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The Accounts command center houses the Chart of Accounts, the Transaction Journal, and the Company Data Auditor. The Chart of Accounts includes all the accounts a business will need to track, including assets, liabilities, equities, income and expenses. Keep track of retainer, escrow, and trust accounts and record money transfers.

Departmental accounting allows users to keep track of their accounting information based on departments in their business. Each line item on a transaction can be applied to one department or split between multiple departments so reporting is laser-focused. Each contact card is assigned a default department which can be overwritten when necessary on specific transactions for ease of tracking.

Keep track of mileage by specific vehicle or by an employee. Enter details of the trip, such as the dates, the mileage at the beginning of the trip and the end of the trip and have the software calculate the total miles and mileage expense.


The Bank Register lets the user see their banking information at-a-glance. It also allows the user to make and receive payments not associated with a sales invoice or purchase order.

The Reconcile Accounts option allows the user to import bank statements into AccountEdge and then assists the customer in reconciling their accounts. The Prepare Bank Deposit option enables the user to group received payments held in the Undeposited Funds account and prepare them to be deposited to a specified bank account.


The Sales command center in AccountEdge is where the user enters quotes, orders, and invoices; prints and/or emails invoices and statements; prints receipts; receives payments; and manages returns and credits.

The Sales Register contains all information relating to sales and receivables, organized by tabs. Each tab gives an at-a- glance look at transactions associated with quotes, open invoices, closed invoices, and returns and credits.

Keep track of sales commissions with AccountEdge the easy way. AccountEdge users can track sales commissions for employees and select if commission is earned at time of sale or time of payment.

Time Billing

Users that bill for time can enter and edit activity slips, time sheets and easily create time billing invoices. Users can bill customers for those activities by a fixed billing rate per employee or customer or bill by a custom rate for each activity. Manage the Activities List by billable and non-billable activities as well as hourly and non-hourly charges.


The Purchases command center is where all vendor related tasks are handled. Users can enter vendor quotes, orders, and bills; print or email payment notifications and purchase orders; pay bills; print checks; and prepare and print 1096 and 1099 forms.


The Payroll command center within AccountEdge contains all options necessary to run payroll, print paychecks, prepare direct deposits, pay liabilities and even prepare payroll tax forms. Users can begin by entering timesheets, similar to the Time Billing command center, and can then use those timesheets to prepare and run payroll.

The data entered on the timesheets is used to calculate the number of hours to be paid to an employee, and then the data entered on the individual employee cards will determine what deductions, accruals, and pay rates will be used to determine the final paycheck amount.


AccountEdge’s Inventory command center is where users can handle all inventory related tasks including creating new items, receiving items from orders, moving items between locations, adjusting and counting inventory, setting item prices, building item kits, and setting up product variations.

With Product Variations, AccountEdge can take a single item and then create the variation items based on size, color, style, etc. AccountEdge users can also keep track of product serial numbers and warranty information directly within the software.

Users can use the Auto-Build Items option to create item kits to be sold as a single unit. For example, a coffee shop can sell a basket of assorted coffee and a coffee press. Instead of listing these as individual items on an invoice, the user can show a single, final good on the invoice and still carry the costs of each item over to the final price on the invoice.

Card File

The Card File within AccountEdge acts as the hub for contact management within the program. The Cards Lists contains every contact within the user’s Company File. Contacts are broken down into four different card types: Lead, Customer, Vendor, Employee and Personal Cards.

The Reminder Log lets users set reminders for specific cards. When the selected time arrives, the reminder will appear on AccountEdge’s To Do List, prompting the user to carry out whatever action was setup as a Reminder.

Reports and Analysis

With over 200 reports, AccountEdge can help any small business owner keep on top of every aspect of their business. This includes standard financial statements, sales, purchases, payroll and inventory reports, and more. All easily exported to Excel, save as a PDF, or capable of being emailed.

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  • AccountEdge Pro offer advanced features to small business users such as multiple currency support and multiple-warehouse inventory support.

  • AccountEdge Pro is ideal for managing a small business. It includes everything you would expect a good accounting solution to include, plus a few extras for helping you manage your day-to-day tasks.

  • AccountEdge Pro remains one of my favorite small business accounting applications. Its true double-entry accounting backend make it the best tool for tracking and reporting your business’ financial health.

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User Reviews

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    Charles Pirollet

    We have been using AccountEdge for over 10 years, and we feel this software has been able to follow us in our growth. The software is perfectly suited for small businesses however I am not sure what it would be worth in a large scale organization. This package allows you to accomplish many tasks in a single interface, very handy for centralizing the management of your company's finances.

    Pros :

    • User-friendly.
    • The program is well-organized and laid out making it easy to find what you are looking for.
    • Easy to customize, there are loads of templates available.
    • The software lets you customize and adapt them to your specific needs.
    • It's one of the most popular accounting package, which means it has a huge community to support it when facing difficulties.
    • If you have any problem or question, you can browse the forums to find experienced help quickly
    • Using this software is often times less expensive than hiring a professional accountant, of course, this depends on the scale of all of your needs and size of your organization.
    • It is available as a basic local software package or monthly subscription. It's possible to manage different types of users with different roles and permissions.
    • This is very attractive when you manage an organization with multiple people accessing the software. You are able to run payroll in house which is easily done through the payroll module.
    • Print physical checks or direct deposit to employee's account.
    • There is a mobile version of AccountEdge that is well made.

    AccountEdge is a good product, but there is definitely room for improvement. The basic package doesn't feed most of everyone's needs. The User Interface works but is not very pleasing to the eyes. The Mac version needs to be improved, at the moment it does not support all the features that Windows offers.

    Cons :

    • AccountEdge is a good product, but there is definitely room for improvement.
    • The basic package doesn't feed most of everyone's needs.
    • The User Interface works but is not very pleasing to the eyes.
    • The Mac version needs to be improved, at the moment it does not support all the features that Windows offers.

    • November 27, 2015
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