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MaxCDN actively supports Open-source software and is an Nginx funding partner supporting Google's SPDY (3.1) effort and hosts jQuery and BootstrapCDN ... Learn More

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We specialize in affordable domain names, web hosting, VPS hosting, Email, SSL certificates, web design, and online marketing services. Our free domai... Learn More

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Pricing Starting From

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$ 9
For 1 Month / 1 user(s)

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No Pricing Available yet.

Available Features

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5TB Bandwidth/mo

5.5¢/per GB Overage

7 Websites(Zones)

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Free Trial Availability

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Cloudswave Editorial Review

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MaxCDN Review by Cloudswave

Whether you have a background in website development or you only possess a cursory understanding of how one works, you most likely appreciate the basics. Everyone who surfs the World Wide Web knows that a website has to be fast. You’ve probably struggled to contain your frustration once or twice before as you waited for a site to finally load. Below, we’ll discuss what exactly goes on behind the curtain and why websites that don’t use CDNs, especially MaxCDN, are becoming more and more antiquated.

What Is a CDN?

Before we get too far into our review of MaxCDN, let’s take a look at what the “CDN” in their name stands for. This quick summary will go a long way toward helping you better understand what it is MaxCDN does and what makes them unique amongst their market.

First, it’s important you know how a server works. A server is just a computer that operates for the sole purpose of supporting a website. Most actually support many of them. Servers just store the memory necessary for keeping a website available to visitors. Everything from the company’s logo to their background to what happens when you click on a certain link is held in a server somewhere.

Whenever you visit a site and take some kind of action with it, the server works to make sure the appropriate reaction fires off. As you can almost certainly imagine, not all servers are the same. You’ve probably been to a site that took forever to load and you’ve most likely been to one that was as fast as lightning. Chances are the servers were responsible for those differences.

You’ve probably also tried going to a site before and saw that it was “down.” This is usually because something happened to the server. Just like your computer doesn’t work when your hard drive suffers, no website functions properly when its server isn’t running correctly.

Alright, now that you understand servers, you can understand CDNs. A content delivery network is a collection of distributed servers that deliver their information based on a visitor’s geographic location.

More than one server can hold a website’s information. This is usually done for the sake of what is known as “redundancy.” The idea is that if two or more servers all over the world support a website, no natural disaster or other site-specific problem can take out a website. If there’s an earthquake in San Francisco that knocks down a server, a website that is also supported by a setup in Tokyo will be just fine.

CDNs involve this kind of network, but they add a level of functionality too. The idea is that the closer a server is to a user, the faster the information will get to them. This might sound strange in an age when information is seemingly fired around the globe at the speed of light, but proximity actually makes a huge difference.

Therefore, the main point behind a CDN is that it allows websites that get tons of traffic or get a good amount of it from all over the world to still offer the types of loading times visitors demand. Obviously, this means CDNs are also good at protecting a site against large surges in traffic and, as we already mentioned, providing redundancy.

The Rise of CDNs

One last note, CDNs are definitely growing in popularity. While they used to be utilized almost solely by B2B companies, this is beginning to change. In fact, many of the popular websites you regularly visit may take advantage of CDNs without your knowledge. Unless the URL changes for some reason, you’d never know except for an improvement in load time.

Given how much time millions and millions of people spend online, more and more companies are investing in CDNs. It’s the only way to make sure their own popularity doesn’t come back and bite them by hurting their ability to service as many visitors as possible at once.

Of course, the more sites there are, the more they have to compete for visitors. Ensuring the highest possible speeds for loading time is a good way to make sure competitors don’t pass you up for something so simple.

What Makes MaxCDN so Great?

By now, you may be sold on the idea of leveraging the multiple servers involved with a CDN for your company’s website. After all, we’re not just talking about better loading times, but also improved security and redundancy.

It doesn’t take long, though, to appreciate that you’re not short on options for CDN providers. Therefore, it’s time to take a close look at MaxCDN and why so many companies out there are loyal customers.

It’s Not Just About Loading Times

Now, this might sound odd given how much emphasis we just put on loading time and, yes, we’re about to talk more about MaxCDN, but it’s worth pointing out one last very important factor where loading time is concerned.

