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Udemy is an academic resources platform that allow instructors to build online courses on topics that they like, the platform lets you upload your work videos, PDFs, PowerPoint Presentation, and audio to create courses.

Udemy has courses almost in all interesting topics including Arts, Languages, Music, Entrepreneurship, and Technology. Udemy also focus on businesses and offer them some training course in programming, management and more.

Udemy has over 5 million students using the platform and offers more than 22,000-course alternatives.

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Udemy Review by Cloudswave

There is no doubt that technology has helped to change the world in a number of fascinating ways over the years. In the space of little more than a hundred years, we’ve gone from the horse and buggy to sending probes deep into space. One of the biggest of the technological advancements that have changed the world has been the Internet. It’s made it far easier to connect with people from all around the world in a matter of seconds. It’s changed the way that people find entertainment, shop, and more. It’s also been a fantastic educational tool, and Udemy is making things even better.

What Is Udemy?

Udemy is an online marketplace for a variety of different types of educational courses. In fact, they boast that they currently offer more than 30,000 different courses across a vast range of subjects. They have more than seven million students who have taken online courses through their site with around 24 million course enrollments. The site has over 16,000 instructors as well, and courses are available in more than 80 different languages. The courses are a fantastic way to learn something new, but they have quite a bit more potential than just learning a new skill, as you will see.


One of the nice things about this online course service is that it is available to anyone who has an Internet connection. If you are in the office or at home and need to take a course, you can hop online. If you are on an airplane or sitting in a waiting room, you can take your course if you have a tablet or smartphone that’s connected to the web.


The courses on Udemy are not credentialed for college at the moment. Most of the students who are taking courses through the site are doing so because they want to learn a new skill for their personal life, or they want to learn about a subject that can help them in their work.


Udemy began as an idea in 2007, when the founder, Eren Bali, created software that would act as a live virtual classroom. He moved from Turkey to Silicon Valley and founded the company, finally launching the site in 2010. They saw some success right out of the gate. Within a couple of months, they had 1,000 instructors and more than 2,000 courses. They had around 10,000 registered users. They sought more financing and were able to expand their site to reach more people. In fact, they raised $32 million in Series C funding in May of 2014.


They launched an Apple iOS app in 2013, which allowed users to take classes through their smartphones. In less than a year, the iOS app had more than a million downloads. In 2014, they launched an app for Android. They’ve found that around 20% of their users are actually taking their courses through mobile platforms.  

What Type of Courses Do They Offer?

One of the fantastic things about Udemy is the fact that they have courses that cover a variety of different topics, and they are continuing to grow their offerings. The main categories include Development, Business, IT & Software, Office Productivity, Personal Development, Design, Marketing, Lifestyle, Photography, Health & Fitness, Teacher Training, Music, Academics, Language Learning, and Test Prep.


Once you dive into each of these categories, you will discover a number of subcategories. For example, if you look under the Music category, you will find subcategories for instruments, production, vocals, music fundamentals, music techniques, and more. When you look into the subcategories for Health & Fitness, you will find subcategories for dieting, nutrition, meditation, dance, yoga, sports, and plenty of other topics. Clicking on those will bring you to a variety of different course options, and you then need to find the course that’s right for your learning needs.


They say they have a course for everything, and while that might not be entirely true, they do have a multitude of different courses currently available. As mentioned, they are adding more courses and more instructors all the time. Most people will be able to find a number of courses that interest them or that could help with their work. If you have something that you might like to teach, you may want to consider adding your own course, but we’ll discuss that later in the review.  

What Can You Learn at Udemy?

Most of the users who come to Udemy will be there to learn new skills, and it is a good place to do just that. Given the sheer number of categories and classes available, it should be possible to find several options and class subjects that are of interest. In fact, you may find several courses on the same subject, and that’s where things can get a bit tricky. You need to look at what each of the courses offers, check the individual reviews of the course, if they have any, and compare them to others.


You want to choose the one that’s right for your needs, and that offers a quality learning experience. That’s not always an easy thing to do simply because there are so many options. Most of the courses will give a very good rundown of everything that’s included, and you should always read these sections, and watch any introductory videos. It will help to give you a better idea of what it includes, as well as the likely quality of the content. Don’t buy a course until you are satisfied that it’s the right one for you. Something else to note is that it is impossible to discuss the pricing for the site, as it varies widely by the class and instructor, and it can change quickly.


