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Servage provides the next generation hosting platform, and is likely the most technically advanced and reliable platforms available today. Compared to traditional platforms our clustered platform revolutionizes the way web hosting works.

Downtime is not an option as all systems are in redundant setups - even our servers are mirrored in a fail tolerant way. In the event one server should fail it is automatically replaced by the other cluster nodes. Read more about this exciting technology, here.

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  • Servage isn’t the best choice for your website hosting because there are many issues that they’ve got to fix first in their system. Most users say that their websites get hacked all the time. The risk just doesn’t seem to be there for me and I wouldn’t recommend you waste your time with them.

  • This web hosting provider is one of the hosting companies that provide pretty much everything that customers need to get online. If you own a start up business, this company is one of those to contact.

  • Servage One is very particular hosting with only one bundle per web hosting type. You shouldn’t find yourself bogged down with loads of pages of additional add ons. You also won’t find any fully managed options, premium support levels, or dedicated servers. While the pricing at Servage One may be enticing, you should be sure they offer all the features your business needs before signing up.

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