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TreeHouse is a platform that helps you learn or teach web design and development to anyone everywhere in the world, it help users gain cutting edge skills or just learn something new for fun.

Treehouse uses short videos, quizzes, and interactive code challenges to teach users coding and starting business. Also, you can build something yourself while learning and see the outcome of your work in real-time.

Treehouse can be used as a group training programs, it helps keeping the team workforce sharp and improve users skills.

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How to Get Your Treehouse Free Trial

Treehouse is an outstanding subscription website that provides consumers training on a variety of web design topics and development subjects, including app, web, Rails, iOS, Android, PHP, and WordPress. There is also content on how to start a business, edit photos via Photoshop, and marketing a brand on social media platforms. It has a library of 1,000+ videos and has over 37,000 actively paying members with the main goal of providing affordable technology info to people all over the world. Do you want to join Treehouse as well? If so, then follow these steps to avail the free trial for the website:

Step 1:

Treehouse Free Trial Step 1

Enter Treehouse's website and you will see this page showed above. The picture illustrates that you have to click on the free trial option (highlighted in a blue circle) to continue with creating your account and signing up for a free trial.

Step 2:

Treehouse Free Trial Step 2

After clicking on the free trial option, the above page will be displayed. As you can see, there are two plans to select: basic plan and pro plan. The basic plan allows you to get help via members-only forums, practice live with the Code Challenge Engine and learn about different projects with the access to 1,000+ videos. The Pro Plan, on the other hand, enables you to enjoy exclusive bonus content and watch talks from industry leaders in addition to the features mentioned in the basic plan. As a result, choose the plan that best suits your needs and budget and click on the ‘Start your free 14-day trial’ option, as highlighted in the picture above.

Step 3:

Treehouse Free Trial Step 3

The next step will be selecting the desired payment option. There are two options available, namely monthly for $25.00 and annually for $250 with two months free. Choose the one that suits your needs the best and enter your basic information, such as first name, last name, your age, and company name. The third step, as you can see, requires you to enter your account credentials. Make sure you enter a valid email address and a password you can remember. Select the payment type and enter your card number, zip code, and CVV (card verification value) number.

Click on the ‘Join Treehouse’ option as highlighted above, and voila! You have created your Treehouse account and obtained a free trial.

Treehouse Review by Cloudswave

Everyone knows it would be a valuable asset to know more about how the Internet works. Namely, if you can develop and design websites and apps, you’re going to have a career for life. Obviously, a lot of people would appreciate knowing how to do this sort of thing for their own company’s sake.

However, if you understand how to make websites and apps, there’s just no way you’ll ever be unemployed, at least not for very long. The digital age isn’t going anywhere, which means there will only be more and more companies looking to hire people with these types of skills. Thanks to Treehouse, learning the ropes is easier than ever.

What Is Treehouse?

Treehouse is a platform that’s here to help people like you—people with no real experience learning web development, web design and iOS development—gain an understanding and even become proficient in these areas.

Of course, this is nothing new. There are dozens of companies that have tried to do the same thing. The demand for these talents is such that people want to learn how to create online properties now, not after four years of college. They also don’t want to pay the exorbitant prices associated with such an education.

Keep reading, though, and you’ll see why Treehouse is viewed as the best option for anyone who wants serious chops where online construction is involved.

Free Trial

For one thing, not all of Treehouse’s competitors will actually offer free trials to prospective customers. This doesn’t make a lot of sense when you think about it. Most people are new to learning via software, so it would be a lot of help to see a product in action first.

Yet, the majority of these companies don’t do this. Customers have to find out the hard way that the teaching style a certain platform employs just isn’t for them.

Check out Treehouse’s site and you’ll quickly see this won’t be a problem with this company. With a single click on their homepage, you’ll get to experience four minutes of what it’s like using the software. While there’s plenty more to learn about this title before taking the plunge, this should be both a selling point and something you definitely take advantage of.

Individual Needs Are Considered

Another really unique and very cool feature of Treehouse is that the company didn’t just cast a wide net and do their best with a one size fits all solution. As we’ve covered, learning to code is more popular than ever before and that trend is going to continue upward. Treehouse could have offered one broad product for everyone and probably saved a lot of money on overhead.

Instead, they take everyone’s goals into consideration. You may be looking for a new career. Perhaps you want to learn how to code to help with your current job. A lot of people are just curious about coding and would actually like to do it for fun, believe it or not.

Even if you already have a background in coding, have a degree or code every day at work, Treehouse’s services are still a good idea. You wouldn’t be the first professional to use their software for keeping their skills sharp.