Take some time to consider a few of the types of things you want to learn, and then search the site to see if they offer something similar. You can use the search bar, browse the latest topics, and explore the site to find something that interests you. For example, if you are planning a trip to France next year, you may want to spend some time learning French. As you might have guessed, they have courses on that.  

Some Users May Want to Consider Teaching

However, you don’t have to use Udemy merely to find online courses to take. What if you have a skill, experience, or some knowledge that you would like to impart? You can actually become an instructor on the site, and eventually, you can make money from your courses. Even if you do not have any experience as a teacher, you still have the chance to become an instructor and to make money. Udemy claims that the average instructor on their site is earning around $7,000. Of course, you have to remember that this number will vary widely because instructors can choose their own fees. It could be higher or much lower.


They do have a pricing tier that instructors are bound to, though. If there are fewer than ten hours of content in the course, the price needs to be under $300. They also recommend that instructors price their courses comparably with other courses being offered for similar topics, a similar teaching style and of a similar length.


If you have an idea, you can turn it into an online course relatively easily. Udemy has some robust course design tools that are very easy to use. They have a number of guidelines that instructors can use as well. These guides include both requirements, such as providing an instructor bio, as well as recommendations, such as including a promo video or using large text that’s easy to read. Following their guidelines can help to improve a course, and is highly recommended. Once you’ve created your course, you have the potential to reach millions of students, given the fact that Udemy is the largest online learning marketplace in the world right now.


You can then earn money from the course, while building your brand and solidifying your experience as an expert in your field. It can be a fun experience, it can provide you with new contacts, and it can actually be a very good move for your business since you can reach people all around the world.


However, you need to makes sure that you actually build the best course possible. One of the complaints that users have regarding some of the courses they’ve taken is that the instructors seemed to spend too much time on marketing to them and not enough time in creating a quality course. This is yet another reason that users need to research the individual courses before they spend their money, and the reason you need to create the best course possible if you are thinking of using Udemy as an instructor.


Those who promote their own course can keep 100% of the revenue they earn, and they can keep 50% of the revenue when they allow Udemy to promote for them. Udemy will take care of all of the customer service, as well as payment processing and hosting fees, and they don’t charge the instructors for any of these services. Instructors will be able to keep all of the rights to their content as well. They also have access to 24/7 support.


Those who want to know more about creating a course for Udemy can actually take the Udemy course on that specific subject, naturally. The lessons include how to create the course, living up to the quality standards, choosing a course topic, filming the course, finding the target audience, and more. They do everything to make coming on board as an instructor as easy as possible.  

Training Employees

You don’t have to have a craving to learn or a desire to teach to benefit from using Udemy, though. Let’s consider one more way that you may be able to use this site to your advantage. You can use it to train your employees. You can have them take courses that are already on the site, or you can create courses that are specific to the site and your employees. A number of companies have started using the site including large names such as Universal, 1-800 Flowers, Pepsico, and Oracle. Companies find that it can help them to speed up the training of their new employees so they can get on board much faster.


Your teams are able to find training on a wide range of different topics. For example, those who are in the IT field need to have regular training. Udemy offers a number of courses in different areas that could be perfect for this. The same is true when it comes to learning new skills with Microsoft tools, Salesforce, Oracle, and more.


Businesses are able to track and monitor the student employees who are taking the courses, so they can see what their employees are learning. Having access to all of the on demand courses can be extremely beneficial for companies that are looking to increase the quality and variety of skills in their employee base.  

Do You Need Udemy?

Overall, it is a great system that does offer a number of high quality programs and courses that may be just what you need. If you are looking to learn new skills or to improve upon the skills you already have, then it’s certainly worth considering. It’s online, easy to find courses, and easy to learn. As we’ve covered, you can use it for your business to ensure your employees have access to quality training, and you can even create your own courses and become an instructor. With all of the different ways that people can use the site, and the ease with which you can start, there’s really no reason not to try it.


Just make sure that you always take the time to explore the course and learn more about the instructor before beginning. You need to make sure you are getting your money’s worth for the course. Technology today is amazing, so take advantage of it whenever you can.
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Critic Reviews

  • 65

    Cloudswave Score for Udemy

    Rating based on 7 Critic Reviews

    6 Favorable reviews
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    1 Mixed reviews
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    0 unfavorable reviews
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  • Udemy is a collection of educational videos ranging from learning code to training dogs. With more and more courses available every month if offers a great place to learn what you need to know for a one time fee.

  • In addition to an expansive catalog for online learners, Udemy equips entrepreneurial professionals with the tools and platform through which to share—or sell—their expertise.

