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Fluenz provides you with every opportunity to learn and never implies that the process is simple, because learning a new language is a difficult thing to master no matter what marketing copywriters promise. You are going to have to work hard to achieve fluency and Fluenz is a competent coach if you want to learn Spanish. The basic unit of instruction is the one-on-one tutoring session, each of which takes about two and a half hours to finish.
Fluenz establishes such a high level of excellence that we consider it to be the best program to learn Spanish and it wins our TopTenREVIEWS Gold award. We reviewed the Latin America version, although there is also a Castilian version. Fluenz is an ideal way for tourists and business people to build a foundation of useful conversational Spanish by memorizing some vocabulary and phrases. Please note that if you are a serious linguist, Fluenz is not a substitute for formal Spanish lessons coupled with extended visits to Spanish-speaking communities.

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  • So overall, I liked the Fluenz courses and would recommend them, despite their shortcomings. They fill a niche different from what Rosetta Stone focuses on, and they do a pretty good job of it. Yes, I wish they were cheaper, but they are not. So if you are serious about getting the basic language skills you want and need for your travels, open the wallet and invest in Fluenz. You'll be impressed with what you can do.

  • Overall, Fluenz is a good program. Consider buying it if you are a beginner and you want to have a nice and comfortable introduction into the language.

  • Fluenz Spanish lessons do not talk down to you, but instead present vocabulary you would use in daily life. The learning experience is beautifully constructed, the material is relevant and the explanations are thoughtful. Fluenz acknowledges the difficulty of learning a new language and does not imply that it will be a breeze to master it.
    In a market full of excellent software on how to learn Spanish, Fluenz is first-rate because it operates as a virtual private tutor, without the lesson fees or the inconvenience of arranging tutoring sessions that fit your schedule. Its elegant interface, well-planned lessons and useful multimedia tools make Fluenz a superb choice for learning to speak Spanish.

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