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Audials One provides you with the best entertainment - quickly and for free! Many easy-to-use options. Audials Windows software hooks you up with Music-and-more, Streaming, Universal Converter, as well as a Media Center. There are 14 different function areas in the software.

Music-and-more hooks you up with free music and entertainment from your favorite radio and TV stations from
all around the Internet

Thousands of Internet radio stations and intelligent direct Internet searches help Audials fulfill all of your music wishes. 10,000,000 songs are available as MP3s with a single mouse click. For a change, mix it up with Podcasts or Music TV.

Streaming lets you save music and movies from websites and pay-services

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  • With its user-friendly interface and multiple features, Audials One truly is a useful application that you can rely on to record and save songs or videos to your computer.

  • Overall, Audials One remains our favorite application for all our entertainment needs. The latest version is a very good and is worth the upgrade. If you have recently joined the Windows 8 community you will surely need to upgrade to the tenth generation of the program as Audials One 9 offers very limited operation on Windows 8.

  • Downloading music, lots of music, was never that easy. I have seen a lot of programs in the past that made it possible to download music from the Internet but not one was as sophisticated as Audials One. The ability to search for music, the automatic conversions, plugin system, creation of different favorite groups and the customization surrounding the recording of multiple Internet stations at once is superb. The software is ideal for users who want to grow their music collection, and for collectors who have a hard time finding music that they have been looking for a long time.

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    Maryna Bondarenko

    The Audials One authors set a difficult goal. In their software package, they are willing to unite all the necessary tools for music lovers, moviegoers, and all other connoisseurs of media content. The Audials One can be installed as the desktop application, the Android and iOS app, the app for Windows 8/10, including tablets running this OS. There is also browser-based live-version with limited functionality (only radio, TV and podcasts). In the last release the features regarding the mass recording from radio stations were improved. Now the user gets more information from the stations, including news feeds, news of the artists from social networks. The radio timer here is great. It allows to record radio shows and even to wake the computer to start automatic recording. Moreover, you can have several such timers. Each station has the News tab. If the station has a news feed in social networks, it will be loaded automatically. Here is also a black list for the radio stations. If you don’t like the station you can add it to the blacklist, and it will disappear from the lists and from the search.

    One of the prominent Audials One features is artist directory. It is the result of really great work of developers. The software analyzes the database and remembers millions of albums. When the user adds the new artist or genre to the list, it will appear like the planets in the Solar system around the Sun. This will demonstrate the leaders of the music style and the like artists. This is made truly fantastic, and a wow effect is assured.

    Pros :

    • 10 million mp3 tracks, 1 million 870 thousand albums are available from artists from license base More than 100 thousand radio stations.
    • The ability to record in real time while watching/listening to music, movies, TV series and movies in good quality.
    • Converter which supports 85 file formats and more than 80 profiles of different devices.

    Cons :

    • Pricey.
    • Slow recording.

    • January 12, 2016
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