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Serif WebPlus is a website design program for Microsoft Windows, developed by UK-based software company Serif. It allows users to design, create and upload their website onto the internet without any knowledge of HTML or other web technologies.

Much like Microsoft Word, WebPlus uses WYSIWYG drag and drop editing to add and position text, images and links as they would appear on the finished web page. Once a user has designed their site, WebPlus can preview the site in a web browser before uploading the site using the in-built FTP.

The software comes with a variety of pre-designed websites containing placeholder text that is often confused for being in another language, which can be used as a template for quickly designing a site. It also provides drawing tools for creating and editing buttons and web graphics.

WebPlus is available both as a paid-for version, WebPlus , or as a cut-down Starter Edition which is completely free.

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Serif WebPlus X8

Single payment / 1 user(s)


  • Stunning websites, stunning images
  • Your web forms, your style
  • Smart objects that work for you
  • Make an impact with the new Slider Studio
  • Advanced design, powerful HTML5
  • Smoother, sleeker, with more customisation
  • New site membership controls
  • Your site, safe and secure
  • Export your Widgets
  • Live web design assistant
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  • The rich feature set and powerful tools that WebPlus X7 delivers into your hands count for much; however, this web design software simply doesn't offer as much as others do. Everything that is packaged within WebPlus X7 is high-quality, grade-A stuff, but that won't do you any good if you can't find what you want. Of course, if you're making your website from the bottom on up, this won't be a concern. WebPlus X7's excellent tools and advanced features ultimately overcome most of the lacking numbers, but for beginners, there is probably better web design software available.

  • Between a frustrating, inconsistent interface and being Flash dependent, it’s really hard to recommend Moonfruit. If today was 2006, Moonfruit might be a decent option but the reality is that in 2012 there are much better website builders to build your website on.

  • Serif has delivered one of the best WYSIWYG web design programs on the market today! I recommend it! It has the edge over the competition for ease of use and the Smart Objects goes that extra mile to empower the non-coder. Trust me it is a relief to receive form results using that method (Smart Objects). PHP is a good method of processing forms, etc but you really have to know what you’re doing. Just one character in the wrong place can render the PHP coding useless. Serif WebPlus X7 has so much going for it that you’ll be wondering what you’d have done without it. Oh, don't forget the fantastic array of clipart from social network icons to usable photos and illustrations. Awesome!

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