  • Udemy is good to find relevant courses where you lack competence. But which courses are good is difficult to say. Unfortunately, I feel that this platform is more about the profit than the quality.

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    Rebecca Sealfon

    Udemy is a good, solid player in the online education space. The courses are shorter than Coursera's, and intermediate in price between a full-tuition course and the freebies many other sites give. Udemy's courses represent a middle-of-the-road price point - a course is approximately the price and content of a textbook. However, the interactive interface of Udemy tends to be a better way to learn than simply from a textbook. Udemy's visuals are clean and engaging. Overall, Udemy, along with Udacity, Coursera, and other more specialized sites, is one of the major educational sites I seriously consider taking a course from.

    Pros :

    • Udemy's curriculum is quite reputable for the scope of the courses it provides, although the courses aren't very long, so the curriculum is not going to be particularly extensive.
    • Thus, Udemy is a good place to get a nice reputable overview of a topic.
    • Long courses do lead to some element of attrition, so I wonder if the length of a Udemy course is a deliberate decision on the company's part. Udemy's course offerings also have a very good variety.
    • Udemy is open to allowing outside instructors to create their own courses, which definitely increases the pool of expertise Udemy can draw from and the variety of courses.

    Cons :

    • Udemy occupies a mid-priced niche in the online education space. For people who want academic credit, this is not provided. Udemy's courses also cost money, and many comparable learning resources can be obtained for free. Some courses charge hundreds of dollars apiece.
    • In addition, many of the courses simply offer learning materials rather than interactive exercises with feedback. For many subjects, such as math and programming, the interactive exercises and the feedback one would gain from them are essential.andnbsp;
    • Thus, Udemy is not the best one-stop place for all one's online learning resources. Taking multiple courses from Udemy, the bill can be quite steep.

    • December 11, 2016
  • User review from

    emily josh

    Udemy is a huge platform who aim to learn about multiple courses. I took several courses from Udemy, my first and the second course went really good but later the third one was absurd, it was not even a course I would rather call it tutorials. Maybe it is my mistake too,

    I should have seen the course reviews, intro videos, and the course curriculum but unfortunately based on my previous experience I assumed it will be a helpful and a very informative course, I was wrong though. Never mind, apart from that, I really enjoyed learning from Udemy, all the visual classes I had very engaging. Not even for once was I bored or confused with the courses. The infrastructure of the website is very friendly. Udemy is certainly easy to navigate, except that sometimes it shares a lot of topics when to search for one. Make a learner go crazy thinking, whether or not should I take this or that. A vast variety of courses is offered. And some of them I think are pretty futile too.

    However, through Photoshop and illustrator courses from Udemy, I was able to make my money back from it. Since after creating from what I learned, many people started hiring me. Isn't that great? There are some drawbacks and advantages of every website. Yet I'll recommend everyone to try Udemy for courses.

    With Udemy a person can learn a lot, I will highly recommend the Photoshop courses. It is $100 adding fever Photoshop courses, and I think it is not very expensive compare to what they offer.
    Free videos are often helpful.

    Pros :

    • Easy to use.
    • Vast variety of courses available.

    Cons :

    • Courses at edx and course are free whereas courses at Udemy are not free.
    • Some courses at Udemy are very good and reliable, while many other courses are not even close to being good. Certainly because Udemy allows anyone to teach. There are no much qualifications required.

    • June 11, 2016
  • User review from

    angelina olsin

    Don't keep your knowledge to yourself share it with ours. The more you share, the more you gain. this is what I was told since like forever. I always wanted to share but never knew how to, then came Udemy. I am glad I can share my knowledge with others. It is a platform where a person can instruct others through their personal experience, knowledge, videos, slides and animations too. This platform is seemingly overwhelming. An instructor teaches with heart. He makes things easier for you, very practical and well planned. Moreover, it was greater for me because through it I can make money and promote my work for certain subjects. the targeted audience (students) were very much pleased with my work too. I also like having some knowledge about other topics too, which topics are rarely taught by universities or colleges so I liked the idea that I can just learn a bit I want from Udemy. It's a great introduction to a new subject or just to fill in missing knowledge. I'd recommend you to check as I'm sure that you will find something. I love that the lessons suits me. They are broken up into bite-sized chunks so I don't feel overwhelmed. The video quality is great. it is very easy to use as a learner all we have to do is select the course click the heart icon and add it to your wishlist. It's there we can buy it and sell it too. and it is fairly affordable. massive variety of courses are available. The principal categories include Business, Marketing, Development, IT and Software, Office Productivity, Personal Development, Design, Lifestyle, Health andamp; Fitness, Photography, Teacher Training, Music, Academics, Language Learning, and Test Prep. Its very good highly recommended.

