a great personal finance budgeting site with many cool features. It reminds me of being on a diet.

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    Tapan Jain

    Buxfer is one amazing software designed for personal financial management purpose. It is available for free online and you can login into Buxfer using any of your running social media accounts like Facebook or Google. Buxfer helps you not only to make your personal budget and keep a track of your expenses but is also allows you to keep a track of your shared bills and split it among your friends and family. The software is adaptive to mobiles thus making it very handy and easy to update. One can make budget limits for different categories of expenses for easy and convenient tracking. The software allows you to split bills equally or in any other ratio as desired by the users. Any update made by one, reflects in real time to all users and any party to the expense or income can change the ratio from their own user account. This feature of the software also has an upper cap where in the users cannot edit bill after approximately 25 days of submission.

    Pros :

    It has an amazing “IOU” function through which you can automatically know who owes and how much to the others. It alarms you every time your expenses go out of track. Categories going above the budgeted amount start appearing in red to attract attention every time you open your account. The account statement is depicted in graphical and chart forms for easy understanding of the user. It helps you to track down your expense pattern from historical data present in your account. You can even analyses your expense pattern periodically and find out areas to cut down expenses. This way a user can also know when and what went out of the predefined budget over a period of time.

    Cons :

    There is a need to add more types of accounts like online wallets, on the software tool as presently it restricts itself to Bank accounts only. There is also a need to enhance the visual effects of the front end exported sheets. It has limited features for analysis and is not very reliable as before. Also, there are separate tabs for different categories of expenses data entry making it a little time-consuming process.

    • September 17, 2015
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