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  • Zoho Sites website builder is a great example of a flexible SaaS (software as a service) platform. It gives you everything you need to create, maintain and publish your personal website with ultimate ease. However, this is applied to their Pro plan only. Creating a full-fledged website using their free plan can be a tough task.

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  • I admire Zoho’s commitment to providing their users with both a very welcoming environment and a relatively hassle-free site building experience. Although more thorough design and mobile control would’ve been much appreciated, site creation is an easy process and the builder’s features are very intuitive.
    It really feels like Zoho prefers their users to combine usage of their apps for a more comprehensive experience, and that’s what I’d recommend trying out. By itself, the site builder is perfect for basic needs, but you’re definitely better off checking out Zoho’s other services to really get the most out your project, which can be used in conjunction with your Zoho Sites account.

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    This is one of the most powerful, easiest to use editors and websites around
    Too many functions that should be considered basic are locked out unless you buy one of the paid plans
    On top of locking out certain functions, they continually dangle the option to upgrade in front of you, making you feel constantly assaulted by ads
    should suffice
    also the date is in the source code July 2014

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  • Anyone who wants to create a website that looks incredibly professional without having to deal with HTML or other complex formatting or coding issues will appreciate Zoho sites. The drag and drop methodology and intuitive interface is easy for users with any level of computer experience.

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  • Creates Websites Without Coding

    I am a non-technical user with little time and budget for a professional website creation. Now I found Zoho Sites and I was surprised that creating and hosting websites can be so easy. In my case, I have only created a basic website because I didn´?¢t need anything else, but Zoho gives users the possibility to build mobile websites or websites with dynamic content. There is one interesting feature for users with partners who want to collaborate in the website creation. You can simply invite them and give them the corresponding rights to modify the website. Overall, I can attest that Zoho Sites is a very easy and intuitive solution for people like me!

    Pros : There is a free edition Professional-looking websites without writing any code

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  • Zoho's mobile website builder offers all the basic features you’d need to establish your online presence. It will help you customize your site to fit your business. It’s just missing some of the more advanced features that some other similar products offer.

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  • Getting started is simple and signing up doesn't require a credit card. The editing tools are somewhat restricted in comparison with some of its competitors but if you're new to this design game then you may appreciate the simplicity of the building system. Zoho is more suited to anyone who is new to mobile website design, however it ought to do a decent job in most circumstances. Its prices are very low indeed but it doesn't scrimp on quality. If you don't mind having a few less options here and then, we highly recommend trying Zogo.com out.

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  • I have used website builders in the past that were easy to manage, and this was definitely a site that was ranking high on my list. I would highly recommend this site to others.

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