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  • To wrap this review up, I would say that as with most other things in life, Duolingo has some good and bad sides to it. In retrospect, what I liked the most about the app is its ease of use on the go and the addictive elements to it that turn in into sort of a game. I’d like to see such elements expanded in future versions of the app, which I think would make Duolingo a lot better.
    However, because of the downsides I’ve outlined above, I’ll be honest and say that I will probably not make extensive use of Duolingo in the future. I simply find audio methods such as Pimsleur to be more effective while on the go, with others such as Assimil or Teach yourself better when at home or in a café. Of course, these latter are not free, but time does have a cost too. Free always has an appeal, but free also comes with a price, be it your time, efficiency, or else.

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  • Overall, I found Duolingo to be a great option for language-learning with a low barrier for entry. It's completely free, and you can easily whip out a few lessons during your sparse pockets of free time throughout the day. There's even an option to receive practice reminders, in case you need extra motivation.
    But as someone who has taken language classes in both high school and college, I can't say that Duolingo would be a completely sufficient replacement.

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    As language learning apps go, Duolingo is a fantastic option that's completely free, but don't expect it to help you become completely fluent.

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    While many people may write this app off as a gimmick, it's actually a quality way to practice your language skills. DuoLingo soars over other apps because it looks and feels great in addition to actually working. You'll love this app no matter what your reason for trying to learn a new language.

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  • This is the most productive means of procrastination I’ve ever discovered. The short lesson blocks are painless and peppy, and reaching the next level (and then the level after that) becomes addictive. I’ve lost track of time as I’ve buzzed through tutorials on Spanish conjunctions and prepositions. A co-worker likes to crank out French modules on his subway commute. One friend confided that she’s stayed up for hours past her bedtime learning German — ja, this Fräulein simply can’t put Duolingo down. As I recall, these are not the sorts of giddy emotions that were stirred in Mrs. Gonnerman’s 10th-grade French AP class.

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  • Duolingo is a beautifully designed and highly motivating language learning program, especially for beginners. On its own, it’s definitely not enough to learn a language, but it complements other resources perfectly.
    As I worked my way through the lessons, particularly at the beginning, I found myself really grasping sentence structure. It was very motivating to see my progress and to see how what I was learning fit together. And – in the end – that’s what will really help you move forward in language learning: the intrinsic motivation of actually getting it, not the external motivation of coins or trophies or leveling-up

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  • I had heard about Duolingo a while ago, but until recently I hadn't paid too much attention to it. I had tried several other online language learning platforms and hadn't been too impressed with them, so I wasn't expecting much this time. Well, I was wrong. Duolingo is a great language learning tool. A fantastic learning tool.

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  • I’m sure some people will like Duolingo a lot, and I’m all for whatever keeps you motivated and coming back — small, consistent, daily practice is the only way to really learn. The best thing about Duolingo may be its ability to get people interested enough in the language that they seek out other resources — first and foremost, a good teacher.

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  • Duolingo is the best free online language-learning program you can find. Unique features and a clear structure make it a compelling platform for learning or strengthening your skills in several languages. It's the only free language-learning program that gets it right.

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    Duolingo has tremendous features that work surprisingly well at getting you to practice a language, and expose you to interesting content and people, and is actually fun and interesting. Among free language-learning tools, Duolingo is PCMag's Editors' Choice.
    The language selection of this young project is currently limited to Spanish, German, and English (for Spanish speakers), with French in beta. Italian and Chinese are reportedly coming soon, and you should be as excited as I am for them to arrive.

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  • In conclusion, I’m very happy with DuoLingo and will continue to use it to improve my Spanish.

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  • I've heard claims that DuoLingo can make an A1 individual advance up to a B1 level. While this may not be fluent, it would be a great start towards your development in the language. I sometimes see success stories of people who were able to test out of lower level college courses simply by brushing up or using DuoLingo. It's a great place to start any language.
    I've been using DuoLingo for Italian and I love it.

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  • Duolingo's lessons provide a simple, effective way to learn a language.

    • Pros:Comprehensive, clear lessons guide kids through questions and let them set the pace, personalizing the experience.
    • Cons:Users submit and approve edits, so there's no guarantee the immersion section translation work will be age-appropriate or correct.

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