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  • With its user-friendly interface and multiple features, Audials One truly is a useful application that you can rely on to record and save songs or videos to your computer.

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  • Overall, Audials One remains our favorite application for all our entertainment needs. The latest version is a very good and is worth the upgrade. If you have recently joined the Windows 8 community you will surely need to upgrade to the tenth generation of the program as Audials One 9 offers very limited operation on Windows 8.

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  • Downloading music, lots of music, was never that easy. I have seen a lot of programs in the past that made it possible to download music from the Internet but not one was as sophisticated as Audials One. The ability to search for music, the automatic conversions, plugin system, creation of different favorite groups and the customization surrounding the recording of multiple Internet stations at once is superb. The software is ideal for users who want to grow their music collection, and for collectors who have a hard time finding music that they have been looking for a long time.

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  • Should you Download Audials Enjoy Radio Music? Audials is without doubt a top-notch Internet radio app. From the sheer volume of accessible radio stations and the slew of brilliantly handy features, it stands out as a superb app that should be of interest to any Internet radio fan. Added features such as track history, zapping, minimum bit rate search and the record function really makes it stand out. Audials is free and, if you’re into radio, this is an absolute must-have.

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  • AudialsOne is a very useful program for discovering new music. It's rather pricy at present, though, due to the terrible Euro exchange rate. Its poorly designed interface is frustrating to use too, so it's only really for dedicated music fans that are determined enough to put up with its flaws.

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  • RapidSolution Software's Audials One has a plethora of useful programs that integrate well to provide a seamless and well-rounded product. Its main target audience is obviously people who are interested in downloading free music and video. With the inclusion of Tunebite, the Audials One product will appeal to any user that has the need to convert file formats or wants to break free from the restrictions of DRM copy protection. For the more organized sort of person, the music library organizer (Tagrunner) and CD burning tool will surely delight. The minor complaint with Audials One is that it would be nice to see Videoraptor support more than just one Internet browser. Not everyone likes Internet Explorer and this may put some people off. Overall, Audials One is a stellar product that represents excellent value for money and is highly recommended for both music and video fans alike.

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