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An Introduction to Business Plan Software

Just like every mighty oak started as nothing but an acorn, every business has to start from humble beginnings too. If you’re just starting a company, you probably know all about this. While you have dreams of grandeur, right now you have to pay your dues. This covers a number steps, of course, but one you can’t afford to skip is creating a business plan. Doing so has almost always been essential to a successful operation. Fortunately, these days, you can use business plan software to help with the task. Put together a quality business plan and you’ll be on the path to creating a quality company.

What is Business Plan Software?

Business plans can take on all kinds of forms, but they all have a few things in common. For the most part, business plans are like a guide you make for yourself that will take you from the present moment to success. It involves assessing your starting point and outlining your goals. Usually, you’ll write out just about everything that has to do with your company: what product or service you’ll provide, how you’ll do it, how much you’ll charge, how much overhead you’ll have, how many employees you’ll have, etc.

In many ways, your business plan also serves as a guide for others. Need investors? They’ll expect to see a business plan that tells them why your company is a solid investment.

With business plan software, then, you’re leveraging technology to create this important document. However, this software is usually developed knowing full well that every business is going to have its own plan, meaning customization isn’t a problem.

One of the nice things about business plan software is that it helps keep you on task. It’s much like tax filing software in that regard. The platforms take an otherwise complicated task, breaks it down into bite-sized portions and tells you everything you need to do to get to the next step.

Unlike tax software, though, there’s no one way to do a business plan. There are certainly “best practices”, so to speak, but you can essentially create your plan however you see fit.

Major Goals of Business Plan Software

The major goal of this kind of software is to help you create a business plan without outside help. There was once a time when most people had to get help from a professional to create a business plan. Your average person didn’t understand all the steps involved or what an investor would want to see. Now, business plan software makes this all clear.

Speaking of which, clarity is definitely an important goal of business plan software. Going back to our tax software comparison, it would be very easy to get lost when trying to create your first business plan. This would be extremely frustrating as well. For this reason, these platforms will speak in laymen terms and even offer you examples of what might go in each section of the plan.

If you’re creating a business plan to, at least in part, attract investors, software will be extremely helpful. One of the points of using a platform is that it will help make your business plan look professional. Trying to create one on a word processor just doesn’t have the same finishing touch. When it comes to asking for money, every detail is an important one.

Lastly, some versions will actually help out with some of the math involved with starting a business. Trying to create and populate a balance sheet on your own for the first time can be next to impossible. Other equations involved with a prospectus can be equally intimidating.

Choosing the Right Option for Your Company

You really can’t go wrong with business plan software. The only problem you’ll run into is staying away from free versions you can find online. Unless you are creating a plan literally for your eyes only, this kind of business plan software just won’t do the trick. It’s far too simple and lacks the professional look. It also won’t come with any helpful features. It’s about as bare-bones as it gets, though, again, that might be fine if you’re the only one who’s going to see this business plan.

Some versions feature business plan templates specific to industries, which can be helpful. Otherwise, just look for one that will really do a good job of walking you through creating the plan each step of the way. Many will offer you examples of business plans too, which can be a huge help.

Ongoing support is phenomenal as well. Remember, creating a business plan is just the start. Going forward, you’ll need all kinds of tools to keep your company going strong.

Business plan software is an essential resource when you’re in the early days of your business. Creating a business plan doesn’t need to be difficult, but it does have to be done.


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