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  • The FitOrbit system isn't perfect. I'm still not totally on the same page as my trainer concerning the amount of time I have available to exercise. But it does work. In fact I've signed up for three more months to help me get ready for swimsuit season.

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  • FitOrbit is just another fitness and dieting website that claims to add personalization. The menus and exercise workouts are created from recipes and workouts already in the FitOrbit system. Dieters can log into SparkPeople.com and achieve the same result at no cost. Paying $40 a month for computerized results is simply a waste of money. The dieter could save that money for a gym membership with pool access and free classes and gain much more personalized results

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  • FitOrbit is an impressive service. I like how they give you tremendous control over the entire process, how you get to choose your own trainer, and how the plan that this trainer creates for you is updated and tweaked continuously. Indeed, I believe that practically every goal can be achieved with such a service.

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  • If you are looking for a place where you need to have a trainer, but you don’t have the money, this website is helpful. If you want to have your trainer in front of your face twenty four seven, then this website is for you. However, you are not allowed to have in-person contacts with them.
    Overall, this website is a perfect fitness vehicle for anyone is trying to stay on a low budget. Just prepared to sweat a whole lot once you start.

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  • I believe that Fit Orbit is a service that can prove to be a great solution for busy people who don't want to spend all that money on a physical trainer. That downside to this service is that you need to be responsible enough to go online and actually mark down your progress, checking the action steps that you took and those you didn't take. This is something not everyone will feel comfortable doing, but it's not a big hassle either. If you want a more personal connection than an online program can give you, then Fit Orbit may be the solution for you.

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  • FitOrbit is an online personal training service that pairs you with a personal trainer who can best help meet your health and fitness goals. Just be aware that communication is all online rather than face-to-face interaction and be prepared to track your progress and share this information with your trainer.

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  • Online fitness services come with a variety of specialties, but FitOrbit is the best for bringing together expertise, exercise and diet in a friendly and approachable manner that will keep you motivated. With dedicated personal trainers, a wide range of exercise and diet options, and daily interaction, FitOrbit is an excellent choice if you are looking for online help to lose weight and get into shape.

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