Want a Job?

That being said, you may really be hoping that you can use a course in coding to help you change your career path for the better. If that’s the case, Treehouse will get you there. They teach by one of three ways.

You can choose the type of project you’re interested in creating (e.g. a website, photo app, etc.) or the topic that interests you (e.g. HTML, CSS, Java, etc.). However, you can also let them know what kind of job you’d like to land. Would you like to be a web designer? A Ruby developer? Android developer?

There are over a dozen job types you can aim for. Treehouse has a distinct path for each you can follow until you’re ready to take your talents to the workforce.

Learn By Building

If you want to make sure you never learn to code when starting a new business for example, do what so many have mistakenly done. Go to the bookstore and pick up a copy of some book on coding. You’ll probably learn a good deal, but one thing you absolutely won’t learn is how to actually design or develop a website, much less an iOS app.

Like just about anything, you learn programming by actually programming. You have to get hands-on in order for the lessons to really take root. This might seem impossible where software is concerned, but Treehouse actually makes it a priority.

With this software, you’ll actually build as you progress. You’ll have video tutorials to watch and then a workspace to follow along. Treehouse also provides you with a browser-based editor that will show you exactly what your code is building in real-time.

Get Actual Help

Those of you who have checked out some of Treehouse’s competitors may think this sounds fairly familiar so far. Nothing compares to Treehouse’s software, but plenty of platforms have tried.

Another way Treehouse has outdone their competitors, though, is the community they provide. Whether it was high school or college, you probably remember getting plenty of one-on-one help from teachers/professors or your own classmates. In fact, this may have been where some of the most crucial education occurred.

We mentioned earlier that Treehouse didn’t make a platform that would simply cast a wide net. The philosophy behind that decision shines through where the community aspect comes in too. They knew that students would have unique needs and their own, specific questions. Instead of trying to build a program that would address most of them, they offer access to your teachers, other students and even alumni. This ensures that no matter what your question, you’ll get an answer.

Treehouse could not have come along at a better time. If you’re hoping to secure a better future professionally or just want to understand what’s happening behind the World Wide Web’s curtain, this is the software for you.
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Critic Reviews

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  • There's nothing more frustrating than not being able to tell why your code isn't working, and it's also helpful to see that you're not the only one struggling. Treehouse is the complete code-learning package. Treehouse is fun to use and easy to follow for budding coders. Just keep an eye on costs, since you're paying month-to-month.

  • Treehouse makes an excellent course for those wanting to start a new career or set up a different form of revenue from the skills learnt. As I learn better visually this makes it very easy for me to learn new skills with Treehouse. Download the videos and watch them wherever you are. The nice feature of adding badges and rewards makes it feel like real progress learning a new skills. I know people sometimes feel despondent when learning a new skills because of the learning curve involved so the badge feature and the funny reward videos keep those spirits up and make you eager to make progress and get more badges.

  • If you don’t have any experience, with Treehouse you can build your first web or mobile app in a month. If you already know the basics of HTML/CSS and dabbled a little here and there you can finish one in a week. Set yourself up, register and get started.

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User Reviews

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    Julie Regimbal

    Treehouse is really fun to use and easy to follow for beginning coders, like me! I would recommend watching closely on the payments. They charge month to month and sometimes things can slip by you, if you are paying automatically or through an Administrative Assistant like our company was.

    Treehouse's system is very intriguing, and I really like when systems let you try it out before subscribing to it for a month or contract. But you also have the option to pause your subscription at any time, which is nice because sometimes there are breaks in the system. It also has a really important aspect for coding classes accurately and efficiently: there are online blogs where students can help each other out on different coding problems, and even teachers can help out too.

    There is nothing much more frustrating than not being able to tell why your code isn't working, and it's also helpful to see that there are other people in the same boat as you, who even have the same questions as you do! Treehouse is the complete code-learning package.

    Pros :

    • There is a great selection of coding classes which is nice for all levels of people. Plus the best part about the classes is there is easy to understand curriculum's, so you can be a beginner or advanced and everyone will be able to try it. There is a Free 14-day trial, which I like to be able to try it out before I purchase. And you Can also pause and start your enrollment again at any time for no extra fee.
    • Treehouse is very accessible for all ages. I have seen in many schools that they use the platform to teach kids. And clearly Businesses also use Treehouse for group learning and training. It is a fast and efficient way to train groups of people.
    • If you are just starting out, try the Web Design track which includes 51 hours of coursework. That looks like a lot, but it is all valuable information that I would recommend. The introduction talks about the basics of HTML and CSS, which you can use to help you create your own website by the end of the course! The nice thing about these training is you can keep it at the pace it starts at for Beginners, or you can jump ahead to other sections of you are advanced and already know some things. I have some Experience, but it was really nice getting an overview to remind myself.
    • During the course, there are slide screens that help show you keyboard shortcuts, and what different codes look like if they are open tag or closed. When some of the videos are complete, there is a quiz to test your knowledge and also help give you points to gain throughout the courses.

