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About SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world's leading social sound platform where anyone can create sounds and share them everywhere.

Recording and uploading sounds to SoundCloud lets people easily share them privately with their friends or publicly to blogs, sites and social networks.

It takes just a click to share sounds to Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and Foursquare.

SoundCloud can be accessed using the official iPhone and Android apps, as well as hundreds of creation and sharing apps built on the SoundCloud platform.

SoundCloud offers free accounts to amateur creators, with more advanced users able to upgrade to premium accounts for advanced features like statistics, controlled distribution and custom branding.

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  • Upload 3 hours total
  • Count plays, likes, comments, and downloads



  • Upload 6 hours total
  • Count plays, likes, comments, and downloads
  • See who's playing your tracks and in which countries you're most popular
  • Post in Quiet Mode
  • Spotlight your tracks and playlists on your profile

Pro Unlimited


  • Upload unlimited tracks
  • Count plays, likes, comments, and downloads
  • See who's playing your tracks and in which countries and cities you're most popular
  • Know from which pages, apps, and social networks your tracks are being played
  • Post in Quiet Mode
  • Spotlight your tracks and playlists on your profile
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Critic Reviews

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  • Soundcloud is a great music and audio sharing website analogous to Youtube. It can hook you up on music for hours to come. In all, Soundcloud is a great cloud streaming service. Jusact go ahead, sign up and start listening to the music right away!

  • If regular audio hosting is a core necessity of your website then there are plenty of nice sharing options for you and they have useful apps for iPhone and android, in that case $9 a month for the unlimited option will not break the bank, and you will get classy somewhat customisable audio players for your website.

  • SoundCloud is a useful online music and sound sharing tool for anyone who needs to share audio files. With SoundCloud, users can easily send audio tracks and any kind of music to people. If a person creates a track, it is easy to distribute the file with SoundCloud. There are no file limits and download statistics are available. For those who want to transfer, receive and distribute files without any hassles, SoundCloud is a useful web app to have.

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User Reviews

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    Christian Scarlett

    SoundCloud is one of the bigger music sharing networks out there on the internet and has something to offer for all music lovers regardless of their position. Aspiring artists can use this great platform (often in conjunction with other platforms) to get their music out there and heard by the wider world. With premium options available to the artist if they want to gain access to more benefits of the service and spread their work further.

    The cost of which is relatively inexpensive and comes in the form of two subscription packages (Pro/Pro Unlimited). The differences of each vary but in general remove upload limits, provide geolocation data for listeners, and keep track of what resources on the web are playing your tracks. Conversely music enthusiasts get free listening access to hundreds of thousands of audio tracks with the ability to like tracks, repost tracks, or create public playlists of their favourite songs.

    Most significantly listeners can share their feedback and praise for the artist’s work by commenting in real-time while listening to tracks. In some cases, listeners will also use the service to upload their own conversations or recordings that need to be shared with a friend/client – usually in the form of announcements or public interviews meant for an outside audience to hear.

    One more asset SoundCloud has is that thanks to its focus on social networking, often very niche sometimes underground genres emerge. Genres that are usually exclusive to SoundCloud, or grow and can mainly be found there. This attracts users in some cases and has come about due to the site’s community-based structure. The service as a whole is very attractive but like anything is not without its flaws.

    Repetitive technical problems although usually solved in the end are not uncommon and can be expected from time to time; both for artists and listeners alike. Poor support for some features of SoundCloud are evident in the mobile versions of the platform too (i.e. the SoundCloud apps).

    Lacking the user messaging function found on the desktop site, and trimming down on much of the features from the latter. Despite this or any inconveniences, many rely on the site to promote their material, while listeners enjoy finding new diverse tunes and genres to add to their collections.

    Pros :

    • Base version for artists is free for 3 hours of upload in total - with tracking of play count, likes, comments, and downloads.
    • Pro subscription packages are on offer to remove and extend the limitations.
    • Listeners can listen to tracks for free indefinitely and have the ability to express their love or feedback for an artist’s work.
    • Social networking allows new music genres and communities to form and flourish.

    Cons :

    • Significant technical problems that affect the running of the service are not unheard of.
    • The mobile apps for users are missing features found on the main desktop site - need more work but getting better over time.

    • March 22, 2016
  • User review from

    Shannon McNamara

    Soundcloud is incredible. It offers the variety and unique music choices that Pandora and Spotify lack. Also, the ability to see what people in real time are thinking/saying on the exact song you are listening to is fantastic. It feels much more real and creative listening to music this way.

    Pros :

    • The wide variety of songs on there from all kinds of different genres.

    Cons :

    • Sometimes the website bugs up - certain songs won't play despite a strong internet connection, etc.

    • January 4, 2016
  • User review from

    melisa hardings

    What is there not to say about SoundCloud. It is almost a complete package which brings together the taste of music to their fanatics. To start off with, I myself am a music enthusiast and often listen to the biggest hits around the world. We are able to do what we were always enticed about; we are able to listen what people all around the globe are listening to, unless they have privacy concerns and make private their details. We can view others' playlists and even tune into their songs. Almost all categories of songs are there including some custom-made genres. The quality of music offered is extremely pleasant and studio quality (320 kbps). The main concept of the application is to ease sharing of music. Other than just professional music, we are able to upload our own songs or even audio clips and they are available for others to see. The process is really simple, and it also enables people to lend an ear to. They can share the related song(s) to as many social media sites to taste. The Graphical User Interface it offers is quite unique on its own with white background and the majestic orange as an ambiance. The part which is different is yet to come with its soundwave patterns on each music file. We see orange waveforms on each song we play which is simply a digital persona of the analogue sound wave. We can share the songs on different websites such as Facebook or Twitter or even Google Plus and it really is handy. The features grow as you come out from free to pro unlimited from 3 hours of limited playback to unlimited playback of music.

    Pros :

    • Free version available. Appealing interface with orange waveforms.
    • The sound can be embedded on to any website.

    Cons :

    • The free version has very limited playback.
    • The songs cannot be downloaded.

    • December 12, 2015
  • User review from

    angelina olsin

    SoundCloud is a  great web app that allows its users to move, share and listen to music. We can receive music easily with minimal effort and time. There is no need for audio files to download one can just play and hear them. SoundCloud is an amazing social sound platform where anyone can create his own sounds and share them.

    It is also a legal music sharing website. We can drag and drop files into DropBoxes to send files to anyone with a SoundCloud account. If you are Searching for soundscapes? Underground recordings? Live sounds from distant sands? Electro to blow your mind? Latest in trending musical forms? You'll find the good, best, bad, and ugly. Navigate the social network of active listeners and you'll discover your next obsession. SoundCloud also allows the access through apps on iPhone and Android.

    Pros :

    • We can upload your audio and embed a pretty player on your website. We can save tracks, follow artists and build playlists.
    • All for free.
    • A music or sound inbox is provided where users can listen to file.

    Cons :

    • No offline mode available.

    • November 7, 2015
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