    Pros :

    • Users can learn and teach too.
    • Massive collection of courses is available.
    • Ease of use.
    • It is only about you, personalized for the user.

    Cons :

    • Many courses are very short.

    • November 28, 2015
  • User review from

    Maryna Bondarenko

    If you have the good knowledge of something you may sell it. This principle underlies the Udemy website. Anyone invited to create his own course, invite the students and then teach them. It can be devoted to anything: computer technologies, fashion, cooking, fitness. The topic really doesn't matter. Maybe you used the YouTube channel for uploading your video tutorials before? Try Udemy instead. You'll get the promotion on the site and the loyal audience of the potential students. Because if they are here on Udemy they are ready to study. You also get the chance to build your own brand (and then earn on the paid courses). The course at Udemy may include videos, text, images, audio, presentations, or mashups (videos combined with presentations). If you would like your students to check their success, you may also add quizzes. Multiple choice, fill in the blanks, true or false — here is your choice. If you look on Udemy from the student's side, you'll see the thousands hours of content. Among the 32 thousands of online courses, there are a lot of free ones, so it's possible to find the suitable course and to pay nothing. Of course, if you want you may become a customer in this marketplace of knowledge and to buy access to the desired tutorials. The learning process is rather convenient. You may use any device to pass the course, you may take notes while listening to the audio/video lectures, you may leave comments to the author and speak with the other students.

    Pros :

    Many free courses Anyone can be the author of the course The author can assign any price for the course. There is coupon generator for the authors, so they can make a sale.

    Cons :

    • No opportunity for a peer review The top courses are rather expensive Only top authors get a good fee Some courses have poor content.

    • September 30, 2015
  • User review from

    Nick Thorsch

    Udemy is a really great way to learn about niche topics that might not exist elsewhere like in colleges or uni. It's also a great way for people to make extra money through making courses and promoting them. This way they can cash in on their passion and knowledge. Udemy courses follow a lesson pattern in chunks, which are often mere minutes in length, making it easy to work your way through a course, one short lesson at a time. Lessons can be in both text or video format, depending upon whatever the instruction decides is the best format to teach in. For example, I got a course on how to sell digital downloads through a website. The WP plugin is unique and sometimes having a perspective other than the official FAQs or how-tos can highlight some quirks about it or ways to use it that the authors won't really highlight. I got another course on how to read people's body language in photographs and identify the relationships or feelings between them. Very cool to know. As of writing, there are over 8 million students and 32,000 courses, so the path has been well forged and many courses made to make this a worthwhile platform to trust and use. You can browse through courses or search for them, then you can buy or click the heart icon to add them to your wishlist. Great way to shortlist courses then narrow it down later, such as by reading the description, reviews or there's sometimes a video you can watch to get a sense of the instructor and what they'll offer. The courses are quite affordable, many around $10 each. Some for more and some are even free! "Udemy’s top 10 instructors have earned more than $17 million to date teaching online." Wow! Seems like if you have credentials and are offering a credential, people value that more too.

    Pros :

    • Wide selection of courses.
    • Wishlist heart icon function to shortlist courses.
    • Free, cheap or affordable pricing.
    • Reviews to help you decide.
    • You can even preview the course for 5 minutes to decide if you like it.

    Cons :

    None that I can think of.

    • September 29, 2015
  • User review from

    Stefan Boeykens

    Udemy is an online marketplace for courses on any subject. You can register freely and then access courses, either by paying or (in some cases) for free. It has a huge list of courses on many different subjects, although IT courses and business-related courses seem to be the biggest group. The student experience is quite elaborate: it is possible to watch online in a browser, but also through dedicated iOS and Android apps. You have a complete track of your course progress and can interact with the tutor using a simple message and forum function. The majority of course material on Udemy is video content, although text lectures, downloadable files, PDF documents and "mashups" (which combine talking head video, text, and movie) are also possible. Be sure to search for your topic of interest and check possible preview movies and the ratings if you are interested in a course. If you have something to teach, you can also register as a teacher and create your own course and set up a suitable selling price. There is a review system in place, so students can judge their courses, and the Udemy staff can judge submitted courses before they are allowed in the marketplace. Prices vary, but they can be a bit misleading, as there are often sales with quite effective discount courses. It is not uncommon to find a course at a steep discount.

