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Fluenz was founded by Sonia Gil (graduated in Cornell) and a team of college graduates from Harvard, Oxford and MIT. This company was created with the understanding that it could be better to add tutor-led explanations and new technologies of the learning process to the digital language teaching.

The company delivered Fluenz Mandarin on 31st of January 2007 and in July it was available for all devices (desktop, laptop and mobile). The mobile version was considered as the first comprehensive mobile learning app in the world. Fluenz Spanish was quickly released in September of the same year followed by the French version in May 2008, the Italian one in June and finally they integrated German in April 2012 and Portuguese in October 2013.
Also, the Fluenz company launched a community for users known as Commons24 in 2011, and a platform for digital Flashcard, Fluenz Flashcards.

Sonia Gil won a Webby Award as Web Personality of the year in 2012 because she created a video blog in 2010 talking about her travels around the globe and the astounding process of language learning. After this, she started web projects that consist about traveling for American Airlines, Hyatt and Michelob Ultra and at the same time her google+ account attained more than 600,000 followers in 2012.

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