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  • The Bill.com Business Payments Network provides small-to-medium businesses efficient and simple online bill payment. It offers enterprise-class fraud protection that present methods cannot match. Bill.com helps customers through its efficient direct, bank, and accountant channels, bringing together systems, documents, and people to redefine how business payments should be made.

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  • Awesome App

    We have been using bill.com since 2011. The workflow for approvals is great. We use it for bill approval and payment. Many of our vendors are on electronic payment since we have been using bill.com Our managers are usually travelling so the app is an excellent way to keep up with bill approvals. This is probably one of the best apps for business - much more cost effective than writing checks. And, there's no more paper to move around for approvals. Take it for a trial run and see how easy it is.

    Pros : -Easy workflow that you can customize -syncs with accounting software -app is friendly, easy to use -support - although rarely used - is excellent -allows you to approve and/or pay bills from about anywhere

    Cons : Not really any. It has been approved right along and I have no complaints.

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    Awesome App, a must for businesses

    Awesome App, a must for businesses that pay bills and want a seamless approval process. I have used Bill.com for over 3 years in many different companies. We mandate it for any client that wants us manage their bill pay function. It allows us to set up approval processes as well as paperless (on our part at least!) bill payment. As a business owner, this gives a lot of piece of mind that fraud is not going to take place in the form of check forging or bogus invoices.

    Pros : Approval Process, Bill payment, Inbox as central place to have documents sent to, new sync ability with Hub Doc.

    Cons : Nothing! I love this product and anything you have an issue with, the chat feature for customer service is always available!

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    Awesome System

    Bill.com is awesome system to use for payables. They have some sync issues with Intacct but nothing that you cant change your workflow to accommodate. Overall it has save us time, money and allowed for our staff to be effective in other areas in the office.

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  • Chill and pay your bill

    Bill.com Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAs a bookkeeping firm, we set up Bill.com for our clients to ease up the process of paying bills and receiving payments. Most of the bookkeepers who have multiple clients work mostly remotely so Bill.com eliminates the process of check runs thus saving multiple trips to the client's office. Moreover, Bill.com stores all the bills providing a convenient database for clients and bookkeepers.

    Pros : The inbox is a convenient way of receiving bills as it extracts attachments from the incoming email converting them to the bills ready to process, it has an option to fax the bill directly to the inbox, and, my personal favorite, convenient drag-and-drop option for easily uploading documents to the inbox.OCR feature is amazing, it converts images to text and this enhances the search option making it easy to find documents by typing something that's in them into the search field.The "Most Recentl

    Cons : Bill.com could improve on account selection when entering bills. In other words, if you do not have in mind a specific account, you will most likely have to go through the whole chart of accounts to find the suitable one. The type-in search is a bit too specific as typing in a parent account does not show its sub accounts if their name does not start the same way as the parent account.

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    Bill.Com Saves Labor, Postage and filing space.

    Bill.com Use Cases and Deployment ScopeCurrently, I use the product for the music, non-profit, legal and property management firms.  It creates a system of checks and balances because of the approval system. Bill.Com saves paper and postage.  It's easy to use and easy to train end users the product. Technical support is quite responsive and awesome.

    Pros : Internal Audit ControlRepository of cancelled checks and vendor documentsAbility to save paper, postage and labor.

    Cons : Create a system so you can pick and choose what should be synced or not.Make it easier to input detailed vendor bills.

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    Optimizing Bill.com in Accounting Systems

    Bill.com Use Cases and Deployment ScopeMy clients use Bill.com as the system of record for disbursements to vendors and for reimbursement of employee expenses.  This solution is being used across each organization and enables multi-level review and approval of payables obligations, central repository for documents from vendors and mobile management and access to vendor, cash flow and remittance information for management review without having to access each firms' accounting system.  Bill.com seamlessly integrates with accounting systems --- my clients use QuickBooks, both hosted and online, NetSuite and Xero.  Bill.com also integrates with Expensify, so employee expense reports can also go through multiple-level review and payments can be tracked and made electronically.

    Pros : Seamless integration with major accounting systems and applications and intelligent, built-in workflow. This reduces duplication of work, skipped approval steps and delay in payment processing.Bill.com enables single repository storage for vendor invoice submission, unlimited storage for documents and good reporting capability. This assists with audit and control review.Bill.com provides live chat and call back capability from a knowledgeable customer service team. This is critically importan

    Cons : The credit memo processing features in Bill.com could be built-out more fully.Additional report customization would be helpful.Batch-processing transaction capability could be developed.

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  • Bill.com can manage your company's accounts receivable and payable or as an integrated partner with your accounting solution. Either way, you'll have tremendous collaboration and financial transaction-processing and tracking tools.

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  • Bill.com is a helpful tool for professionals and businesses. The application may be a bit pricy for startups or small businesses. Users who are looking for a cutting edge interface may be disappointed by the rather lain design offered by Bill.com. The application does provide a number of functions and features that can make life easier, once the user takes the time to learn how to utilize each.

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