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  • No reviews yet? Ok, let me be first

    I am using magento for over 4 years. I am using magento as a developer and store owner. Let me first describe my developer experience. Magento is big and hard to learn CMS system for building e-commerce stores. However, it is also the most robust one, most adaptable and most extensible platform. It can take some time and money to adopt it for all your needs, but when you reach desired state, it will pay off. You can automate most of tasks and of course synchronize your catalog, orders and clients with your internal CMS system. As a store owner I would like to say, that you need some time to get used to work in magento admin. They are many settings and you need to learn what are they for. But it also offers a lot more advanced functions (payment methods, promotional rules, tax rules, group promotional rules, reviews, etc´?¢) than similar open source software. Try it!

    Pros : - adaptable - a lot of extensions for all your needs - a lot of built in advanced functions

    Cons : - quite hard to learn - needs properly configured server for optimal speed

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    Powerful CMS for SMB, Medium business

    Magento is a powerful platform for online stores. Back in the date when I used to the custom web site development as well, I used Magento very often. Nowadays not so much. That doesn't change the overall feeling which is great and I'll always recommend this CMS to new clients and partners.

    Pros : Easy to setup, lots of extensions, customizable

    Cons : In some of the paid versions, it might be too expensive.

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  • MagentoGo is dead. Long live Magento

    Magento Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe used Magento Go as we planned at some point to move to community but where our business was at the time we need it to be a quick and easy solution that we could easily port over at a later date. It was very easy to set up and install.

    Pros : Lots of features that allow it to compete with the biggest platforms out there.The marketplace usually has a few dozen suppliers of each non-standard feature you could want.Lots of people know how to use Magento now

    Cons : MagentoGo has been retired as of 2015 but we saw this coming and were already in the process of movingUpdates and 3rd party compatibility has always been a problem historicallyLot's of people will tell you that Magento is slow and a drain on server resources but I've seen some very quick examples so optimisation is key.

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    Magento is the only eCommerce solution you will ever need.

    Magento Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use Magento as a tool to reach our direct customers. We are able to integrate it with XIP and SAP. With Magento we are able to be more flexible.

    Pros : User friendly interface. Very easy to start using Magento right out of the box.Lots of useful free and paid extensions. Lots of free themes to differentiate your business.Scalability. Magento can be used for a store of 10 products and 10,000 products.

    Cons : Re-indexing can use some improvement. It still take a long time.Some features such as one page checkout, no PO box shipping, or ability to edit a cart in admin view without creating a duplicate order should be standard by now.Better fraud detection features would make it even stronger.

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    Affordable, full featured platform for companies willing to trade some site speed for flexibility&

    Magento Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe currently use Magento Enterprise for three B2B ecommerce websites. The websites are managed by our ecommerce marketing department, and are updated and maintained by two in-house developers. We choose Magento because it offered an open source solution that could be customized to some unique business needs. We also liked the fact that is had a large user base, which means that there is a lot of resources available for users.

    Pros : Open source allows for complete flexibility & customizationLarge library of extensions provide an easy & inexpensive way to "plug & play" with additional features & functionality.Due to the large user base, there are hundreds of forums where people discuss ideas & trouble shooting for Magento

    Cons : Magento is slower than other comparable platforms, especially during checkout.Technical support included in the Enterprise plan is generally slow to respond, and not very helpful.Magento doesn't allow import/export of category data which means all edits have to be done manually.Magento doesn't have a great CMS for content pages (Customer Service, Company Page, Other Resources). This type of content has to be loaded in HTML blocks in a library, and they the blocks have to each be assigned to the

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  • Magento Go includes all of the functions you'll need to run an eCommerce store, whether you sell physical products or digital goods, but without having to download and install the software yourself.

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  • Unlike designer clothing, you get what you pay for with Magento Enterprise, and it’s a lot.  As one of the most popular ecommerce platform providers in the world, Magento has pulled out all the stops with its Enterprise edition. Magento Enterprise offers a plethora of unique and game-changing features that can help your store run smoothly and add value to your bottom line. From customer segmentation, private sales, and built-in loyalty programs to fast loading pages, easy checkout processe,s and more, Magento Enterprise offers many benefits you can’t find with other platforms.

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    Sure, Magento Community is not going to look elite next to Magento Enterprise, but that should not cloud the fact that Community is still one of the most capable open-source software solutions on the market. Ultimately, your success with Magento Community is going to be determined by your accessibility to highly skilled web developers and your vision for the potential of your store. Though it has a high barrier to entry (for optimal potential), Magento Community provides a highly capable and sophisticated ecommerce experience.

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  • What do you like best?

    With the help of Magento Solution Partner Corra, IMA had launched a site using Magento Community Edition in 2010. IMA wanted to stay with the partner and platform that had helped fuel their growth, so they asked CorraTech to help them upgrade to Magento Enterprise Edition. The upgrade dramatically increased the speed & performance of the site while also making it highly scalable for future growth. Features of the new site include:

    What do you dislike?

    Can be complex to work on so you have to use only Magento certified developers, if someone with little experience works on your site- WATCH OUT!

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    What do you like best?

    The back end admin panel UI of Magento is a no brainer. Once you have learned the basics (I suggest taking a basic training course offered by Magento U) manipulating the front end website is effortless. Do you want multiple websites to track specific campaigns? Magento can do that. How about adding Email to a Friend, gift cards, PayPal payment options, or reward points? Flip the switch to On, and you're done. I have a basic knowledge of HTML coding, which helps with certain aspects of our Magento configuration (such as developing CMS pages), but I can implement many cool features with no coding necessary.

    What do you dislike?

    We have the Enterprise version of Magento, which is not cheap. When paying $20K per year for a platform, I expect a certain level of service. The Enterprise service level is "Gold", and the Enterprise Premium service level, is "Platinum". I understand that those customers are paying double what we are, but that shouldn't mean that all of our service requests and trouble tickets get ignored or responded to many days later. Magento's tech support team can come across as lackadaisical or condescending in their responses.

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    What do you like best?

    You can really get under the hood and re-design the look and feel of the eCommerce experience. Support for a lot of partner plugins means you can really automate shipping costing based on the customers requirements. Great coupon & cart discount rules allowing you to create complex pricing rules.

    What do you dislike?

    If your using the community free edition you need to be careful with updates and make sure you have a staging environment as bugs can seep in to releases but this I've only really found for very complex store set-ups but good testing and a staging environment can help this.

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