Frequently Asked Questions

Cloudswave is a business software directory originally created in 2012 by Reda and Brams Sedrati, two entrepreneurs and technology afficionados with a vision. At first, Cloudswave was designed as a website exclusively for business software deals, but given the high demand for proper guidance during the software selection process, Cloudswave quickly adapted to fill the gap in the market. Soon enough, user could find software recommendations, comparison engine, whitepapers, along with the usual exclusive deals, coupons and free consultations that would make their business life easier. Learn more about the Cloudswave Team.
As you’re surfing through Cloudswave, you’ve certainly come across the little green boxes with numbers next to each software listed. As you may have guessed, those are not random. You were basically looking at the Cloudswave Scores for each of the software products listed.

It’s a new scoring system that takes into consideration the scores gathered from expert reviews, as well as the social indicators of the software in question.

For each Saas, business software and web application featured on Cloudswave, our team members carefully select reliable and unbiased external expert reviews, assign appreciations to them, convert these appreciations into scores and apply a weighted average to summarize the extent of their opinions. The final score also takes into account factors such as the quality of the review source, the time factor (i.e. the date of the review), the Moz Domain Authority, among other things.

Learn more about the Cloudswave Score.
Our team contacts each merchant individually to negotiate the maximum exclusive deals and coupons for our visitors. You can visit our Cloudswave Deals and our Cloudswave Digital Gifts page and browse by category.
You can either take advantage of a deal for your own needs or offer a digital gifts to your family and friends, which you can personalize with special cards and/or your own message. Cloudswave’s Digital Gifts section includes software and applications that are “less professional” and “more fun” that you can send your loved ones at discounted prices.
As long as the voucher is not redeemed, we provide a 30-day money back guarantee.
Yes, absolutely. Your credit card number is transmitted by SSL directly to a secure electronic vault, and the little 'padlock' icon in your browser address bar confirms this. At no time is your credit card information stored on our servers.

Moreover, our selected payment gateway technology for credit card processing is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1, the most stringent level of certification available and our Paypal account is verified.
You are entitled to points for contributing to Cloudswave: completing your profile, writing a review, buying a deal and when friends or colleagues accept your invitation to to join us and purchase a deal. Your point total can be exchanged for Cloudswave Credits that can be used to purchase Deals or Digital Gifts we offer. Keep in mind that your contribution is greatly appreciated and will certainly assist others looking to buy the same business software as you.
The Cloudswave Awards is an event that occurs at the end of each year where we attribute Badges to the best software listed on Cloudswave across different categories, based on their Cloudswave Scores.

Learn more about the Cloudswave Awards.
It is important that user reviews posted on Cloudswave are coming from professionals who are current or past users of the software they are reviewing. This helps to filter out spammers and autobots and provides a better overall user experience for both software buyers and software vendors. That is why we encourage you to sign in via Linkedin to leave user reviews by attributing more points to reviews submitted via Linkedin.

Signing in with your Linkedin account is safe and secure. Linkedin will only be used as a verification tool.
Your privacy is our priority.
Indeed, you will have the option to stay anonymous if you so wish. The Linkedin sign-in is merely a way for Cloudswave to verify that the user leaving a review is not a competitor of the software in question, a spammer, or an autobot.