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Create and manage an online store with an ecommerce shopping cart from Yahoo! It allows you to build a professional looking store with flexible design options and organize your products with easy-to-use management tools.
Their easy-to-use, customizable templates allow you to quickly start an online store that looks professional on mobile phones, tablets, and computers

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  • Create a Custom Web Site
  • Engage Visitors with Interactive Features
  • Count on Our Secure, Reliable Service


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Merchant insight

Buddy was created in response to the growing complexity of modern-day web development. It lets developers bring down time-consuming activities like running builds or manually updating servers to a single push to the repository, so that they can focus on the real work - coding. It was designed specifically to lower the entry threshold for automation newcomers:
  • Visual pipelines represent your actual workflow.
  • Clear and telling UI ensures extra-smooth UX.
  • Over 30 pre-configured actions let you reproduce your developer environment in 15-20 minutes.
How does it differ from other CI/CD software:
  • Using Docker containers for builds ensures stability with the same testing environment across the whole team.
  • Updating servers are very fast because only changed files are deployed, not the whole repository every time.
  • Numerous integrations allow you to seamlessly add Buddy to your software stack.
  • Docker architecture allows on-premises installation on any type of Linux server.
  • Additional actions like website monitoring, and SSH scripts reduce the amount of tools required in work.
  • Detailed documentation with use case-filled guides and friendly support make it easy to start using Buddy.

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Inventory Management

Yahoo! Small Business integrates with SellerActive. SellerActive provides a cloud-bases platform for order and inventory management made to suit the ...
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Yahoo! Small Business Review by Cloudswave

What Is Buddy?

Testing plays a crucial role in the app and website development process. There’s simply no way anybody can create a perfect app in one sitting. Iteration is all part of the game, and testing helps developers achieve the right balance of aesthetics and functionality for their app or website. This is where tools like Buddy come in. Buddy is a CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment) tool for web and software developers, system administrators, and DevOps teams that allows you to launch and test your web projects with code from GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab repositories. Introducing Continuous Deployment to your workflow with Docker-based builds and lightning fast deployments, it guarantees your software is always ready for release to production, so you can get feedback from your clients and introduce new features faster. On top of the integration with external providers, Buddy offers its users free integrated Git hosting with branch management, push permissions, merge requests, and a web code editor. All of the above turns it into an automation platform that makes the usually tedious software development process quicker and much simpler – from committing to building, from automated tests to deployment to production.

Setup and Implementation

Buddy can be used both as a cloud-based platform and an on-premises application. To access the cloud app, simply navigate to https://buddy.works/ and sign up with an existing account on GitHub or Bitbucket, or use your email address. Buddy GO, the on-premises version, is beneficial to teams that require their code to be kept in-house for privacy purposes, those in a remote location with sluggish internet connection, and developers who want absolute control over the software they create. This version carries the same features as its cloud counterpart but without the limitations on project size and quantity. Buddy GO can be installed on any machine with an operating system that supports the Docker platform, namely Mac OSX, Linux, and soon Windows. It can also be installed on cloud hosts such as Amazon EC2, DigitalOcean, and Microsoft Azure.


Single-Push Deployment to Branch

Buddy was developed in response to the growing complexities of day-to-day web and software development. The core idea behind the application is to allow developers to run builds in Docker containers and then deploy them to the server on a single push. It supports pre-installed development languages and frameworks, including Node.js, PHP, Java, .NET, Python, Ruby, Angular, Go, and Ember.js, with the overall number of actions exceeding 30.

Workflow Automation

Buddy simplifies the myriad tasks involved in software development by bringing together various tools that allow you to create build-test-deploy workflows within 15-20 minutes. Actions you can perform include launching containers, file transfer, push notifications, automatic deployment to your IAAS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) platform, setting conditional actions, backup automation, and apps monitoring, among others. With your workflows set up and configured, deployments can be triggered for every push or passed test. You can also run deployments manually with one click, which is especially important for production deployments. Buddy tracks all errors, changes made, and actions performed on each of your projects via detailed audit logs, so you can easily pinpoint what to fix, or revert to a previous version if needed.


Buddy encourages teamwork across all positions in the web development industry. That includes system admins, developers, designers, and even your clients, particularly if you require their input to help with feedback and brainstorming. Custom permissions can be created to match each user’s credentials and role in the team. An activity stream is available for all, and notifications are sent to relevant users.


Buddy employs various security protocols to protect your data at all times. Data transmission to and from Buddy is over SSL, and all forms of communication with the repository is performed via HTTPS or SSH using key-based authentication. User accounts are not stored on Buddy machines, and employees can only access private repositories at the user’s request for support purposes. Passwords and access keys are salted and hashed and kept in that form in the Buddy database. Detailed audit logs ensure you’re on top of every change made to your projects, and role-based user permissions see to it that access and actions are only done by authorized people.

Third-Party App Integrations

Buddy makes data sharing with third-party applications faster and more seamless through its native integration with 30+ tools that include AWS and Google Services, Heroku, Digital Ocean, Microsoft Azure, Modulus, Shopify, and Slack. A developer REST API is also available for custom integrations.


Buddy comes with several support options: live site support with dedicated onboarding, knowledge base, extensive guides with use-cases, company blog, community forum where staff actively participate, as well as a weekly newsletter with changelogs and new features.

Who Should Use Buddy?

Buddy is an automation companion built, first and foremost, for web and software developers. The system considerably shortens the time involved for a web project to move from the building stage to deployment. It offers tiered packages and can be used by freelancers and teams.

Why Buddy

Buddy is a CI/CD tool that’s simple enough for beginners but packed with powerful features that allow for flexibility for all sorts of projects. Through automated workflows that you can set up in mere minutes, testing, debugging, updating, and deploying code is faster and easier, affording you more time to meet customer demands, with its scalable plans letting you pay only for what you need.
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  • This eCommerce software provides a basic feature set to run a successful store online, but lacks a lot of reporting and back-room features. Nonetheless, it's a good choice if you want to set up a simple online store.

  • Yahoo Merchant is a great way to start your online store. No matter if you are an experience store owner or a beginner, Yahoo Merchant makes it easy for anyone to start an online store. With a variety of marketing tools, attracting customers will be easy as 1-2-3.

  • Looks impressive but pricing is a bit steep compared to the other major players in the market. With the minimum rate that Yahoo is charging for their Starter plans, it would do the company well if they would offer all the other features that are enjoyed by those in the Standard and Professional plans. Also, if new merchants could try out their ecommerce solutions for a free trial period, that would be awesome.

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