    Cons :

    • Monthly fees can add up quickly depending on what type of service plan you decide to get.
    • The Free trial does requires a credit card which always makes me nervous, but I was not charged anything during the free trial. Treehouse has two different types of plans:
      • The basic plan for $25 per month that includes: access to learning videos and student forums, these code challenges to test your skills which I found to be really helpful, and I learned, even more, doing the tests.
      • The $49 per month Pro plan includes video talks from industry leaders and other instructor-created material. A great tip I learned is If you have a Pro account and you know you won't be using the account for awhile and won't be able to work through the class assignments for a long period of time because of work trips, vacations or whatever else happens in then you can temporarily pause your subscription for as long as you would like. Pausing the subscription means you can take a break from classes, and you won't be charged fees any extra fees. You will only be charged when you deactivate the account. Because Treehouse bills their users on a monthly basis, it's nice to have the option to take a break and not be charged any extra fee.andnbsp;
      • The basic plan for $25 per month that includes: access to learning videos and student forums, these code challenges to test your skills which I found to be really helpful, and I learned, even more, doing the tests.
      • The $49 per month Pro plan includes video talks from industry leaders and other instructor-created material. A great tip I learned is If you have a Pro account and you know you won't be using the account for awhile and won't be able to work through the class assignments for a long period of time because of work trips, vacations or whatever else happens in then you can temporarily pause your subscription for as long as you would like.
      • Pausing the subscription means you can take a break from classes, and you won't be charged fees any extra fees. You will only be charged when you deactivate the account. Because Treehouse bills their users on a monthly basis, it's nice to have the option to take a break and not be charged any extra fee.

    • April 20, 2016
  • User review from

    Brent Palmer

    Treehouse is a very young styled educational site specializing in code, programming, etc. It provides a very easy to use and navigate infrastructure that flows down pathways. You can tell how long you will be on a specific course, they provide workspaces for practical application of the items you learn, and they provide a point system that if nothing else, serves as a somewhat self-satisfying sense of accomplishment.

    Treehouse is very modern and has a very intuitive feel. It is appreciated to have a simple and efficient UI designed with the user in mind for ease of navigation and tracking what you do.

    Pros :

    Treehouse has a very simplistic structure which in a world of too much information, allows a very organized and efficient way of controlling your education. Here are some of the highlights:

    • Courses indicate how many hours are involved in completing
    • Point system displays your progress and gives sense of accomplishment.
    • Treehouse gives you a private savable workspace that allows you to practice what you learn while you learn it.
    • Each lesson has a help button and a community style Q

      Cons :

      While Treehouse excels in providing quality education, there are some drawbacks:

      • They only provide videos and not coursework like other classes I have taken. This can make it difficult to do in noisy environments or if you don't always have the internet.
      • They have a very limited course range for computer programming and development. Could offer more diverse courses.
      • If you have taken a course before, and need to go back, they don't show your watch history, so sometimes I will forget where I am

      • April 8, 2016
  • User review from

    Joel Tanzi

    Treehouse could easily have been lost amidst the sea of online training sites for developers, unless, of course, it went to great efforts to stand out from the crowd. It does. Treehouse is one of the best course offerings out there for beginner to intermediate programmers that easily gets you past those intimidating first steps in learning the fundamentals of development.
    Treehouse uses courses provided only by qualified instructors that undergo quality controls and vetting to ensure that what you get is accurate, timely, and clearly-explained material on the topic covered. The videos are professionally produced and make use of animations when needed to offer visualizations of crucial concepts, and the instructors patiently and effectively explain these concepts in just the right amount of detail.

    The site also offers tools for building the examples presented in the courses that allow you to see changes to your code in real-time, and experience first-hand what is being taught. The instructors take the time to encourage best practices in the code used, such as commenting and breaking problems into smaller steps, that impressed me because many such course offerings elsewhere gloss over these details. Tracks are offered to those seeking to learn a skill from scratch that will guide you through a set of courses to get to a specific goal of say, becoming a Ruby on Rails or full-stack developer.

