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The Freeware Dilemma: Why Free Software Isn't Always Free

Free project management software, free antivirus software, on and on the list goes. But are you really getting the bang for your buck with free software ? ... More

The Bash Security Flaw: Why Everyone Should Take Notice

First, it was Heartbleed. And then, during the last week of September, Shellshock became a hot topic. Shellshock is a security bug that is a potential threat to millions of computers around the world,... More

Fujitsu launches in cloud security solution for messaging

This blog talks about the newly launched cloud security solution by Fujitsu and how it can be beneficial for the users and what role it can play to be competitive in the market.... More

Emergence of Cloud Based Operating Systems

This blog speaks about the emergence of cloud oeprating systems which are going to be the future operating system and all the traditional systems will get vanished, this also talked about that cloud o... More

Success Stories of Cloud Computing

Here we discuss success stories of a number of organizations of cloud computing adoption. ... More

Emergence of Social Networks & Its Impact on Web Marketing

Its about the emergence of social networking on web marketing and what impact does social networking has on web marketing and explaining it with few examples.... More

How Cloud Computing is Modernizing Education in China

It tells you that how people in china are taking advantage of Cloud Computing and how it is changing thier way of learning as people finds a great potential in Cloud Computing for the learning process... More

Only the tip of the cloud services iceberg has been explored

Cloud based systems can create smarter, more intelligent systems in many sectors including traffic and health.... More

Cloud Based Supercomputers - the Next Big thing

Cloud computing applications are expected to be able to drive supercomputers as the next big revolution in the world of cloud services.... More

Read the Oracle fine print with care

the Oracle cloud delivery policy document contained fine print that granted Oracle many escape routes. Read it with care... More

Cloud based Parasitic Computing can give you new capabilities

Researchers have found a way to exploit the JavaScript handling capabilities of cloud based browsers to get computing power for free... More

Emerging markets gaining most from cloud computing

businesses in emerging economies are reaping the benefits of cloud computing and are getting capabilities that can match global giants... More

How cloud computing changed mobile application development

mobile applications rely largely on the cloud for much of their fantastic capabilities.... More

Cloud Security Alliance gets active to address security issues

Cloud Security Alliance gets active to address security issues, these initiatives make cloud computing safer and more secure, aids a move into the cloud, lowers costs and increases capability... More

Standards are finally emerging in the Cloud Computing world

Cloud Computing vendors are now looking to establish standards and focus on interoperability. The implications for the industry will be enormous. ... More

Cloud Computing: the 4th IT Industrial Revolution!

The pace of technology growth and innovations are occurring at an unparalleled speed in China which would result in the country rising to prominent status as a technology leader.... More

Cloudswave Awards Q2 2016 : Best News & E-Magazines Software

The Cloudswave Awards is a seasonal ranking of the Top 10 business applications across several categories.
This ranking is based on the cloudswave score, the weighted average score that captures the essence of multiple critic reviews into one number.

Find out more about this scoring system

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