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3DS Max is a professional 3D graphic program that helps you make 3D models, animations, and games. The software is used for its modeling capabilities, and it also contain a flexible plugin architecture.

3Ds Max is used by video game developers, commercial tv studios, architectural visualization studios, and movie effects. It has features like dual quaternion skinning, rendering physical camera, support for inventor animation, Easier Revit workflows, camera sequencer, design workspace, and shaderFX improvements.

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  • 3D animation
  • 3D modeling and texturing
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  • Dynamics and effects
  • UI, workflowandpipeline
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    Nikola Banjac

    First time when you encounter with 3D max workspace, it will literally scare the hell out of you. There are 4 views, infinite number of buttons, commands, options, etc... The Good thing is that there are many tutorials and documentation on the net. Also, I highly recommend tutorials on Youtube, they are very easy to follow. BUT, don't be fooled, learning curve is very steep and time-consuming, you will need months and sometimes years to master the using 3D max. Once you master the program it will be able to do literally everything, and I mean EVERYTHING for you, it will be unstoppable. Importing of custom objects and materials is very easy (if you don't want to make them yourself). Also, there are a lot of resources to download online. Older versions were not very stable, sometimes it crashes without any notice and without saving anything, I'm using 2014 release now, and it's pretty stable. Some of the features are hidden, and you must dig really deep in order to find them, but once found they are very useful. Most of all I like animations and animation features, they are easy to learn once you master the basic functionalities.

    Overall impression: 3D max is not easy to learn, but when mastered it offers many things and possibilities that other programs don't.

    Piece of advice: be patient, be persistent, IT WILL PAY OFF.

    Pros :

    • Internet is loaded with custom objects and material libraries.
    • Infinite possibilities with modeling, lightning and materialisation.
    • My opinion: number one software in 3D modeling.
    • Very powerful.
    • Lot of built in object modifiers.
    • Amount of creative freedom 3D max gives you is stunning.
    • You can create really realistic scenes.

    Cons :

    • Consider using professional help for basic learning.
    • Default render engine is not so good, consider using V-ray.
    • Very confusing at the beginning.
    • You need really mean machine in order to everything work properly.
    • Autosave feature sometimes freezes the program for couple of minutes (only with very big and heavy models), just leave it to do his job ;)
    • Licence price is very expensive.

    • May 4, 2016
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