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  • Sage Peachtree is better...not easier

    I have used both for several years. There is no question that Sage/Peachtree is not as "user-friendly" as Quickbooks...at least for the first month or two. But as you begin to actually understand accounting and your bookkeeping goes on and on you discover some very frightening things about Quickbooks. They put everything onto one, big, gigantic database-unlike almost every other accounting system in the world. That has several disadvantages but the biggest is why quickbooks has a nickauthor..."slowbooks". If you complain loudly enough they will recommend you "start over" after a year or two by opening a new company for the new year. Their constant ads are something you can live with. But what if you've had quickbooks for 4 or 5 years and you want to put it on another computer because your older computer blew up? Sorry. You'll have to get the latest version. At least with peachtree that is not an issue (if you saved all 3 of the registration numbers needed). My biggest complaint about quickbooks, though, is that it lets you do anything you want. That sounds good for somethings. It's not good for accounting. Peachtree makes it harder to go off track (although you can certainly mess up your peachtree books as well). Another thing I like about peachtree (for me) is that the fonts are bigger and they don't try to put everything on one page. Quickbooks has tiny font but you can certainly see lots of stuff on every page. I really dislike quickbooks reports which also have tiny fonts but that is personal preference.

    Pros : Usually lower in price. It doesn't try to hide the "debits and credits" as much as quickbooks does. In the long run that is a good thing. You will learn real accounting much quicker with peachtree than quickbooks (and you should learn it anyway).

    Cons : Peachtree is not as popular as quickbooks so there are not as many "3rd party add ons" available. If there is some particular 3rd party add on you need to use and only quickbooks has it then the decision is made for you.

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    Sage Peachtree - Great Alternative to Quickbooks

    Hi have used Quickbooks for many years until someone recommended to me Peachtree. It is actually a very complete accounting solution and I think that even a junior accountant would be able to use this tool immediately.

    Pros : Easy to use Complete Solution Sage Advisor

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  • PhotoSnack offers a nice balance of customizable features and ease of use. It lacks some of the fine-tuned controls that Wondershare’s DVD Slideshow Builder includes, but offers more control than many of Smilebox’s templates allow. And its points-based payment system will appeal to casual users.

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  • PhotoSnack provides tools for easily sharing photo slideshows online. With email links, direct links, and embeddable html code, it is easy to provide access for others to view users’ slideshows. Anyone wishing to share photos via email, social networking, blog, or website can easily utilize any of the options.

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