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An Introduction to Online Video Software

One of the coolest advancements we’ve seen in the digital world over the past five years or so is that anyone can create a video, upload it and have millions see it, just like that. Sites like YouTube have made online videos available to everyone and have even become a central tool for businesses. Online videos, often made by complete amateurs, have also replaced many traditional forms of media, especially a lot of those on television. If you’d like to join this revolution, you just need a webcam and an Internet connection. However, to make quality videos people will actually want to watch, you need the right online video software.

What is Online Video Software?

This is actually a bit of an umbrella term, as there are all kinds of online video software. The most common form, though, is the type that allows you to edit the video you took before uploading it to the World Wide Web.

Without this type of software, you’d have to shoot an entire video in one shot. This would greatly limit what you’d be able to do. It would also be incredibly frustrating to deal with interruptions, background noise or bad acoustics. There are plenty of examples online of videos done like this and none of them are especially inspiring.

As we just touched on, sound is hugely important to your video. In fact, many would argue that it’s just as important as the visual aspect. If you’re literally trying to just convey a message or give instruction, as many videos put out by companies do, then getting the sound right is essential.

Having a good microphone will make a big difference, of course, but don’t discount what online video software can do too. It will allow you to do voiceovers and touch-up anywhere the sound isn’t perfect. You can insert music and sound effects wherever you like too.

Would you like to add graphics or text to your video? Maybe you want to display the phone number and address of your business. You also might want to add a title and credits to your short film. Without the right software, this is impossible.

You can even add animation and special effects. This is a bit more complicated, but many amateurs have taken the time to learn the ropes and created videos that Hollywood would admire.

Major Goals of Online Video Software

The major goal of video software is essentially to make all of the above possible and easy as it can be. It’s probably fair to say, then, that its major aim is to be as user-friendly as possible. There are definitely platforms out there that are aimed at the seasoned videographer. However, most are hoping to appeal to small business owners, amateur filmmakers and your average Internet user who wants to venture online.

After that, its second goal is to offer as many options as possible. This means allowing you to cut and paste video as necessary, adjust and add sound wherever you like and put graphics where you please. Online video software should supply you with different ways to do all of these things so you’re not limited in your creation.

One hugely important goal of video software is making it simple for you to share your finished result. Obviously, sites like YouTube try to have a streamlined process for uploading. However, after you download the video from your camera or phone to your computer and then open it with software, things can get a bit sticky. Also, you may not want to upload it to YouTube. Perhaps you just want to email it, put it on your website or share it with others in your company. You’re not going to keep an edited video all to yourself, so this software provides a way to get it out into the world.

Choosing the Right Option for You

Start by considering the types of videos you intend to make. Someone who just wants to share their thoughts on politics and upload the video to YouTube will need one type of fairly basic software. However, you may have something grander in mind. Maybe you want to create a short film with special effects. Perhaps you want to generate sales videos with slick transitions and plenty of text.

The type of video you want to create will determine the software you need. For those who are new to online video creation, though, it might be wise to go with a simple option. Too many bells and whistles could leave you bogged down and frustrated. Gain some experience using a simple platform and you’ll be ready for something more challenging within a year.

Online video software is a key tool for playing a bigger role on the World Wide Web. While you’ll have to come up with the content, online video software can do the rest.

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