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Fusebox is designed for easy to learn and provide benefits that helps developers to programming. Fusebox helps advanced developers to create big web-applications, using patterns and OOP (object-oriented programming) techniques if they wish.
So, fusebox provides web-application developers with a standardized, structured way of developing their apps.

In add-on to the framework, Fusebox has become closely associated with a web-apps development methodology developed by process known as Fusebox Lifecycle Process. Most frameworks provide comparable benefits but Fusebox seems to be the most popular one for PHP.

The framework fusebox used in ASP, JSP, Perl/CGI and PHP as well, though the PHP versions of Fusebox are the only versions to gain momentum. It's important that fusebox deals primarily with the effort of wiring together view pages with controller actions. Also, this framework doesn't address creating business logic such as data base interaction layers.

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