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  • Ideal solution for quick yet powerful eLearning implementation

    We've had quite a challenging task to significantly improve learning experience for our partners and employees in just 2 months. In fact, the deployment took us 3 weeks from the trial to a full launch. Thanks to a really fast API response we were able to integrate all our systems: SSO from company and partner portals, progress informer for a learner, real-time courseware customization depending on LMS metadata, certification synchronization with our CRM, extended reporting and some other important items. We're excited about how fast Docebo grows and eager to use all of new cool features that are to be added in future versions!

    Pros : 1. Fast and easy-to-use interface 2. Flexible settings 3. Reach functionality, including full support of business process to certify our partners 4. Fast and professional support and reaction to feature requests. 5. Very responsive API

    Cons : We'd like to see richer API (to have access to all of the objects on LMS side and manipulate them).

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    The simple UI disguises how powerful this is. It has all the features the old world heavy duty LMSs have at a far more realistic cost. We were set-up in literally minutes and have never looked back.

    Pros : Great UI Good Price Allows us to focus entirely on content rather than having to waste time in a a battle with system administration. Great design - looks very modern.

    Cons : None that we have yet noticed.

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    Awesome Platforma por e-Learning Projects

    My company deploys Docebo for our customers in Brazil. It is a robust solution that offer lots of interesting features and is still ease of use. Administrative processes only take a few clicks and the main concepts are very intuitive. It is the perfect solution for organizations that are looking for simple platforms that can really solve problems, instead of creating new ones due to its complexity. We researched several SaaS platforms worldwide and we have choosen Docebo.

    Pros : Easy of use, great graphic design, simplicity for admin users, modularity (APP´?¢s), content flexibility and quick integration with other systems. Great technical support!

    Cons : A few features could be available on the standard version (small & medium business) too.

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  • Stop COLLABORATE and listen

    Blackboard Collaborate Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWell, it varies by department. But Blackboard Collaborate is used to hold virtual meetings, professional development sessions, parent and student conferences, and virtual office hours, and for student projects.

    Pros : File sharing can be done in session and is quick and seamless.No software downloads are required if you are using the Ultra version.Very user friendly.

    Cons : I've run into issues with downloading the launcher especially for remote users.There are some known issues with the launcher not playing recordings of sessions.There is a bit of lag when sharing the desktop or trying to do a web tour.

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    Looking Forward to Collaborate Ultra

    Blackboard Collaborate Use Cases and Deployment ScopeCurrently, we enable the Blackboard Collaborate tool in courses only upon request due to the complexity of its interface.  However, with the upcoming implementation of the new UI, we are going to be opening up the tool to all courses system wide.  The new UI is so much easier to understand and use, and I am confident that the adoption rate is going to drastically increase.   Currently, some instructors use it for virtual office hours, some use it for lecture capture and still others use it for remote lecturing back to their class when they are off campus.  Some of our organizations use it for web conferencing as well.  With the greater availability of the tool next semester, I figure the use cases will at least be the same but more likely new ideas for using it will come about.

    Pros : The new UI is so much more simpler to use.Every month more features from the classic UI are being implemented.

    Cons : In my experience, the only bad aspect that I can bring up is that the video does not keep up with the audio and you will sometimes see that they are out of sync.I have also read that some people are experiencing degraded audio in their recordings. During the session the audio is fine but in the recordings it is not good.

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    Collaboration at the next level

    Blackboard Collaborate Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI can't answer as to how it's used organization-wide, as we are a large state university.  However, our small department uses it primarily for meetings where we need to share something visual, usually a course.  It's very helpful, because it allows us to control access to our courses by being able to demo them rather than grant guest access.

    Pros : Blackboard Collaborate allows for simultaneous video, chat, audio, and sharing and does so in a very efficient way.I really like the feature that allows you to record the entire event, and how well that recording captures the session.It is generally easy to use, once it's open.

    Cons : Trying to get started can get very confusing. If you've already downloaded it once, sometimes it doesn't seem to find the previous downloads.When you're downloading, there's no indication that anything's happening until suddenly a small screen appears. This has caused me and others to start the download again and end up with two different windows open.Screen sharing can be glitchy - the person sharing can't necessarily see how fast (or how slow) the scrolling is happening on the other end. I

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  • Blackboard isn't the cheapest or the prettiest LMS in education, but it might not matter: Having solidified its leadership over eighteen years, countless partnerships, and a surfeit of features, it's unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon.

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