In case you’re convinced that users are just fine with your current loading time, slow though it might be, guess who hates it? Google. Before their last algorithm update came out, Panda created huge waves in the SEO industry by introducing some very big changes.

One of them was that Google now cares a lot about your loading time. Even if every one of your users swears up and down that they don’t mind waiting an extra second or two, if Google does, you’re going to feel the result.

By the time you’re reading this, it may not be enough to simply have a CDN. Sooner or later, most companies will and only those with the best CDN will get the best load times and the ideal treatment from Google.

With that, let’s now explore what MaxCDN brings to the table.

Start with a Test Drive

Right off the bat, you have to love any company that provides you with a free trial. In the case of MaxCDN, though, this is a fairly involved process. It’s not like you’re just clicking around the demo version of a piece of software.

Instead, the company will actually give you a trial account that you can test out for yourself. This account may be the only sales tactic the company really needs. Once you see how much faster your site could be loading, you likely won’t be able to tolerate anything less for your users.

Heavy Objects Are a Breeze

Earlier, we talked about how much proximity to a server mattered. You may have been surprised to find out that, for a server in Los Angeles, it takes several more seconds to send data to New York City than Salt Lake City. Think about that: several seconds. Now imagine Paris or Cairo.

However, something else that may surprise you is that not all data is the same. Put another way, when it comes to transporting information related to your website, some data is “heavier” than others. That’s largely why you see content load on some sites long before accompanying images do.

For obvious reasons and the SEO reasons we just covered, you want this to happen as little as possible. Every website these days has images. At least, yours definitely should. However, your site probably takes advantage of CSS too, which gives it a unique, user-friendly interface. Perhaps you leverage Java as well.

Those are just three examples of heavy objects MaxCDN is known for handling with ease. You can now get a site that loads quickly and evenly, leaving you visitors and Google happier.

Who Is MaxCDN For?

If, at some point, you got the idea that this type of service only makes sense for larger companies, it’s time to forget that completely. Everyone should be using CDNs to create better websites. In fact, it would be a very good investment by smaller companies because of how much it would help them stay competitive.

Furthermore, small- and medium-sized businesses need to support scalability the most. It’s not like huge corporations need to worry that they’ll somehow become even bigger tomorrow.

As the best CDN available, MaxCDN will make scalability possible at a moment’s notice. It can even help when scalability becomes necessary overnight and you weren’t expecting it. If one of your products, videos or blogs suddenly becomes hugely popular, you can expect a swarm of traffic, right? With MaxCDN, you don’t need to be concerned that all of this exposure will become a problem.

That’s all well and good, you may be thinking, but won’t a service this powerful cost an arm and a leg? If you go with a competitor, sadly, yes. Not only will you have to find a lot of room in your budget, but the results may be subpar too.

MaxCDN Is Extremely Affordable

Fortunately, MaxCDN is dedicated to keeping things both affordable and simple. You won’t have to worry that a better site will cost you a fortune. MaxCDN charges just $39.95 for the first terabyte. That’s not $39.95 a month, mind you. It’s a flat charge.

For those who may not be incredibly tech-savvy, a terabyte should last you an entire year, easily. After that, should you somehow make it past the terabyte threshold, it’s mere pennies on the gigabyte. Of course, if you ever get to the point where adding to your package becomes necessary, you probably won’t be worrying about money as much.

Hopefully, this makes clear why MaxCDN is so popular with those who work from home offices, run small businesses or are otherwise entrepreneurs. Although giant corporations could also benefit from this company, and save lots of money in the process, smaller outfits are definitely the big winners here.

Easy Implementation

You might still have one concern worth addressing, though. No matter what type of digital asset we’re talking about, implementation can really make or break a deal. Even the best possible solution may not be worth it if you’re going to have to suffer through a long ordeal in order to benefit from it. When it comes to something affecting your website, you don’t want to have to endure downtime just to get whatever reward is supposed to come afterward.

The developers behind MaxCDN understand this concern. They’ve also worked with a number of companies from across practically every industry, which means they’re very familiar with the different kinds of sites that exist.

