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The WePay payment API is built specifically for platform businesses like marketplaces, crowdfunding sites and small business software. These platforms are empowering millions of users worldwide to unlock all kinds of creative commerce. Through its proprietary Veda social risk engine, WePay gives platforms a flexible payment API that provides a great user experience while still taking on all their fraud risk and compliance burdens.

WePay has processed transactions for more than 250,000 customers and over 300 partners. Platform businesses such as GoFundMe, HoneyFund, CustomMade, Care.com and LessAccounting have chosen WePay’s API to handle their payments.

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  • WePay markets itself to users who sell goods and tickets via the web, issue invoices, and ask for charitable donations. A well-funded startup with a lot of industry buzz, it’s clear that WePay is carving out a niche in the payment processing market. If and when WePay can make a real dent in PayPal's hold on the market and whether it has long-term staying power is yet to be seen, but in spite of some kinks it’s an exciting and legitimate option for receiving and transferring funds online.

  • WePay rates as an average payment processor according to our rating system. The company appears to offer transparent rates and no hidden fees, but its fraud prevention and prohibited activities policies are the cause of numerous WePay complaints. Like Square, WePay’s terms are initially appealing, but its overall rating suffers from its poorly communicated fraud prevention policies and inadequate customer support. Merchants are advised to be absolutely sure that their business is not prohibited by WePay before setting up an account with the company.

  • WePay offers solutions for all organizations and individuals wishing to accept payments while maintaining sound records and transparency amongst its members, but it is especially suited to fundraising efforts, as it enables users to easily accept donations as well as sell tickets to events.

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