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SmartSVN is a platform-independent Subversion (SVN) client. Although it contains very powerful features, it is very easy to use, especially for users of SmartCVS who switched to Subversion. SmartSVN is self-contained, no need to install seperate applications like Subversion command line client or file compare tools.

SmartSVN's main user interface is similar to those of typical file managers (such as Windows Explorer) in that it has a directory tree on the left and a file table on the right. However, by default the file table is fully recursive, i.e. it shows not only the files inside the directory that is currently selected in the directory tree, but also all files in sub-directories of the selected directory.

Another characteristic of the file table is that the files in it are (by default) sorted so that all 'changed' files are shown on top. In other words, if a file is modified locally so that its content differs from the latest version in the SVN repository, SmartSVN moves the file to the top of the file table. Effectively, this gives the user an overview of what he or she is about to commit.

SmartSVN makes extensive use of file-manager concepts such as dialogs, wizards and drag & drop, through which all common versioning tasks (committing, branching, etc.) as well as higher-level operations not directly provided by SVN (e.g. management of tags and branches) can be performed.

SmartSVN comes bundled with numerous features that are frequently needed in conjunction with version control. Thus, unlike command-line based tool chains, the program can be used 'out of the box' without requiring the user to install and set up additional tools. These bundled features include:

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