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  • The page preview, mobile options and dumping of Flash are the most noteworthy.
    But while the concept of using apps to build a website is what makes SnapPages unique, it’s also its fatal flaw. The apps themselves appear approachable, even easy to use at first glance. But there’s a layer of complexity and confusion under that pretty exterior.
    Other better designed website builders provide the user with a sense of framework as you add content. They also provide a logical path from concept to creation. Building a site using apps feels tedious because the apps, although well designed, left me feeling disconnected from the rest of my website.
    The app concept has proven itself on mobile devices, but comes up short when applied to building a website. You have better options to choose from.

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  • Users who want to create their own website can try the SnapPages application. It is a great application for anyone who wants to create professional looking websites. The app does not require that users learn coding languages or other details about coding and designing a website. All the elements of website design are provided. SnapPages is an online tool which means that anyone can use the internet to create websites

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  • Though Snappages produces decent websites, we found that the editing interface often gets in the way of quickly editing a page, with too many clicks needed to move around and make changes. Having said that, for a Flash application, the Snappages editor feels quick and stable. Snappages does not have the necessary options to attract bloggers or business owners who are serious about their business website. But if you are looking for an easy-to-use tool to create your next personal website and have a lot of fun doing that, Snappages might be right for you.

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  • A well-packaged, simple set of tools for creating your personal or small business website. The SnapPages collection is good for beginners and offers a reasonable amount of features.

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  • SnapPages is not intended to be a high grade, bulletproof, designed with power users in mind web host. It is however, supposed to be an easy means to develop a functioning website without dealing with a great deal of complexity and still receive professional results. In that light, SnapPages does an admirable job.

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  • This is a nice website builder if you are just starting out. You just need to make sure that you understand that you are going to be limited on the amount of templates that you will be able to select from. This is one drawback but it is still a nice website builder to start with if you are new to the process and you do not know what you are doing. It seems to really walk you through everything so that you know what you are doing. I would recommend this site to others that are in need of an easy way to start a website of their own.

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