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  • PhotoXpress is the first project to make use of Fotolia’s Free Photos API which is still in active development. They’re receiving a lot of feedback and making constant changes. If PhotoXpress proves successful, we can expect to see Fotolia’s free photos becoming available at a variety of sources.

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  • It would be a bit of an exaggeration to call this site a watershed for microstock, but I'm certain a lot of people in the industry are watching this. For more of my thoughts on free stock images read my post "free microstock photos". PhotoXpress is a good example of a site attracting visitors with a collection of some 600k free images and then offering a couple of options to convert these visitors into paying customers i.e. either a very low cost subscription to obtain more images or selling them up to a full priced subscription similar to that offered at fotolia itself.

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  • PhotoXpress is a high quality, royalty-free image bank that offers free digital images and illustrations to creative professionals. Our trusted network of photographers and partners continue to build the PhotoXpress image bank each and every day. Images from our collection may be used in brochures, advertisements, magazines, websites, etc. It will be beneficial to industry hands and regular people that need to use pictures for their professional and personal works.

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