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  • Buck the status quo: switch to Edmodo

    Edmodo Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI use Edmodo as a way to enhance (not replace) the experiences that parents and students have with what I would already normally be doing in my classroom.  I teach in a setting where I only see my students a few times a week, so being able to communicate with them while working from home has been essential.  Posting assignments on Edmodo gives students a chance to see written reminders of directions and due dates that I've stated orally.  Putting assignments online also gives me the chance to attach files, link websites, and allow students to learn 21st Century skills all while saving paper and ink.  Posting my learning targets, success criteria, and assignments for parents and missing students to see creates transparency and helps absent students get caught up.  I never have to worry about losing an assignment... and it's helpful to have saved and organized digital copies of assignments that my students turn in.  Sometimes I'll be able to have conversations with students through Edmodo that would be uncomfortable for students to initiate.  Linked parent accounts create total transparency and trust regarding such conversations.  I completed my Master's thesis on the topic of using Edmodo in an alternative learning environment and the results were overwhelmingly positive.  Teachers, once you go to Edmodo, you won't go back!

    Pros : Communicating with students and parents.Gradebook that allows students and parents to constantly monitor student progress.The social learning environment is awesome! Sometimes students help each other before I need to even get involved.Transparency.Automated grading of quizzes.

    Cons : The lack of weighted grading features has frustrated some of my colleagues.The inability for parents to engage in any two-way communication has frustrated some.The "fill-in-blank" feature of the quizzes is only useful if you're checking for the exact word and spelling that ought to go in the blank.

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    A great way to hybridize your classroom

    Edmodo Use Cases and Deployment ScopeMany teachers in our organization use Edmodo in the classroom, but we also have schools and committees that are using Edmodo for their professional learning communities. We have found Edmodo useful in a large school district like ours, as it allows many of our teachers who are alone in their buildings, like Librarians, Art and Music teachers, and PE teachers, to asynchronously communicate with each other about best practices, share lesson plans, and have a stronger sense of team. 

    Pros : Edmodo syncs with my Google Drive, making the sharing of assignments, handouts, pictures, and videos incredibly easy. Because I can store often-used materials in my Edmodo library, I can find them easily for the next time I am working on that unit.The quizzes are easy to set up and they can be used again, so if I need to do a check for understanding on a particular topic in multiple classrooms, or use the same baseline data collection quiz for more than one semester, I need only create the quiz

    Cons : One of the features that my students and I were upset to lose was the Tagging option for assignments. When I used the Tags to mark a Unit, students who had missed a significant amount of school could search for the appropriate tag (say, Unit 2 Persuasive) to find the assignments and materials easily. Having to scroll down through the news feed was time-consuming and cumbersome, and students were unable to locate lecture notes by clicking on the calendar, so without the tags, locating missed assi

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    Classroom tops Edmodo

    Edmodo Use Cases and Deployment ScopeEdmodo was being used by most of our teachers as a classroom management tool. It began as being used only by a few of us, but turned into a whole school initiative, where we trained all of our staff on how to utilize it with our students. It solved the problem of how to distribute information to our students, assign assignments, as well as hold class discussions both in and out of class. 

    Pros : Classroom discussions. A teacher is able to pose a question and students were able to respond and discuss it, often times at home.Posting assignments. Teachers were able to post assignments and students were able to see them all the time, even when they are absent.Going paperless. Edmodo helped us make the transition to going paperless.

    Cons : Class discussions were incredibly helpful, but were not easily threadable, causing students to not always be able to respond to each other.Connecting with Google Drive was hit and miss, and in general required a lot of training and troubleshooting, even for our more technologically advanced teachers.

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  • One-part education LMS and two-parts academic social media network, Edmodo gives K-12 teachers, students, and parents everything they need to transform traditional classes into blended learning initiatives.


    Eminently reasonable premium pricing. Facebook-friendly interface means low barriers to entry. Smart use of gamification. Spotlight makes sharing resources simple, and potentially lucrative. Common Core micro-assessments. Student, Teacher, and Parent views.


    Occasional bugs in testing. Would benefit from additional third-party integrations.

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