    Treehouse is somewhat rare amongst the online course providers in offering a free trial period to access their content and decide if it is for you before paying. You do, however, have to provide a credit card when signing up. Treehouse's biggest weakness it's the limited course offerings, which while touching on a number of the major frameworks out there, are not comprehensive. The courses are really aimed at people operating on the less experienced end of the spectrum, from those having only basic programming knowledge learning the fundamentals to those with some experience but seeking to pick up a new framework like Angular.

    It will likely not be of enough use to experienced developers seeking to learn new tricks. It's easy for me to recommend Treehouse to anyone starting down the path of development as a way to take most of the intimidating aspects of learning programming off the table.

    Pros :

    • Content is quality assured, accurate, and very well-presented. Instructors are great at explaining concepts and walking through examples.
    • Strong supporting toolkit for building your own projects as you go through a course.
    • Offers a free trial.

    Cons :

    • Price for continued access is similar to other sites that offer a broader range of content.
    • Aimed primarily at beginner or less experience developers.

    • March 9, 2016
  • User review from

    Sean Caruana

    As a full-time software developer, I often update my skills by carrying out research and trying out tutorials. The Internet is overflowing with free resources for practically any programming language in existence. For advanced software developers, this is excellent. However, this is not always a great situation for beginners who are just starting out and wish to pick up a new programming language, with very little or no programming language. That is where Treehouse comes in, with a large library of video tutorials and exercises for beginners to get started.

    The website mainly focuses on programming languages, and many videos include exercises or quizzes at the end, to assess whether or not the viewer has grasped the concepts explained in the respective video. It must be said, however, that many of the quizzes and interactive exercises are very simple and sometimes too easy.

    One of the greatest things about Treehouse is that normal users cannot submit course content themselves, unlike other websites, which is good since it guarantees that the course content is verified and produced by qualified individuals. A free trial is available for around 14 days, which is very good as it allows users to truly get a proper feel for the product before purchasing. A credit card is, however, required for the free trial. There are also mobile apps available for many platforms, which means that it is also possible to learn while on the go.

    Treehouse also has a useful "tracks" feature indicating what needs to be learned next, and in what order. This is extremely useful for beginners who might be overwhelmed by the amount of programming languages available, and may be unsure of which path to take.

    Treehouse works with a monthly subscription model, which is better than some competitors such as Udemy, which require payment for every course. However, this may cause users to learn at a much faster pace to try getting the most out of their money. Furthermore, while Treehouse does have a lot of topics and programming languages, competitors such as Lynda.com have a much larger library and many more tutorials, for roughly the same price.

    Pros :

    • Huge library of videos and interactive exercises.
    • Free trial is available.
    • Many videos themselves also include exercises and quizzes.
    • Can access through mobile apps on mobile devices.
    • Course content is only produced by qualified people.

    Cons :

    • Only suitable for beginners.
    • The quizzes and exercises are very simple in general.
    • A credit card is required for free trial.
    • Bills are issued monthly which can cause users to cram as many courses as possible to save money.
    • Lynda.com covers many more courses and topics for around the same price.

    • February 13, 2016
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FAQs for Treehouse

Are you one of the countless individuals out there who would like to know how to design and develop websites or even create an iOS app? If so, don’t become one of the many who will never follow through. Instead, use Treehouse to get the skills you’ve always wanted to build your business from the ground up. The following FAQ should help you become more familiar with the process.

What Will Treehouse Teach Me to Do?

The short answer is anything at all to do with coding and programming. If you want to learn Java, they’ll teach you. If you want to learn CSS, they’ll teach you. If you want to learn Ruby, they’ll teach you.

Not only does Treehouse cover every major language, they do it for the three main goals people have where coding is involved. Whether you want to learn for the sake of landing a new job, learn to help your business or assist with your current position or just out of curiosity, Treehouse has a plan.

Wouldn’t I Be Better Off with a Degree?

That’s a question only you can answer. However, think of it like this: most companies hiring coders want to see what you’ve done. They don’t particularly care where you learned how to do it. Most will not be remotely impressed with a degree if you don’t have a portfolio. Treehouse can show you how to create a portfolio.

Furthermore, at most, this software will cost you $49 a month. You also get two weeks for free. After that, you learn at your own pace whenever you like. Even if you end up taking college classes, make sure this is actually the path for you by trying out Treehouse first.

How Much Does It Cost?

There are only two plans. One, which we just mentioned, is $49 a month. The other plan is only $25.

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