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Perforce, the Fast Software Configuration Management (SCM) System, provides powerful version control and workspace management with a unique branching model. Perforce provides software developers with fast and reliable SCM to manage source, document and Web content. The client/server architecture scales to hundreds of users and millions of codelines. Perforce works well even on limited bandwidth networks. The server's repository sits on a central host; client workspaces can be anywhere on the network -- around the office or the world.

Atomic change transactions ensure access to a consistent repository state at any point in time. Inter-File Branching helps to manage multiple development lines and easily integrate changes between branches. Perforce's self-maintaining and reliable database keeps data safe.

The command-line client is 100% scriptable, 100% portable and available on more than 50 platforms. The Windows GUI and browser-based clients provide a user interface for all SCM tasks. The Perforce Reporting System tracks metrics like the number of changes in a release or who has files open for edit. Perforce also provides basic built-in defect tracking, is integrated with several leading defect tracking systems, and includes a kit that allows users to integrate Perforce with the defect tracker of their choice.

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  • Perforce Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAs the primary tool for version control across our organization, Perforce provides an enterprise level solution for the management of our various products and software branches, among other things. Perforce branching, action triggers, locking, and other features make it ideal for the type of work historically done by CDK Global (formerly ADP Dealer Services). It supports the production of highly scalable big data services, agile development of websites and other marketing materials spanning thousands of automotive dealerships, and much more.

    Pros : The branching mechanisms in Perforce allow for an enormous codebase to be duplicated into release versions weekly with little impact upon things such as the speed of queries against the version control.Action triggers permit such things as automated builds of software versions, dynamic messaging when issues are identified either within or prior to a build process, and much more.Locking provides the ability to prevent modifications of stable, tested versions in order to ensure validity when they

    Cons : As new tools like Git enter the market, enterprise solutions like Perforce are often seen as rigid and overly complex.Occasionally, the branching system in Perforce seems to fail to retain proper branching history, making it difficult to track the original source of changes if they were initiated across multiple branching operations.When a change made has inadvertently caused side effects, it can be necessary to back out code changes. This process is difficult to do when the changes needing back

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    Filip Witkowski

    Perforce used to be the primary version control tool in our organization. For our product suite, our company recently has switched to different software, but we still use it for custom projects. Perforce is integrated with ours .Net environment; used for ASP.Net and ASP MVC projects. It is very scalable software; can be used for small projects and large, enterprise level applications. It has a learning curve, but after spending some time, it allows fast and easy use.

    Its visual client is the very well organized. It has built in diff tool with very visual UI to see differences. It can also use external diff tools, like WinMerge.

    The files view and history view are very clear. You can configure the information you want to see by adding new columns (from very large set of options). It makes work on versioning very pleasant. I use it to see my last changes, then compare with current version, or I can see who has overwritten my version and ask that developer for details of his/her changes. This history view gives also easy way to compare 2 chosen versions and revert to the version you need just in seconds.

    If you prefer using command line, it’s not a problem, you can do almost everything using console. Perforce can be integrated with Visual Studio; it can be done with help of plugin.

    Pros :

    • Perforce Visual tool (P4V) is very extensive and pretty well organized. Perforce has built in history tool.
    • You can see when your code was last changed, committed, and by whom.
    • You can add a lot of columns and history view, and sort filed by any of columns.

    Cons :

    • Perforce was one of the first version control tools I have had used in my web development career; because of that, in the beginning, I was having a hard time learning it. Even if you experienced developer, there is some learning curve.
    • Can be slow when synchronizing big projects or large data sets at once.
    • Even though, Perforce supports setting up and working on multiple workspaces on the same machine, it can be difficult and it easy to mess up the code.
    • The merging code can be difficult.

    • February 8, 2016
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