This understanding gave birth to nearly a dozen different plugins that are ready to make MaxCDN’s implementation as easy as possible for your website.

The Best Support in the Industry

Finally, let’s cover any lingering concerns you may have. MaxCDN is widely recognized as having the best customer support in the entire industry. If you’re nervous about what CDN will mean for your site or how exactly it will work, just remember that help is always there when you need it. Actually, if you wanted to, you could head to their site right now and begin a chat with one of their representatives to get any questions answered we didn’t cover here.

Their control panel is extremely user-friendly too. You don’t have to have a background with servers or even websites, really, in order to figure out how to get it to work.

Accommodating API

Though this won’t matter much to a lot of you, MaxCDN has an API that any programmer will love. This shouldn’t be too surprising, though, when you consider the company’s history of supporting open-source software. If you or your company has specific needs where CDN is concerned that you think you’ll need to create a solution to fully enjoy this service, MaxCDN is definitely the right option to go with.

Gone are the days when you could hope to just skate by with a website that took 10 or 20 seconds to fully load. Visitors don’t have to be patient anymore. They can move on to one of your competitors. Fortunately, it’s never been easier or more affordable to give your visitors the experience they deserve. MaxCDN is a CDN company capable of doing both and with plenty of high-profile customers to prove it.  
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Web Hosting Review by Cloudswave

Every business owners there is only so much they can do without a website. Ergo, almost every company in any given industry has a web presence. The problem is that just having a website these days isn’t good enough. You need quality hosting, cyber security and a beautiful design. If all of this leaves you overwhelmed, you’re not alone. That’s why so many companies in your shoes have gone with
This hosting company does so much more than just give you cyber real estate for your business though. If you’re worried your company doesn’t have the resources to support a fully-functional, high-performing site, wait until you see what has to offer.

What to Expect from Most Hosting Companies

Chances are that you’ve already looked at a number of your options as far as hosting goes. There are a number of very popular options if all you want is traditional hosting. Truth be told, these companies are probably going the way of the dinosaur though. Huge corporations can afford their own hosting and the IT staff necessary to support them. The rest are left either going with one-size-fits all choice or they know that their needs require a custom approach.
Unfortunately, if you don’t know about, you’ve probably chosen a traditional hosting company and the lackluster features they provide. This means that you’ll get your company hosted on a server and some minimal security elements. Maybe—maybe—you’ll even get the option to choose from one of their website templates.
If this doesn’t sound appealing, that’s because it isn’t. Let’s look at how has convinced so many customers to leave behind these old-school providers and go with a more turnkey solution.

A Better Kind of Hosting

There’s no getting around hosting. If you want a website, you need a computer that can store the memory required to support it. Literally, there has to be a computer out there that “remembers” what to show users when they show up at your site. It sounds easy enough, but these days, a company like is required to give you the best option.
That’s because even the most traditional hosting companies have problems. They can become overloaded by users and drop the connectivity, for one. If that happens, you’ll want to know you can get someone on the phone to explain what’s going on and give you an ETA when your site is going to be back up. Do you really think that’s likely with a mega-site hosting company?
With, you’ll always have someone there to answer your calls and walk you through any problem you’re having. If the issue is on your end, you’ll have an explanation you can actually act on so that you’re not losing customers for no reason.

VPS Hosting

For some companies, the above is unthinkable. Luckily, this type of situation doesn’t happen much. Still, if you don’t want to toss and turn at night, you might want to consider VPS hosting.
VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s a hybrid of options. Having a private server has become more and more popular because it makes it very unlikely your site will ever crash. However, paying the hardware involved to host this kind of arrangement is generally cost-prohibitive for most companies.
Virtual hosting means that this type of setup happens on the cloud. For one thing, it’s far more affordable. You don’t pay for nearly as much hardware, so you can build and drop your company’s hosting as you please. Get bigger? Get more hosting. Is your company dropping in visitors? Stop paying for hosting you don’t need unnecessarily. You can easily drop your server’s output.
When you add in the private side of VPS, though, you no longer have to worry about sharing hosting with other companies and potentially lose your website’s operation. VPS is an unrivaled way of keeping your website online.

