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Omnis Network is an industry leading provider of data center solutions and hosting services. Omnis provides a full array of colocation offerings for businesses looking for a solid IT partner within a carrier neutral data center facility that is fully secure, highly redundant, and staffed 24/7.

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  • Speed, reliability and raw power: your website on the cloud…that’s what Omnis Network claims to offer its customers. They are not a budget hosting company, but their prices are reasonable – until you start adding on all the features you really want and need (which are included with many other hosting companies). That may make this company outside your budget for website hosting but they still have a lot to offer.

  • The company offers good and reliable web hosting services to their clients from all parts of the world. Their hosting services are further more full of great features to complement their hosting services and better yet, their services are very fast and thus quite dependable.

  • What puts Omnis Network ahead of their competitors is the efficiency and speed of their servers which makes them quite reliable. Their service is high quality based on this fact and is therefore a good platform for e-Commerce hosting

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Omnis Network

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