    Pros :

    Huge marketplace, with a big variety in courses. Free to enter, also as a teacher, while you can make a passive (or not so passive) income if you are a good teacher with a subject that attracts lots of students. The learning interface is quite refined, with embedded video lectures, iOS and Android apps for taking classes, progress tracking, quizzes (although rather basic).

    Cons :

    Pricing is a bit arbitrary, as the majority of sales happen with discount codes. Students can often pick up courses for $9 or $19. The student review system is not always representative of courses: often people simply add a very brief review and give 5 stars, which does not tell that much. Rules for teachers are often changing, leaving some uncertainty.

    • September 24, 2015
  • User review from

    Katrina (Esther) Manning

    The key to success is continuous learning. I find that the more I learn, the sharper I get. As a writer, I have to research consistently. Sometimes, taking a course can significantly cut down on your learning time. In addition, it's quite convenient to be able to take an Udemy course from any device with an Internet connection. What I like about Udemy is the layout and number of courses available. I've tried other online course portals, and I find Udemy the most comprehensive and user friendly. Plus, they have more than subjects taught in school, you can also learn things such as how to do Yoga, how to sell on Alibaba, travel hacking or even how to speed read. Their site says they have over 10,000 courses, and I believe it. I've taken courses on cloud computing, technical writing and IT security. As a result, my knowledge and work have improved.

    Pros : There are so many courses, you can find several you'll want to take. Plus, the courses are broken down well enough to help you keep accurate track of what you've completed. It's not overwhelming when you take it one video at a time. The courses can really expand your horizons from the comfort of your home.

    Cons : Not all courses are created equal. Some courses are phenomenal and highly informative, while others present information you can find with a few simple searches on your own. So, the good thing is you're allowed to take a preview before you decide whether or not to purchase a course.

    • August 25, 2015
  • User review from

    Annie Sun

    Udemy posts as an opportunity filled portal for both the teachers and students. For the students, they get a wide variety of courses from programming, photography to even makeup techniques. Really, just about anything people can teach, you can learn it from the site. For the teachers, they get an opportunity to showcase their skills and marketing their own private enterprises, while earning some extra cash at the same time. The downfall is that you can find 2 courses that are supposedly within the same level, but possess quite different learning stages. The good thing is people do review the courses. So you can always get an idea on the quality of a course.

    Pros : Variety of the types of courses available. Variety of the levels of courses available. Variety of teachers (so you can learn from different viewpoints). Can review past students' feedbacks. Nice way to have a side job (for teachers).

    Cons : Variety of the levels of courses available (not always worth the money spent). Variety of teachers (not all teachers are for everyone). Students' feedbacks could be skewed. Too many options to choose from could get confusing.

    • August 25, 2015
  • User review from

    Manuel Jacob

    The main purpose of the site was so that people that held knowledge in one area or another could go to Udemy and sign up as an instructor or professional in that one area. When they sign up, they can offer short classes or tutorials to those which are wanting to learn in that one specific area or another. This is a fee based site, which each of the instructors set per their discretion for their course.

    Pros :

    • Availability and opportunity to earn certificates and new programs

    • You can utilize the site from just about any form of electronic device

    • Learn or take the courses on your own time

    Cons :

    • There are several courses to choose from but you don’t know what kind of course you are looking at until after you have signed up

    • Customer service could use a little work, it was hard for them to help one certain courses, they are only there for website customer service

    • Great classes, but not as many certificate based classes as hoped Overall rating: 9.9/10

    • August 13, 2015
  • User review from

    Bhanu Prakash

    Product Overview: There are several sites out there like Udemy, but this site, has set itself apart from the rest. Here you are able to sign up either as instructor or a student. You will be able to teach a course in any specific area you hold some form of expertise, and students can sign up to take your course for a certain fee.

    Pros :

    • There are a lot of great Microsoft base courses to choose from with certification
    •  This site is great for taking courses to boost your resume or current career
    •  You can pick your own courses, time and where you learn, which also means you can choose where it is your learning from, internet streamed television, laptop, desktop, computer, tablet or your own phone

    Cons :

    •  The customer service is only for online support, they really can’t help with anything course related
    •  The fees are based on what the instructor offers them • Anyone can teach or offer a course, no necessary credentials, so you never really know who is teaching the courses you are paying for.

    • August 13, 2015
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