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Radiant CMS is a simple, no-frills Content Management System that is built using Ruby on Rails. It is licenced under the MIT Licence, which means it is freely redistributable and can be employed for both commercial and non-profit usage. Let’s get straight to it with our Radiant CMS Review.

In Radiant, the website’s content revolves around pages. Such pages can be organized in (virtually) any hierarchy. By default, it comes with templates for Home Page, Error 404, RSS Feed, Site map, etc. You can add, remove or modify pages as needed.

The Design section is further sub-divided into two parts: Layouts and Snippets. The Layout area lets you modify the Stylesheets and control the look and feel of your website.

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  • In today’s Content Management spectrum, not many CMSs have a specific target audience — WordPress is being used as a CMS and Drupal can power blogs. However, Radiant CMS strives to be different. It is nimble and easy to use and offers most of the commonly used features that one could ask for. Besides, it is one of the few CMSs that are powered by Ruby on Rails. There seems to be no reason why you shouldn’t at least give it a spin!

  • In today's Content Management hemisphere where hardly any software has a specifically rigid genre of operation (WordPress is being used as a CMS and Drupal can be employed to power blogs), Radiant CMS strives to be different. Radiant CMS surely is nimble and easy to use, and does not compel you to learn Rocket Science in order to master it. But this is precisely all that it is. If, for instance, you intend to run a magazine blog or a news site using it, you'd be better off with other CMS options such as Joomla or even WordPress. On the other hand, if you have a small or medium sized website, Radiant will work well for you.

  • Radiant is quite simple and elegant in its concept and interface. Any user, no matter how computer literate, immediately understands how to create new pages and edit them. As soon as you log in you’re brought to a hierarchical listing of pages. Snippets allow you the flexibility to create sidebars and menus that would be repetitive other wise. Layouts help you to manage you templates.
    Radiant is only meant to do so much. If you’re trying to build a complicated site with a lot of pages, this is not the answer. You also have to be willing/ready to figure out how to install Ruby on Rails applications, which is quite different than the normal PHP installation.

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