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Asset Management

It’s becoming more important than ever for businesses to invest in asset management software. Whether it’s a large corporation or a small business, it is critical that owners and managers are able to carefully and accurately track and evaluate all of their assets. Corporations face increasing levels of complexity, and the myriad of additional compliance requirements and regulations have created not just a change in quantity, but also a change in kind. Companies must now devote serious resources to asset management and compliance or they risk the costs and penalties of having to raise standards and meet compliance later. Fortunately, the market has created a wealth of software aimed specifically at helping businesses manage their assets more effectively.

There are a few major types of asset management software, and depending on the business only some may be relevant and necessary. There is also the possibility that a business would need to employ more than one of these types of programs in order to best manage all of their different types of assets.

Many corporations now use dozens of different software programs with complex contracts and licensing agreements. In order to navigate all of this as well as maintain compliance, many corporations have found it necessary to begin using services that specifically manage these software assets. These programs will help keep you informed and knowledgeable about all the different licensing agreements you are operating under as well as when they expire and renew. The larger a company becomes, with multiple offices in different states and countries, the more complex this accounting and compliance will be, and this type of product becomes even more necessary. Though it can sometimes be quite expensive, the cost of failing an audit can be much worse.

IT Asset Management

This type of service incorporates all the functions of software asset management, but will also include managing hardware. Hardware includes the physical technology resources such as computers, servers and networks. These are often some of the most expensive procurements in a business and also cost large sums to maintain and repair. It is extremely important for all businesses to procure well, maintain, and plan for the full lifecycle of these assets. Even small businesses that do not have their own physical servers on location will invest in computers and other hardware, so this type of service is extremely important regardless of your business’s size.

Fixed Asset Management

Also known as inventory asset management, this type of software will help you track all of your company’s or office’s inventory. While it can include computers and other technological assets, it will also include desks, chairs, and all the other mundane items that offices require. These types of items may not seem expensive, but these costs can add up quickly. Moreover, with the right software and a good attention to detail you can minimize waste and cut costs. Instead of spending money on new office chairs, your company would be much better off if it can save money on your fixed assets and direct cash towards more business-oriented objectives.

As a company, you may be accountable to government agencies, executive boards, investors, auditors, and others. It’s important that you have the resources and tools to accurately and consistently account for all of your physical assets. These types of software will also help tremendously with calculating depreciation of assets which will assist you in tax preparation and financial reporting.

Real Estate Management

Related to fixed asset management, real estate management software specifically is made for those who maintain large real estate portfolios. Whether your portfolio consists of office and commercial buildings or multi-family homes, it’s important that you keep a watchful eye and manage all your properties effectively. With the downturn in real estate over the last decade, everyone is more hesitant when it comes to evaluating and holding on to real estate assets. There is still a lot of potential for profit, but the risks are understood better than they were in the past. The market has slowly improved and has become more predictable in the last few years, but that does not mean that careful management and accounting is no longer necessary.

These types of programs will also let you see the revenue and performance of your properties and easily make comparisons by month, year, or between properties. Having all of this historic data of your properties readily available can be extremely helpful and will help you make better financial decisions and forecasts into the future.

Financial Asset Management

Finally, there is asset management software for explicitly managing financial assets such as stocks, funds, bonds, and other investments. These programs can be extremely useful for professional asset managers, financial analysts, and portfolio managers. At the same time, if you would like more visibility into your personal investments, this software can be scaled down to help you keep track of your own investments.

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