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The Living Language Method is not a game of charades. It doesn't force adult language learners to try to absorb a new language, like they could when they were babies. It makes use of all the tools that adults have at their disposal to learn efficiently and effectively, without clumsy guesswork or frustration, in order to really learn how to speak a new language.

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  • This is a language program that I would consider extremely comprehensive in that it contains audio, reading, internet resources and even a workbook and small dictionary. While the dictionary is not of much use (it's really too limited in scope to serve you for very long), the rest of the resources can be put to good use to make you a much more fluent individual in your target language.
    This program sort of reminds me of learning in a classroom except that you get to control the pace at which you progress. It takes you through grammar, pronunciation and sentence formation much like your high school or college professor might have. The woman (in my case) on the CD explained all of the dialogues and encouraged me to follow along and say or repeat phrases when cued.
    I, personally, enjoyed my experience of interacting with the books, the CD's and the Internet "bonuses" that I got when I purchased the boxed program from my local bookstore. Others, however, may find the format to be its biggest drawback.

  • It’s a language program designed for adults who want to learn a foreign language on their own time and at their own paces. Plus, to be candid, living language is the best program I’ve ever used. Seriously...Not to mention it is the most economical program I’ve had the chance to use. So, take advantage, mom, dad, or teacher - time to start learning something new, and sticking to it!

  • A great deal for e-students seeking classes. Living Language Platinum receives generally positive reviews from users and experts. The real selling point for this software package is the virtual courses; for the value, the courses can't be compared with any software or traditional class. While the e-classes are fantastic for students to get feedback, it's missing the voice recognition technology that would enable them to record, hear and assess their accents on their own time.

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