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How to Find the Best Budgeting Software

Budgeting software is not new. Many of the best options are several years old, and people have been using spreadsheets to track their spending for even longer. Still, every year there are scores of people who are new to discovering how useful budgeting services can be or simply have to start budgeting better in order to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Others who already use a budgeting program may not be getting as much value as they could be and should try to find a new program that better suits their needs.

There are many different types of software for tracking your finances. They come with different features and sometimes even different philosophies. For example, there are some services that will automatically track your spending, and other services that make you manually input expenses because they believe that will give you better awareness of how you are using your money. Amongst all these different capabilities and extras offered by the different products, a few core features will help you differentiate the best software from the rest.

Budgeting and Organization of Financial Data

Every service should have the basic ability to set and plan your budget, but some programs will give you greater levels of control in doing so. Some services use a calendar template to help you set very long-term budgets, and others use an array of tables and graphs. You might want to use software that lets you create customized tables and graphs if you want to visually compare spending by month or by group, such as gas money vs. public transportation fees. There is no method that is always best, and it is up to your own personal preferences regarding how you want to organize your financial data and your budget.

Bill Pay

Some of the best services also have features that help you pay your credit card and other monthly bills. Some are able to anticipate future bills when you are setting your budgets, and others let you set reminders, so that you pay your bills on time. Some programs will even go a step further and can pay your utility bills directly and automatically. This can help save you time and also prevent you from accidentally forgetting to pay your bills one month.

Instant Tracking of Expenses

Although some services are philosophically opposed to automated tracking of spending, there are many services that offer it because of its convenience. These services can track your bank deposits and withdrawals, debit card and credit card purchases, and even investments and retirement funds. This is especially useful for someone who has several bank accounts or has multiple investments. With this feature, you can quickly check all your finances in one place on your computer or phone.

Services that don’t offer instant tracking of expenses do so because they want you to be very cognizant of every expense. By having to individually enter each expense, they hope to give you a more cost-conscious mentality. Depending on your situation and how you spend your money, this might be a better approach for you, even though it is less convenient.

Tutorials and Tips

While some budgeting software will simply track expenses but not tell you how you should be spending your money, there are other services that are much more hands-on. They offer tutorials, tips, and training to help you budget better and make better financial decisions. Using these products, you will be able to take online classes focused on specific topics you are interested in. These features may be very useful to you if you need a lot of financial guidance or if you are trying to learn about new ways to invest and save your money.

Group Budgeting

Another feature that could possibly be useful is group budgeting. This feature is mostly used by people who live with multiple roommates. With these products, you can track and organize shared expenses and utilities and minimize disagreements about who paid what. Some of these software products can even connect to each person’s individual bank accounts and automate the shared paying of bills.


Regardless of what software you decide to use and what features you think will be most valuable to you, you must always make sure you are using software that is very secure. As this service will have access to bank information, credit cards, and your most personal financial data, you need to verify that this information will be safe. Fortunately, all of the vendors realize how important security is, and most of the best software programs have very high security standards. Whenever you use a web-based service there will be some risk, but with budget software the risk is usually minimal. Using Cloudswave to browse different options available and see which are rated most highly, you will be able to identify which products are trustworthy and which have the best features.

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