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    Ingeniux CMS Use Cases and Deployment ScopeIngeniux CMS is being used at Morgan State as the CMS for our Morgan Web Site.  It allows end users to create and edit their web presence.

    Pros : Allows us to add content to an existing template.

    Cons : Lack of good documentation for more 'advanced' options. An online manual would be nice.Author - Publisher flow could be improved. If a user is both an author and a publisher of their 'site' we need to go through the "re-edit" / "send to publisher" over and over. If one is a publisher we should be able to 're-edit" then publish right away without having to go back into author mode.

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    Powerful, modular CMS.

    Ingeniux CMS Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe design and develop compelling websites for other companies, primarily in higher education and tourism, and one of the content management systems we use is Ingeniux CMS. I am one of three developers who builds the website statically and integrates it directly into the CMS. In my agency, I am the most experienced with Ingeniux CMS, and have been working with the technology since early 2011, on version 7.5. 

    Pros : Ingeniux CMS is great for a freeform organization of your content, because it abstracts away all the confusing elements you'd find in most CMSs and just gives you the raw tools to build out your content.Ingeniux CMS has a very powerful PageBuilder tool that allows both customers and developers to create powerful, versatile templates with a large palette of components and widgets your users can use.The ease of integrating static code into the CMS is a definite advantage over other systems.

    Cons : Everything you will need for your website will likely need to be built from scratch. There are little to no out-of-the-box modules that come with the CMS.There is a total absence of a user community for Ingeniux, so obtaining support from anyone other than Ingeniux themselves is non-existent.Ingeniux is getting better at this but the documentation of their product and feature set is somewhat limited, and generally only available through in-person training sessions, which can be costly.

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    Small Company, Great Customer Service

    Ingeniux CMS Use Cases and Deployment ScopeIngeniux CMS allows the Communications and Marketing Department to manage the public website, a virtual window into this university. Approximately 90 users have access to update certain portions of the website. Two CMS managers oversee and approve their edits while also providing regular training, insight, and best practices to ensure a high-quality visitor experience and consistent web standards.

    Pros : Customer Service. Ingeniux is a relatively small CMS company, and that's its strongest asset.Training. Their trainers are the best in the business. They break down areas that are hard to understand into manageable pieces. Training for CMS Administrators was one of my best professional experiences.Specialization in higher ed. It's nice to have a company that knows what they're doing. In the realm of higher ed, the visitor experience is very different from selling a physical product, and IGX recog

    Cons : User Interface. It could use a refresh.More online resources. The most recent Admin manuals, training or how-to videos/screencasts, etc.

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