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Xanga offers a free classic version with a variety of skins and you can change the look with a little HTML familiarity. We liked the fact that they offer simple templates as well as advanced options. To make setting up a blog easy, they have a set up wizard.

This blog service supports audio, video and image uploads, with their free download you can utilize a tool that supports quick multiple image uploads. The blog entry interface is better than most since it enables you to change font and fill color as well as insert images, links, symbols and smileys. It also lets you add bullet points, numbered lists, borders and you can indent and outdent.

In terms of feedback Xanga allows comments and will send you feedback reports by email. With Xanga you can have a public or private account or allow/ban specific users.

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  • Xanga seems to be very popular with many Asian countries; there seem to be two versions of the site. One in English and another aimed at Hong Kong. As Xanga works pretty much the same as any other social networking site, including My Space it’s suitable for virtually anyone. If you don’t like MySpace for some reason then Xanga might be a great option for you.

  • This site is more for personal journals or blogging rather than business blogs. This long-standing blog service has gone through many changes to keep customers interested in the service. There are literally millions of former blog available on the site, yet most of their posters have gone elsewhere. Xanga 2.0 is now a paid platform looking for blog posters who only want a premium service; however, Xanga may not have done enough to win customers back.

  • Xanga is great for those new to blogging to help kick start their blog by utilizing the social networking features of the website. It is also a great way to meet like-minded people and engage in discussions with people across the web.

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    angelina olsin

    Xanga is one of few social networking sites available. This service supports service supports audio, video, and image uploads, it is very easy and quite interesting to use. They also offer templates are very beautiful, elegant and vibrant too. You can easily change the look if you have a little knowledge about HTML. Other features include editing tools, which allow us to change font style, font color, we can also insert smileys, symbols, links, even images. We can customize our page too by adding customizable borders, bullet points, and numbered lists. Moreover, if we need any help helping hand (wizard) is available too. They reply to our comments by sending emails. It is a very simple and fun too, just create a blog, add friends and you can join other blogs too. This social networking app helps us stay updated along the world. I really enjoyed using it. We can post pictures or videos, we can see others too, we can stalk profiles of the people we think are of the same interest, we can post our comments on their posts.

    Pros :

    • Easy to use.
    • We can stay connected to the world.
    • It is a fun app with a customizable page.

    Cons :

    • None.

    • November 14, 2015
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