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  • When Kigo became a No-go

    Kigo has newly been taken over by the American company Realpage and that is not an advantage for the clients. We have been clients for over a year and suddenly they raised their prices. I complained as Kigo didnt made any improvements to the existing software! So I had a phone call from a Sales Manager who promised me that we would be up runing in 90 days with the New Kigo. He really convinced me about this new product and I accepted the new prices too. But nothing happened and after 70 days I contacted my Account Manager and she had no idea about this. But she also inform me that I needed to buy a new website for the price of 4000 ´?¢ (a very important detail that the Sales Manager forgot to tell me when he was selling the New Kigo) We lost a lot of time because of this horrible customers service. Furthermore they sacked the Account & Sales Manager and the Sales Director admitted that Kigo made a big mistake and that they have been understaffed. But at the end of the day they didnt take responsability for their mistakes. Our case went to their "Top Management" and they declined to give us any reduction for their mistakes. The product is good, but they completely lost it when it comes to customers service and therefor Kigo is a No-go for us.

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    Too many problems and expensive

    No software is perfect but this one was a big disappointment. It was clearly designed by someone who doesn't know how vacation rentals and property management work and needs. The few good ideas they have they don't work properly. It seems a very good software but in the end its not and very expensive. They take a huge amount of time to solve problems, specially the financial department and Tech Department. If you're in Europe like me this software is not for you. Invoices are not available or sent to you, you have to request them . There is no report available for you to confirm if the amount being charged is correct or not, and even if you ask for it they don't send it to you. They will contact directly your clients and owners without warning which causes a great confusion and conflict. I do not recommend this software.

    Pros : The support I received was good and fast in what they could solve, unfortunately I had to contact them almost every day. It's easy to use and to create reservations. You have a few choices of templates to use in your website.

    Cons : They do not teach you how to use the software. You have to learn on your own. Basic reports are missing like occupation rates per month or per property. Most of the channels announced either are not there or they are coming soon. The few channels you can activate it's the client who does all the work and sometimes the customer support on the channels they don't know what you're talking about. It takes a long time to activate any channel and the process is tiring and confusing. The ical calend

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    most comprehensive and easy to use system on the market

    Highly recommend Kigo! Great in-depth platform, yet very easy to use. Wonderful customer service as well - a real partnership. The Kigo Channel Manager has helped me get many more bookings while I actually do less work because automatically keeps all my availability calendars up to date everywhere - a real time saver!

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