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  • As noted before, Yola never makes a point to remind you to upgrade every chance they get. All they do is unobtrusively let you know what’s offered at each tier and let you make the call. That’s all you really need out of a service like this. They’ve provided an honest, intuitive product on the whole that makes the experience much nicer than competitors. Don’t hesitate to check Yola out if you’re looking to build a site with absolute ease.

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  • Yola can build fully functional, beautiful websites quickly and easily. Yola is a great choice for building websites for events, and gatherings and can be a very useful tool to anyone who builds websites.

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  • We have mixed impressions of this website builder. On the one hand it is easy and fun to work with. On the other hand it is only suitable for very flat websites, due to structural limitations in its templates. Its support was fast and reliable, so this product may be just right if you want to be able to talk to someone on the phone. For everyone else we would recommend one of Yola's more affordable competitors which offer better value overall.

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  • Yola is a fantastic application which is ideal for anyone who wants to build websites but lacks the time or inclination to build their own sites from scratch. Because there are so many templates on offer it’s pretty easy to build unique sites even though you’re using templates. It’s also possible to create sites that look professional and are very high quality.

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  • There was a good selection of templates available, but the gulf between the free and premium templates is huge, with the free templates being very simple. We were able to edit the layout and background to some degree, and with a premium account we could edit the CSS styles, but nothing else.Adding features was simple, and adding e-commerce features was particularly easy.Though not as in-depth as some desktop applications, Yola offers a quick and easy way to create a website, though it does sometimes feel restrictive – especially the free version.

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  • Overall, Yola is a decent and easy platform to use to construct and maintain websites. Unfortunately, it does have some flaws. The designs that are offered are basic, and you are not given a lot of flexibility to replace them with your own. Furthermore, the service is provided via the web.
    This is both a pro and con; pro because you do not have to download or install anything, con because you may lose your work if your internet crashes and you will need an internet connection to work on your website.

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  • Yola Silver provides a clean interface, efficient imaging tools and ample template categories. It's a great website maker for anyone who is apprehensive about building a website for his or her business. It lacks rollover creation and offers only 5GB of storage, but it has sufficient tools and features that make up for any deficiencies. The $100 in free credits (upon spending an initial $25) on AdWords credits is a generous perk and good indicator of Yola's devotion to customer service. This application is easy to use and will help you to make refined and professional websites that your customers will enjoy visiting.

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  • A simple interface, a clear price plan, ease of use and excellent customer services make Yola a robust competitor in this market. We would recommend Yola to beginners looking to quickly set up a website with minimal hassle. Although the sophistication of the web site builder is slightly lacking, beginners will appreciate the usability to which this is sacrificed. Despite being more expensive than other products in this category, we believe that Yola’s convenience makes it worth it in the long run. Their free trail is an excellent way to get a taste of Yola, so go ahead and try it out, you’ve got nothing to lose.

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  • Overall, Yola is definitely not the best deal financially, and its range of services are limited. Yola is really for people who are overwhelmed by the prospect of designing a page and are willing to forego certain features for ease and comfort. Customer support is far better than other website builders, so if you are looking for assistance every step of the way, Yola may be worth considering.

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  • Yola offers a good quality, all-inclusive package that helps even the most technically-frightened person build their own website. The results may not be the most sophisticated in the world but if you’re looking for a simple site for your business, organization or personal use then Yola makes sense.

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