Web Design Services

Now, a hosting service is important, but without a quality design, all the design aspects in the world won’t save you. Think about. Hosting is basically the property a house is built on. However, you could have the nicest property in the world, but if your home is awful, you’re never going to see any visitors.
Fortunately, has you covered. If your company doesn’t have the resources to design a site for you and you think all you can do is pay for hosting and hope for the best, you’re in for a welcomed surprise.
Starting at just $49.99/month, you’ll get a professionally designed website, exactly as you hoped for and the staff to support it.

Quality Content on Demand

Finally, your website won’t be much use if it just looks good. It doesn’t stop there when a customer shows up, right? They also need to marketed to and sold on your product. This is another big expense most companies need to put into their overhead. Quality doesn’t come cheap and it even takes a lot of work to find a provider.
Customers of don’t have to worry that their gorgeous website is falling short of content though. The company can actually provide you with the writers you need to craft copy that converts. They know every business has its own voice and unique selling angle, so communicate this to them and they’ll get you the words you need to sell.
This is why has been the choice of so many small and medium-sized businesses that go on to beat out their competitors. You really get everything you need with this hosting provider. Just bring your ideas and they’ll pretty much handle everything else.
Before you go throwing a bunch of resources at the website your company needs, stop for a moment and look into You’ll soon realize that you don’t need to hire a whole IT team just to get online and stay competitive. With, you have a virtual squad of professionals ready and willing to show you the results you want.

Most Favorable User Review

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Web Hosting
User review from
Enmanuel Durán Salas
Jun 24, 2016

I've used MaxCDN a couple of times with some projects, mainly to deliver jquery, bootstrap's or similar JS libraries and not for hosting purposes. It's been a good experience overall, it's fast and stable, I've never had connectivity problems trying to get the content that I need (not until now at least), also it's really simple to implement with CMS's but setting it up requires more steps that I'd like to.

Pros :

As a Developer I've used MaxCDN for quite a while now and for me there are a couple of things that I think they're doing well so far:

  • Requests Handling: MaxCDN is pretty good handling requests since they don't get laggy at all when you have a constant amount of traffic, and this is pretty important to improve your site's experience.
  • Content Delivering: One of the main reasons why I like this is because when they're trying to deliver content they first locate the closest server to the visitor and then send everything from it to the user (which from my perspective is really cool, I didn't knew this before, I searched for it once because I was deciding if it was worth giving the chance) it optimizes your site and make it much more faster.
  • Popularity: MaxCDN is probably the most popular CDN right now (along with cloudflare) and it's being used for important sites likeandnbsp; the Washington Post and WP Engine which means that they'll be always moving on with the support and efficiency ir order to keep scalling for it's users.

Cons :

Some limitations I've realized about MaxCDN:

  • If you compare this with Cloudflare you'll realize that it's not the most secure in some aspects for example, for those who don't know Cloudflare acts like a middleman between the content that you're delivering and the users who get it, this allows Cloudflare to have the control of the content while it's being delivered adding more security in general, but this feature is not shared by MaxCDN, they don't "go between" as CloudFlare does, they just serves the content for you.

screenshot for

Web Hosting

No favorable user review available yet for

Most Favorable Critic Review

screenshot for MaxCDN


Web Hosting
Rohit Palit , TechTage

Thursday 01 August 2013

In my opinion, the pricing is very reasonable. MaxCDN is a great solution for individuals and businesses alike, and certainly is one of the best Content Delivery Network solutions for WordPress users.

More about MaxCDN
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Web Hosting
Joseph Raspolich , Money Saving Pro

Wednesday 31 December 1969’s fairly competitive pricing and easy to use site make them worth your consideration. Plus, their free add-ons and bundled services can help you save money. Pros: -Live chat available-Fair pricing-Extra features included with domain-Domain free with web hosting-24/7 Support-Live chat Cons: -No free website builder

More about
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MaxCDN Demo Video

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Web Hosting
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Web Hosting
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Supported Devices

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Web Hosting
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Web Hosting

Supported Languages

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Web Hosting
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Web Hosting
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